Thursday, August 25, 2011

Soapy Birthday To ME!!

I usually don't do a giant BDAY post for myself but people sent the most fun pics I had to!! Make sure you look down a post to see the Pretty Message to me from Denise Alexander! 
Here's a great one from TL Contessa:

FROM Geddy..Lobster Cake!

Scotty Scooter-Man sent this Franco-Frenia:

Now Come on, how AWESOME IS THIS!!?

Ah, I love it.. :) My dinner is tomorrow-when people can get here so today is more relaxo. We had a terrrible storm here, hail and everything last night. I'm still tired. 

OLTL: Viki and Dorian!! wahhhh!! geesh... *sniff* they are just powerhouses. LOVE. 
David Vickers is off to the sunset too, but he's never gone for long! 
OMG!! WHO ELSE GOT YESTERDAY'S EPPY right in the middle of the show!??????? WHAT!!
Thank goodness it got back after the commercial break...if I would have missed the Dorian/Viki love-in!
"I think I'm going to miss you" says Viki...
"I know I'm going to miss you" says Dorian
DORIAN MONTAGE!! OLTL Kept them as they aged, kept the stories up and didn't let them languish like some other soaps *cough*

GENERAL HOSPITAL:  Um... poor Matt he's all happy and then finds out  Siobhan is dead. whoops. 
Spinelli is still dumpster diving. *sigh*
Ethan and Lucky (and a couple of loose Vicodin on the carpet!!) 

JaSam talk about Centerpieces, food, no pink... and then Robin sees something weird under the microscope examining Jason's brainmatter. hmmmmmmmmm. It's PART OF AJ's dashboard that flew up his nose and they never saw it. ahahaaaa.  Okay.
Um... on to Diane dumping a dumpster. Spinelli mentions "no doorbells in this town" again. He finally finds a STAR on one bag..and not on another!! Wow.. get out your decoder rings! 
I just wish there was a spark with Mac/Alexis.... they are friends but just don't have that 'oomph'. Maybe because I saw NLG say she and JJY were good friends and it was weird they were trying to push them together. 
The Pillow..they think it says LU but upside down that's.. umm. something 7 heh

NEW SCOOPS are up!! Please hit an ad link for the BAnderson project for Gwaddy and Lupus charity!! Fall Previews including these from SOD: 

Robin/Patrick: "Robin/Patrick: "Robin and Patrick will become embroiled in a story that involves eight other people; several of them are from the hospital; and people you thought were gone.It's a dangerous situation for a lot of people."

Ethan/Kristina/johnny: "Ethan is going to be pulled into a interesting situation that is going to haunt both [he and Kristina], heavy on the word 'haunt', Sonny will be involved heavily, as will Johnny."


"the drug ring is a diver-sion for Anthony.lucky and Elizabeth's interaction is not going to turn out the way she expected. It will turn Lucky in a whole new direction and send him back to Ireland.Matt is trying to escape his brother's shadow,and Spinelli will become a hero."


  1. The pillow said "LU" and then what looked lize a 7 but I beleive was an incomplete "Z". If so, LUZ is also the first three letters in the name of the bakery Spinelli is staking out that AZ is using as a front for the drugs...

  2. Re drugs, maybe when Delores "I want you to be Anna's daughter" new cop gal shows up she will work with her sister Robin to figure it out with Scorpio-Devane smarts

  3. Happy Birthday (again). I sent you something on that OTHER social device! I hope you have a good one.


  5. **Thiiiiiiiisssssss isssssss yoourrrrrr Birthday Song!**
    ***************** It isn't very long!*******************

    Happy Birthday to my fellow Leo. :D

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN!!!!! :) Yeah Karen I did get yesterday's eppy right in the middle of the show! Then when they got right back to today's show, I was thinking maybe they didn't have enough scenes to show, so they showed yesterday's episode. On to GH!

    Alexis and Mac: Poor Alexis reading the newspaper about Jax's plane went down :( How come nobody told her?!!?!! :( Glad Mac was there to comfort her and give her coffee! :) So I guess this is chem testing? :) This is the second time that the show showed the Port Chuckles newspaper!! YAY! :)

    Max and Jackal: Hahahahahahhaha!

