Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday: ABC Soaps, Where WERE YOU for All these YEARS?

Dang, if ABC had gotten it's act together long ago, we might not be canceling them right now!! The writing has gotten so awesome--especially a HUGE improvement on AMC.  Lorraine Broderick is the best. You know I've loved OLTL forever now, and it just keeps getting better and better!! Too bad it's in the 11th hour!!

 David's Project Orpheus? 

AMC: The Project Orpheus  thing is so out outrageous that hell, it's actually making weird sense. SURE, bring them ALL back to life! What the hey, what they hey! LOL..
Janet to Erica "You're never going to get out of here if you see dead people"!! 
JR is drinking JD..heh
Ryan realizes all the dead people could be alive--ergo ZombieValley !!! 

"I'm Todd Manning and I'm home"..... I about had an attack in the first 2 minutes!! REX! Destiny! TODD faces!! 
Blair and Old Todd--- eeeeeeeeeeee!
WOW, all the actors were just A Game too!! Just the right amount of everything...Loved TSJ's befuddled cocky attitude LOL.
Rex is awesome-- JPL is going to town on this story. Ghost Gigi shows up today. Wearing a REALLY fugly dress.

The whole Nate thing is coming out-- and the Destiny PG thing too!!
If the New Todd is brainwashed, it explains it--and if he's a TWIN, they'd  have same DNA!! Since I love them both, I could deal with that.
OMFG!! THE KISS!! I totally teared up when RH was talking to Blair!! Someone needs to hold me. That's all. 
We need a weenie check...or Marty back--she'll know who's who! 
PS. I had to pee so badly during the show I about died.

GENERAL HOSPITAL:  Oh, how you gonna top that sheeze?'re not! I'm so sick  of gumshoe Spinelli. I did hear a hint of his old voice though!!

Is that Pauly Shore shooting up Lucky? ahahahaaaa. Is that Lucky or Ronan? Hmmmmm. At least they have the same faces. Lucky seeing Maxie as a hootchie mama! ahahaa. Jake! Poor LUCKY seeing Dead Jake. wahh That pusher had to give him LSD !! LOVED the L&L2 moment!!

Carly-- uh, last time we knew you were telling Sam to get pregnant by Jason, now you're all pissy cause he didn't tell you FIRST about the engagement? ughhhhhhhhhh. She screwed up Sonny's life and Jax' she's messes up Jason's. Sonny took a nice vacation, it's Carly's dang turn.  Loved Jason setting limits with her like she's a 2 year old.  

Siobhan and Ethan. Oh, lordy but Ethan looked YUMMY TODAY!!


dudeitsstar said...

I never thought I'd say this but I think I miss Spinelli. Ughhh.

I loved Matt today, away from Maxie. I like both characters just not together.

Ugh, Carly get a life. Really? She's just pissy cause she doesn't have some man fawning over her. About damn time Jason gave her some boundaries, I totally agree she is like a two year old.

Sam got so excited for her ring, it was cute (:

Lucky drugged up was kinda funny to watch. JJ does a good druggie.

Anonymous said...

"Is that Lucky or Ronan?" I doubt it is Ronan because the drug induced hallucinations are Lucky's memories. Wouldn't it be fun to have Helena do a Lucky/Ronan switch now? It would make sense with Lucky so strung out.

Anonymous said...

Carly? Seriously? Complaining that she didn't find out first? Really?

Anonymous said...

Carly's reaction is hardly surprising. It's the same way she reacted when sam told her jake was jason's son. She is and always will be possessive of jason and sonny , especially because sonny and jason let her. It has always made me angry that jason maintained a friendship with carly, and because he does through all the nonsense she's pulled, she treats him as her property.
Jasam will get a taste of what liason went through with carly against them.

Anonymous said...

Carly, Carly, Carly. Running around town all pissy because Liz told her that Jason is engaged. The only bright spot? No one mentioned that Carly is a good mother.

CareyN said...

Am I really the only one who likes the Jackal PI stuff? Spinelli is on my "can fold laundry during but won't fast-forward through" list, so I guess I like him. He's good comic relief and often the poetic voice of reason. But I'm liking the Jackal stuff because 1) I know it's going to end eventually, and 2) I can see how this is some good character development for Spin--who was very pigeon-holed before this. Plus, Bradford is SUCH a great actor. I'm enjoying watching him craft this character since it's such a departure from Spinelli. Maybe I'm just a sucker for the gumshoe stuff, but I like this story. It's really campy, fantasy, escapist, which is one thing I like about daytime. Any old-school OLTL fans remember Eterna?!?! LOL. Campy, fantasy, escapist fun.

sonya said...

Hi! I am back. :) I needed to take a week off from the mean and nasty Anonymous trolls that have been here. Okay my thoughts about today.

Lucky: What a great scene!!!! We got to see through his eyes what he sees! :) Fantastic acting from Johnathan Jackson! :) I'm glad Liz found him. :) Damn that drug dealer is HOT! :) You are right Karen he does look like Pauly Shore!

