Friday, March 25, 2011

New Scoops Up: Is Jax getting the "Nikolas Treatment"?

New scoops up on the Wubs Net . They deal with the aftermath of Jake's death, Lush wedding plans, Abby and Brandon--and of course, the Franco threat that will be issued today. 

After Carly gets her Video ala'Franco, she freaks out and probably rightfully so. What happens? Well,  Shawn moves to the guest house to protect Mom and kids. Problem is...where's Jax? Last I knew he was pretty rich and could afford just about anyone to guard the house. (Nevermind that Joss, in real life would be in the hospital at least 3 months after her operation). Now, Shawn's in there. THEN, guess who takes over?? Jason...because it gives him something to do while he mourns  Jake.

I am getting a bad feeling on all of this! In addition to tweeting that his airtime is reduced, there have been rampant rumors that Ingo Rademacher is going to recurring. Of course, there's been on official announcement on this yet. My big beef? Why can't there be a story about Liz and Jax  out of this? Why is it ALWAYS Carly or Jason?? Come on, Jax and Liz already buried one child together, and now this would be a great time to bond over the fact Joss has Jake's kidney. I'd also like to see Lady Jane.  Remember her? Heck, she and Bobbie could be around, doting Grams and helping out. 

The character of Jax has changed over the years. Corporate raider no more, he's reduced to propping up what's left of CarJax and arguing with Carly over the same crap for month after month. The "Brenda Drill" with Sonny.  Now, the airtime dwindles. Sounds like a certain Cassadine to me. I do have to say that Ingo brings it every time he's on set though. I don't see boredom and when it's an intense scene (like him yelling at Sonny after the car bomb), he's gold. He tweets a lot of fun stuff as well! @ingorademacher

IF you want to save any of your faves, write a nice snail mail. Give a call. It just might matter. 

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Andrea said...

Another whodunnit? Whoopdeedoo!

kdmask said...

Yes, Andrea..can you believe it? ALthough rumors say it's Johnny

Anonymous said...

I luv IR and I could get behind Jax& EW with no problem. They don't have a freakin' clue at ABC about on screen chemistry.
Franco what a waste of screen time--show EW, show Monica, Bobbie, yes Lady Jane.
So the danger can't hurt Joss--oh what a major hypocrite U R jm.
I sent my comment card for IR today --I try to send one everyday for him, and anything that bugs me.

Laura said...

I'm so tired of Jax and Ingo always getting the short end of the stick for the mobbies.

Min said...

Karen - Maybe I'm bias because my Carly hate knows no bounds. I'm a firm believer that the downfall of GH began with the character of Carly and her pregnancy storyline (Guza's favourite of all time; need I say more!), and then followed by the pairing of her and Sonny.

It is due to her that many character developments were put on hold and/or stunted (Jason, Sonny, Bobbie) or even destroyed (AJ, Tony), and that a lot of canvas ties were severed with really ridiculous reasoning (Robin and Jason & Sonny over because of Michael? Give me an effing break!). Not to mention that 'Tit for Tat' has ALWAYS been a large working part of soap feuds, but with Carly is seems like she's the only one entitled to do the titting and tatting, with no repercussions at all. Never in soaps has ONE character ever got away with so much. She is a black hole - why they continue to write for her and then claim to draw blanks on how to write for other characters is BEYOND me.

With all that said - apologies for the rant, this was why my biggest fear was CarJax. I've always really liked Jax and his non friendship with Sonny. He's charming, smart, refreshing! He's always managed to not be sacrificed at the altar of Sonny. Heck, I turned in my S&B card for Jax! I knew once Carly was involved with him, it would be the end of his character. Once you get on the other side of Carly you are a goner. I won't even touch of the ludacris that the pairing even exists - Jax prefers classy women.. so of course he'd be attracted to Carly; oh wait. Like you've said, where the heck in Liz/Jax?! I've been waiting since the surrogate story to have them! I wonder if this is writers being blind to a good thing or a more personal thing - I know BH and IR used to be engaged... do they prefer to not work in a romantic setting?

All I know is I would say goodbye to Carly in a heartbeat for some Jax/Liz, Jax/Alexis, Jax/Olivia!

Anonymous said...

I love Laura Wright and Steve Burton, however it seems like this is the Carly/Jason show..I feel like this storyline should have showcased Liz and Lucky more than Carly and Jason. Jake was their son. Honesttly I think Guza is an idiot...what does the man have against children. He tried to blow up Kristina and have her in an abusive relationship. Then he guns down Michael, sends him to prison and has him raped. next the bus crash full of kids goes over a cliff. Now we have Jake...All of these stories have been just enough to keep his ratings up enough to keep his job. I am so sick of the dropped stories or the stories that are half written. They dropped the ball with the Jake story. So many holes and so many people missing. If this was supposed to be Becky's exit, why wasn't she showcased a little better? Oh right, because no one matters but the mob. I know everyone fought to keep Becky, however I can't help but wonder if she, Tyler ans Ingo would be better off on a show that gives them better opportunities. It is such a shame because GH has some great talent who are never given the chance to shine.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Becky will be featured more and that these scenes were written when she was being cut. This person said that they were not going to focus so much on her when she was on her way out but this will change on our screens soon. I sure hope so!!


Anonymous said...

I don't think it's personal between BH and IR as far as not wanting to work together. I think it's just a case of the writers choosing the stories. I believe BH and IR to be professional and have a good relationship. I think the writers prefer the mob centric show even though the show is named General HOSPITAL. I think A Liz/Jax pairing would be amazing!

@_Norissima said...

Do you have an email address of ABC? I don't wanna call from Europe and snail mail would be real SNAIL. They fired TC. I'm angry! They've sacrificed one actor for another. Who's next. Nobody's safe anymore at GH!

Anonymous said...

I would really love to see Liz and Jax in a relationship, they share the same love for honesty and love for children and the idea that children should stay faraway from the mob, and she could be "close" to Jake thanks to Joss. This could be the chance for them to really move on and be in a great relationship.

Elizabeth said...

Min, Becky and Ingo were engaged? i must have missed that.

Elizabeth said...

@Norisima, i tried sending e-mails during the whole Save Becky thing, but they all got sent back to me. I think the only real option is to send snail mail no matter how slow it is.

Anonymous said...

Now that RH is staying, I fervently hope GH is not going to go for yet another Liz-Lucky re-do. There are already too many yoyo couples on the show. We do NOT need to revisit the teenage romance that ended in tragedy again and again.

I hate Carly but love LW who plays her. Carly like Sonny have destroyed the show. Far too much attention has been given to a gangster and a whore. both have been rammed down our "viewing throat" until many of us who have been longtime viewers are to the point of giving up the show. What can we do to make the idiots in charge to wake the hell up and listen to us for a change?