Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"Just Be that Arrogant Jerk She fell in Love with"...

Oh I love Robin as Chief  of Staff..I so wish they weren't so sexist about it.  GOOD LORD. I get she's on the edge of OCD but having Matt try to get Pat to distract her for days on end. *SIGH*  LOVE Robin's dress today...not really work attire but I don't care. Maxie's dress was cute too! Carly's was way tooo BRIGHT for her house! heh... Looked like Endora's dress from Bewitched.
Carly was blabbin' on and on with Shawn wasn't she? Goodness.

Skye and Edward--woo hoo! LOVE. Thank you Mr. Wolf. Stupid Guza, this should have been her story when she came back last time!! Tracy and Skye--nice mention of Chandlers and Alkazar. They are going to be delicious!! Tracy gets flowers from Anthony.

Sonny needs to take those meds!! Wait until Jax gets there. I guess that's going to explain Sonny's "behavior" when all that goes down. Who thought Jason was going to say "I have loved someone that much---YOU"!! Oh, it would have been perfect!! SaSon. Ooooooooooand Sonny tears up Brenda's not and doesn't read it.

Mabby on the "island"... those bird of paradise flowers get a work out on that set! 

Last thing we see is Jax's shaved head!! 


Carrie said...

Doh! I forgot to DVR it! I'll be on YouTube tonight!

Hope said...

I have to comment on the look between Viki and Todd when she saw him at the jail.....

Anonymous said...

Any more info on when we get rid of Sonny?

sonya said...

Sonny and Jason: So very sad. :( Take your meds Sonny! Don't rip up the Brenda letter! :(

Epiphany and Robin: Yeah it is ridiculous having to change clothes every time you go from floor to floor Robin. :)

Shawn, Joss, and Carly: Joss is eating a muffin awww! Adorable. :) Great Shawn and Carly scene.

Abby and Michael: They are acting like they are on vacation instead of looking for his father! Michael you are not taking your job seriously! At least Abby is!

Jax: :(

ELQ: The Sky and Edward scenes are awesome! So are Sky and Tracy scenes! Especially when the flowers showed up hahaha! :)

Hmmmm I wonder if my smiley faces are annoying too.

Sidenote: Karen I like Jax with more hair and spikey than his short hair.

Frisco said...

I liked Robin's idea of colour coded scrubs, kinda like colour coded hard hats on construction sites. Supervisors (this is your Epiphany) wear a seperate colour (ie., white hard hat) so they are recognized when the float around the site/hospital. I thought Epiphany was completely disrespectful, Robin, afterall, is now her boss.

I love having Skye back I just wish Jax was sticking around to pair up with her. I'm not sure how i feel about the Tracy - Anthony Z flirtation.

I did not pay attention to either the Carly or Michael scenes. I left the room when Sonny cam eon. I wish they would get rid of that character permanently!!!

I still hold to my belief that Maxie is the wisest person in General Hospital when it comes to recognizing other peoples issues and solutions...she is just not great at it when it comes to herself. She is becoming one of my favorite characters. I wish there was some way to have her interact with the Q's. Perhaps ELQ could acquire Crimson? Imagine Maxie mixing it up with Tracy, Skye and Edward.

Anonymous said...

Any chance we can get David Hayward to GH and with his "patients". Maybe he can can Georgie, Tony, Alan, Justice, etc in his secret hospital in Pine Valley!

Anonymous said...
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CareyN said...

Blah blah blah...GH. But what happened on OLTL?!?! :) Seriously, a HUGE thanks to you, Karen, for getting me back into this show a few months ago (just around the bullying storyline). It rocks my world. I left it just after the TSJ recast (not because of him but because I moved abroad). So I am loving the whole Tale of Two Todds and *all* the story lines right now. Even the Ford boys (as long as their shirts are off!).

CareyN said...

To Anon at 4:56. FYI--I am on the West Coast and I enjoy checking this site on my lunch break. I particularly like Sonya's comments, as she and I seem to agree on most story lines and characters. I don't get to watch the show every day (usually catch-up with a marathon on the weekend) but Sonya's recaps, including and especially because of her personal comments, help me feel like I am always caught up daily, and they let me know what and what not to FF through. THANKS SONYA! YOU ARE AWESOME!

kdmask said...

I didn't do OLTL today, I'm sorry, I wasn't even sure I'd do GH. I needed a break. !!!
BUT I did manage GH
Sonya, LOL on the no ROTF!:)

Love4dogs said...

I love Sonya's commentary...if I haven't seen that particular episode, reading her posts make me look forward to seeing the parts she mentions.

kdmask said...

If the stupid personal attacks keep up, I'll just make people register to come on the comments --*sigh* how sad to have to do that.

sonya said...

Oh oh! What did the Anonymous troll say about me? *takes out the Troll spray.*

Thanks CareyN and Love4dogs!

Karen says Sonya, LOL on the no ROTF!:)
Hehehe what? :)

sonya said...

Karen what do you mean lol on the no? :)

Adora said...

hahah sonya, she means she's amused that you censored yourself and didn't use your usual ROTFL comment today after all the trolling. I like the smiles better I think, but haters will be haters no matter what. -_-

I am glad you are back! I missed whatever the troll of the day had to say but I wish they would go away already. I like being able to comment without being a "registered user."

