Friday, August 12, 2011

Julie Marie Berman and her 'Cause for the Dogs'!

While dating her future husband, Mike Grady, they decided they wanted a dog. She ended up on “a huge web site that had, literally, every color imaginable of the breed I was interested in. I thought, ‘Great!’ So I ordered my dog online … then I got another one. The first one came with a lot of issues that we’re still dealing with today.
“I thought  I was doing the right thing by not going to the pet store. But I think it is safe to say that I ordered our dogs right from the puppymill. I had no idea that I was doing that. I thought that because they were AKC registered, and I talked to the breeders on the phone, that everything was normal. But after receiving our dog, I started to question the validity of the breeder and the care that they give their animals.”
Julie and Mike educated themselves on the horrors of puppy mills, became proponents of adoption and are now pushing that cause in their newly formed company, Better Buddies.
Along with a third partner, they reached out to Best Friends Animal Society to join forces on ending the homeless pet problem and push  adoption as the best choice when searching for a pet. The company has pledged 10 percent of its profits to the organization.

With its current merchandising limited to hemp dog beds, Better Buddies, Julie says, plans to expand — all while bringing together the worlds of design, quality, eco-awareness
and social change.

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Bren said...

I really appreciate you including this in your blog, Karen. I love JMB for educating herself and others on the horrors of puppy mills. I'm a huge supporter of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and have even vacationed up to Kanab, Utah to visit and see firsthand what great work they are doing. Hooray for Julie for her compassion and wanting to do something to help. said...

I fully agree with anything you've printed here.