Friday, August 5, 2011

James Franco on KIMMEL saying he IS coming back to GH

Great interview on Kimmel.... he LOVES GH


Frisco said...

I could easily take a pass on Franco returning...unless he kills Sonny in a fit of Jason jealousy, haha.

I am LOVING Skye's return. Great character. Beautiful actress. One thing really bothering me about her return however. I think her working with Anthony Z is totally out of character unless she is trying to play him. Skye, especially now as a mother, would never be involved with Anthony knowing that he is smuggling drugs...and she certainly wouldn't be in a partnership with anthony Z if she knew he was having Luke's son shot up!!!

As much as I am not missing Luke I do hope when he returns he and Skye might share a storyline about his drinking, her being a recovering addict...she could become his support system, much to the chagrin of Tracy.

cyndib said...

I actually stopped watching during the first Franco fiasco and just started watching again now that Guza is finally gone. I really don't care to see him back on GH at all but do like the actor very much. Just not his GH character.

Frank Strovel III said...

James Franco is being interviewed by Charlie Rose tonight. Will monitor that to see if he mentions GH again. Probably will given the length Rose's interviews.

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