Thursday, August 4, 2011

Spoiler/Rumor Note

 SkyWard!!! Gotta love it.

I thought I'd write a short  blurb about Scoops/Rumors because things are just all over the place and I'm not 100% sure on things right now. Flux, change and just the unknown is the rule  of the day lately!! I'm holding back a bit on the longer-projected scoops, so hang in there. I'll let you know what I do. A  lot of people have asked about Raven's rumors and a Genie return. I haven't heard anything from my camp on that. Casting is going on for the newbies that are coming.  Will Siobhan die? Does she have an identical twin?? Is Ric coming back? Will Rick Herbst play him??
Still rumors  right now!

You saw what happened with the whole Franco thing--- even SID/SOD AND Jill Phelps said he was back the 20th of Sept--and HE didn't even know about it !! LOL...
On and on it goes!!  Hit the link for the scoops I updated today.
It's nice having a bit of a surprise isn't it??! I think so! The only thing I'm hoping is that my source on Richard Dean Anderson is right on the money and he does make a cameo as Dr. Jeff fun will that be?? 

SEE You later! 


Rhonda said...

Not being a hater, but I would glad to wave bye bye to the Irish LASS. The only good she does currently is push L&L2 back together. I am all for that reunion as long as it is slow.

Hate that Liz will cause the acciddent, and according to new spoilers, may also be set up for the drug ring? WTF? Here we go again crapping on liz.

I am clearly not a Jasam fan, but I do look forward to their wedding since we have had hardly any happy moments.

Can't wait for Diane & Alexis at Jakes! Been far too long that these 2 have not shared a scene!

Find it strange that monica & Sam converse about Jake. Maybe Sam should mention the past & how she paid someone to torture Jake ; ) If anything, maybe GW will bring jake back (with all this jake talk).

I doubt Jason will be changed back to Jason q for long, or at all.

Poor Jax. Kind of strange that spoilers say robin wants to help Jax. Even though most of her loyalty is to Sonny. Just sayin'

And Karen, I hope we do have to sign in to comment here. Only problem however, is that Blogger has so many bugs half the time we can't sign in at all.

Anonymous said...

I am a huge Siobhan fan and I love her with Lucky.
Anyway, Siobhan will die, that's not a rumour. It will happen on the 22nd. The rumor is whether the actress will still be on GH but as a different character.

Anonymous said...

According to GH Exec. Producer, Jill Farren Phelps, in SID "Franco is an important part of Jason and Sam's wedding."

Anonymous said...

Karen, I completely understand about the spoiler/rumor thing. I don't think anyone knows anything concrete right now! Thanks for providing us with what you do, anyway. ♥

Anonymous said...

Let's hope if the actress playing Shivagn (sp) stays on as someone else, she will lose that awful accent. The actress is very pretty but I concentrate on the accent so much it makes it hard to like her.

Anonymous said...

there is a rumor on soapzone that jj and kemo will be gone the end of september.

Anonymous said...

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kdmask said...

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