    Max and Diane: Oh crap they broke up!!!! NOOOOOOOO! That sucks!!! :(

    Max and Sam: I love that she is telling him what should be done!!!!

    Jason's hospital room: OH! That thing in Jason's brain is a piece of AJ Dashboard!!! From the car accident from back then!!!! I like it! I love how they tied the first accident with the car accident of today! :)

    Shivon's room: Oh! So on Shivon's pillow said LU. :) She was trying to spell Lucky. Well okay on the pillow it didn't say REDRUM, BUT LUCKY, Shivon died because of REDRUM!!!

    Matt: He is so funny!!!! He is all happy because he did very good surgery on someone but then Ephip had to rain on his parade. But he won't let her do that! She brings up doing a happy dance so he does it hahhaha. Liz tells him that Shivon died and his parade has been deflated. :(

  7. Happy Birthday! Mine is tomorrow. Go Virgos!

    Like you, I also dvr OLTL. The two Todds story is the most fun soap story I've seen in years and years. Haven't watched a full episode of GH since May, just a handful of clips. But I still come to this site 7 days a week!

  8. when that episode started showing I thought I had hit the vcr play button! looking at the remote like it did somthing!!!
    yes, Frisco,you're right, LU is connected with that bakery!
    the whole dumpster scene was kind of funny.....

  9. ACK! You're a Virgo. Sorry, I'm a Leo, so I just assume all awesome people born in August are Leos. :D Happy birthday anyway!

  10. I like the way they're including ittle bits of the past in so many storylines lately. We so seldom got mentions of the past the last few years.

    And Shawn and Carly? I really wish they weren't going there. Why does she always have to be attached to a man? is this so she doesn't run back to Sonny, because she'll incapable of living without a man in her life?

  11. Aaron Sanders is OUT!!! I can't say I'm sorry.... I loved the previous Morgan!!

  12. Aaron Sanders is out?! Really? Why? That sucks. He is a really good actor.

  13. Yes Aaron Sanders is out according to general hospital happenings too. When Carly decidesto send him to military school

  14. Happy Birthday!!! Today is my cousin's 18th birthday, so we've been celebrating in the middle of storm prep.

  15. Happy Birthday, Karen!

    I'm so glad you said that about part of yesterday's OLTL, I thought I was losing it! Loved, loved, loved the Dorian/Viki montage. How I will miss this show!

  16. Happy Birfday, Karen! What a cool message from Denise!

  17. Carly sends Morgan to Military school?!!?! Carly? ROFL! What horrible thing has Morgan done to deserve that? Unless she doesn't want him anywhere near Sonny. :)

  18. siobhan was not trying to spell "Lucky", she was trying to spell the name of the bakery that AZ is using as a front!!!

  19. Karen,
    I went to the athroom came back out and it was showing yesterday's scenes on OLTL crap I thought I was given the wrong prozac lol so I sit and waited for it to clear up lol and it did and under my breath I went WHEW!!!!!

  20. Happy Birthday, Karen, and many, many more; and many, many more of your site and of GH!!

    All the best!!

  21. Frisco said...

    siobhan was not trying to spell "Lucky", she was trying to spell the name of the bakery that AZ is using as a front!!!
    That is even better! :) A mystery for Lucky! :)

  22. WOW. Just saw this pick at EW's website for the new dirty soap reality series Sam & Maxie's portrayers are in.

  23. Soap opera source spoilers say Matt & Liz share a picnic the week of Sept 5th.

  24. Happy Birthday a day late, Karen!! Hope you had a great day. Thanks for everything you do for soap fans!!

  25. Happy Belated Birthday!!
    Hope you had a wonderful day with family and friends and made new memories.

  26. why didn't she just spell AZ/? DUH.. LOL thanks for the bday wishes everyone!!
    it was fun..
    I heard about the military school thing, thought I put it on the scoops. hmmm.

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