Carly, Jason, and Sam: So Carly you were fine with them having a baby (you even wanted to carry their baby) but yet you are not happy that they are getting married?!?!! ROFL! I like that Jason has put her in her place!! JASON SAID THE WORD BOUNDARIES! YES!!!! :) Carly don't like that word. :)

Maxie, Jason, and Sam: Maxie stinks ROFL! Great scene. :)

Carly's stalker: Hmmm I was thinking that it was Franco but the shocked looked on her face when she saw this person, I was thinking it was Jax.

Mrs. B said...

And the Emmy goes to.... Jonathon Jackson

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed todays show. Was that a Liz/Matt test??????

JJ blew me away, yet again.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed todays show. Was that a Liz/Matt test??????

JJ blew me away, yet again.

Anonymous said...

Oh JJ, you rocked. Jason & Sam were cute, loved telling Carly off.

kdmask said...

OF COURSE I remember Eterna!! LOL

carrie said...

THe Lucky scenes are so good that it hurts to watch them. Even after the show was over, I was still crying on the inside for him. I remember that when JJ came back 2 years ago that the info on his contract said that it was for 2 years..It has now been 2 years...So is Lucky going to die??

JPink said...

Wow... Roger Howarth, how I've missed you. The kiss with Blair, holy crow! The hottest & most romantic kiss in daytime for the past 5 years. The scene with Star had me bawling. I so wanted her to reach out and hug him. Loved it!

Andrea said...

Not a big Jason/Sam fan but anyone that is the reason Jason finally tells Carly that she must have boundaries I applaud.

JJ did so well drugged up. Tore at my heart watching him hallucinate Jake. :(

Carly was kind of a bitch to Liz, brushing her off and everything. You would think that she would still remember the reason why her kid is still alive and be a bit nicer to Liz...geez!

Andrea said...

Oh, and I forgot. The Matt/Liz conversation...think they are testing those two? I kinda like the idea of Johnny and Liz, but Matt would be a decent choice too!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the actor who plays Matt let go or is he leaving willing???

AntJoan said...

Good morning, guys. Karen, I can't BELIEVE that you had a picture of Goldie Hawn on the blog, I swear that great minds think alike!! In one of Maxie's scenes in the sewer, she jutted out her jaw, and I thought that she looks just like Goldie Hawn! (I know you didn't have the picture there for that reason, but I still thought it was a large coincidence, as I planned to write the Goldie Hawn comment to you, and she's never been on your blog before!)

I'm HOPING that the new writers see Carly as I do, as a pain in the ass with a Borderline Personality Disorder, and write her as an evil 2-year-old needing boundaries rather than the heroine of the show, gobbling up every scene. And, as she recently did mention Bobbie, can we have her Mother back on canvas please, it makes no sense that she is not there.

kdmask said...

AntJoan...I totally think Kirsten looks like Goldie!! ESPECIALLY when her hair is really short! Put a bikini and graffiti on her and you have Laugh IN!

Dori said...

Watched GH this morning on Hulu. First time I've really watched in about 2 weeks; and might I add, it's the first time I think I actually want to watch again today.
I thought Ethan and Siobhan were interesting together. I kinda like the chemistry that Erin and Nathan have on screen.
Yes, JJ does a good junkie on screen; but come on...really AGAIN, we're going down this road?! I will admit though that the LL2 scene gave me chills! It was a great scene.
I love LW as an actress, I think she's fantastic; but everyday I swear I hate Carly a little more...
I really think that they need to bring in some new blood and actually use it for something useful. So much of the story lines and character pairings are just recycled, reused and renewed over and over again.

Anonymous said...

JJ is always gold in his scenes.... GV may have been a nice guy, but comeon JJ can act circles around him and he is the only Lucky that can realistically go toe to toe with acting powerhouses Geary and Francis.

Carly - I agree with many of the sentiments on here. She has no personal boundries when it comes to Sonny and Jason and one would hope that the character would have grown SOMEWHAT over the years beyond that. Nothing against LW though...She is as good as SB and TB. In fact the only Carly who wouldn't act was that mannish one inbetween SB and LW...Holy cow that chick had big old man hands and features and could have easily won a fistfight with Sonny.
-Old School GH fan

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't like mat and liz together. I wish it could be Liz and jax. Liz and jax would be hot together, and it would make carly's head spin.
Jason only now realizes that he should put the people he loves first before carly, WOW! Jake's death taught you that, WOW again! I wanted to slap jason at that moment. His live son and a women he loved didn't make him put them first! I find jason to be idiotic and now I hope he does marry sam and knows misery. He should have realized long ago that he shouldn't let carly run his life. He should have wanted so much more for his life than the mob. He should have been more honorable to his mother , monica, rather than shunning her.
I am not liking jason at all but the only good thing is putting carly in her place. We'll see how long that lasts before he drops everything to run and help carly.
Please give Liz better men than lucky and jason to be with.

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