For the record, though this was more of a yesterday comment, I'm a west coast fan and I rush here as soon as the show has aired on the east coast; that way I can get excited if it sounds like it's going to be a good show. ^^;

I love this blog, although I was trying so very hard not to get sucked into OLTL again, knowing it's ending... All of Karen's fawning and a little bit of boredom a couple days ago is threatening to suck me in. =(

Anonymous said...

I didn't get a chance to watch today so thanks for the recap Sonya!!!!


sonya said...

Adora haha censoring myself. :) Oh you like the smiles huh? Okay.

:) :-) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) and you miss the trolls! Hahaha!

LaTanya you're welcome! :)

Anonymous said...

Did anyone think it was odd that Carly was in a towel when Shawn showed up? Did she say she went outside to get the paper?? In a towel?? Yikes.

mosbp2003 said...

Karen, I wouldn't mind having to register if it means that people don't feel they can be mean and nasty under the guise of "anonymity". If you have something to say, at least have the guts to identify yourself...

And again, if you live on the west coast and don't want to find out what happened, wait until after the show airs to read this blog. It's not Sonya's fault if you have no common sense.

And Sonya- "trolls of the day"! I love that! Thank God you've managed to keep your sense of humor and not let the "trolls" get to you!

Shirleedee said...

I also wouldn't mind having to register. I really do think that some folks hid behind 'Anonymous' in order to say any and every nasty thing that comes to their mind. There are a few folks that go from board to board and blog to blog just to try and stir things up.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I thought it was weird that Carly was in a towel and answered the door that way. The baby who plays Josslyn doesn't seem to like Laura Wright at all. She always looks so miserable in her arms.

This Robin as COS story is so sexist. I feel like I'm back in the 1950s. Patrick works as much as Robin, why is no one on his case about having to choose between work and family?

I don't get the big deal about the different scrubs. And at the hospital my husband works at, there are different colored scrubs for each unit so I think it's pretty common.

I'm sick of Sonny's whining, but I think Mo did a pretty good job today with the acting.

Jax! He looks great.

Watchintele said...

I know this took place the other day, as I am playing catch up with episodes this week.

But, I wanted to get your perspective on the Jason, Carly & Sam scene???

I've read in other places, that some felt that Jason humiliated Carly....what did you all see?
Like to get some different perspectives on this issue.

Thank You

Anonymous said...

Watchintell, i think Carly has humilited Jason for over a decade now, so all he did was put her in her place. He said he loves her just as much, but Sam has to come first.

As for the baby playing Joss, I have never foundher interactive with hardly anyone. Tough age I know but time to find a new little one, IMO. On the other hand, The little one that played Emma a few years ago was a ham.

kdmask said...

Yes,Sonya I meant you didn't use ROTF yesterday :) heh... that's all.

I don't care what you use, you actually supplement MY "summary" which we all know can be spotty at best. heh

sonya said...

mosbp2003 thanks yeah you can't lose your sense of humor.

Anonymous Carly didn't answer the door with just a towel. :) Shawn walked into her home.

Watchintele Jason put Carly in her place and I loved it! I love that they are BFF's but Carly needs to have boundaries! :)

sonya said...

Oh Karen! You are awesome! :) I love your blog. :)

LindaV said...

Carly was totally out of line with Jason. She came off as a spoiled, selfish, self-centered shrew. She can't get it that Sam is now his real best friend/partner. So nice to have the gorgeous Skye back, and more of Tracy than we usually see in a year. I, also, would be glad to register. I love and appreciate this blog and it is sad that some take this way too seriously and are hurtful.

Watchintele said...

Believe you me people, I for one was jumping for joy when Jason told Carly she needed boundaries. I've never been a fan of this character either.

About time, if you ask me.

Having said that, and please don't misconstrue this next part, as I'm not dumping on Sam.

I just feel that it should have been Jason having that conversation with Carly (since they are BFF) without Sam chiming in every second. Even though this did concern Sam also. This is where I can see how some have said that Carly was humiliated.

We all know how irrational Carly can be. So it would have been more productive had Jason spoken to Carly and put his foot down so to speak without Sam putting in her 2 cents. Cuz, we all know Carly will feel Sam put Jason upto it, regardless of her presence or not. Atleast, the blow to her ego would have been softened. God forbid he has a life outside of all things Carly.
However, this conversation should have been private.
Fine that Jason wanted Sam present, but Sam should have allowed Jason to talk. Allowed him to make his own opinions. Allowed him to stand up for her.
He knows Carly better than anyone, so why does she feel the need to break it down for him????

Sometimes it does seem that Sam feels she needs to speak on Jason's behalf, even when he is speaking. Kinda like he can't speak or think for himself (cuz he's "brain-damaged").
Hence, me being a bit irked about her involving herself into the conversation between Elizabeth and Jason.

I remember people constantly ridiculing Robin for being Jason's arbiter for all things right and wrong. Now, Sam seems to be his spokesperson.

But I agree, Carly needed to hear it.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that Jason set boundaries with Carly and I can see why he did it with Sam there. I think if he had asked Sam to leave it would have taken away some of what he was saying about Sam coming first and about setting boundaries with Carly.

And I think setting boundaries is good for both Jason and Carly. Carly is way to dependent on Jason. She runs to him to fix all her problems and I have a hard time as seeing her as a strong independent woman when she relies on Jason to clean up all her problems. Her learning how to stand on her own 2 feet away from Jason and Sonny should be a good thing for her.

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