Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Surgery: Paging Dr. Drew

I think the biggest thing about last week was JJ's performance as Lucky in a drug-induced haze. Paranoia, fear... and just plain tripping-out were all there. The Lucky and Liz story was also honored  and backtracked to the church where they said their vows to each other. Some said he was over-acting. I say he was perfection. 

Look up into that big, beautiful Skye!! Ahhhhh. We love. Not only does it bring more Q-drama in, it will soon tie Tracy to her long-forgotten mob ties!! Sonny was being his brooding self but somehow, I didn't mind as much. He had a nice convo-with Jason and another with Robin and finally Olivia. We even saw a hilarious on the docks scenes with he and Johnny. I shall forever remember that little gem as "The Count".  

Sonny: We'll see Johnny, we'll see about a lot of things, JOHNNY!

Johnny: a lot of things, huh? like how many?

Sonny: yeah, a lot

Johnny: what, like 5?

Sonny: not a lot, 8

Johnny: as long as ain't 9!

So  far, Mr. Wolf's been  doing a good mending job. Believe me there's a HUGE way to go and I'm not sure how the whole rest of August is going to go but soon it will be Fall-Sweeps and the JaSam wedding. Looking at Franco's  last interview, I guess we'll see more of his crazy-ass as well!! 
For now the interaction between different characters (Liz and Matt? Liz and Dante? --) was great. Epiphany and Paddy in the spa? Hee hee. It also looked like the actors were having a bit of fun themselves, didn't it?? 

Given how awesome AMC and OLTL have been, I've been a little let down at the 3:00 hour.  Then again, those two are on their last legs and we have some life left in us. If you haven't tuned  into AMC lately, now is the time. Everyone and their brothers are coming out of the graveyard to make a last appearance on the show. 

I'm not making many comments now about the whole Prospect Park deal because I honestly don't know very much. Supposedly, they are gearing up and shows will be online and perhaps on cable at some point. You know that if the story is good,  I'll be there wherever they are shown. 

I am spoiler-free for One Life to Live so thank you for not spoiling in the comments. It's so fun to watch not knowing a thing that's going to happen!! 

Hope your week was a good one. 
Scene of the Week: Lucky's shoe fascination. It was so awesome. Just a total druggie thing to do. First the one shoe, then the next-- and then Liz had them both. Carrying them around in her purse. Lucky walking barefoot, looking for redemption. Ahhhhh...nice touch. 


Anonymous said...

I admit I didn't watch but I never do and what you described is almost into another realm of reality. The whole barefoot and martyr, shoes thing is just teetering on the edge of sainthood and there's Mary Magdalene following him around with his shoes. I was almost tempted to watch just for that alone but naw I didn't, no offence but it sounds creepy. I didn't see it as stated but JJ does over the top very well and he cries way too much.
I did see the scene with Matt and loved it EW is so good at light banter and so was Matt, except for the Maxie part.
I am going to have to go back and watch the JZ and little man talking that sounds funny-The Count-ahahahaha! 9-9-9-9-9.
I am interested in Skye and why she is there in PC and at ELQ.
Look forward to next weeks commentary.

kdmask said...

Actually, the whole Lucky/Liz thing WAS very "holy" with the church-- barefeet, she dressed in a glowing white. Reminded me a bit of Baz' "Romeo+Juliet" style

Lori said...

I agree JJ's scenes were a tour de force (maybe a nice tip of the hat to his Emmy win even). I also agree that after OLTL, GH can seem like a bit of a let down... However, GH is SO much better than it was under Guza that I have no issue watching. Every soap is allowed a bit of a slow story week (or two) and Wolfie is just gearing up. Plus Wolfie is mixing and matching characters so you really never know what combo is going to show up, that makes it even more interesting. Team Wolfie!

Rita Pita said...

I disagree anon, JJ blows most of us away 95% of time. He is not a soap "hunk" so to speak but he and Liz had the most innocent, real, teen relationship and that's why they still have so many fans (particularily with JJ playing Lucky). U tube some old scenes and you won't be disappointed. JJ's tears are welcome to me versus guns and violence all the time and carly, sonny, and Jason show. Looks like GW will mix things up and for that I thank him after just 1 week.

I have to say please someone snap Spin out of it. I don't like him anymore even as himself, but it's just enough already. Clearly they have nothing else for this clown to do (I do like the actor so no bad blood felt) but most of us agree I think that Matt & Maxie are so much more for one another and believable. Spixie is done!

The last post Karen made that had shivagn on it stirred some anger towards her and again towards kristina & Ethan fans. I myself like kristina & Ethan as long as it continues slowly and we don't have a too sexy scene. I am however, always up for a love triangle! Please just have Erin lose that god awful accent. Not her fault I realize, but I cringed every time I heard it.

sonya said...

Karen Some people say that Johnathan Jackson was over-acting? Huh?! I disagree. I think he was fantastic! :) Yeah he left his sneakers, but where are his socks?! :) Must be in the water. Johnny and Sonny's count comment was funny! Hahaha! Good stuff. :)

JPink said...

I just love seeing different sets. It's so nice not to constantly be stuck at Sonny's house, Jason's penthouse, or Carly's house. It feels like an actual town to me when I see an alley or a shot of the docks I've never seen before.

Anonymous said...

JPink, I totally agree with you - that is one of the things I have enjoyed lately, too - seeing different sets and more of Port Charles!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

No spamming, please.

AntJoan said...

Karen, I just KNEW you'd comment on the "count scene," it was hilarious, clever and creative. As usual, great minds think alike!

You know, a really good writer can do so much with these characters--they are all great actors, and most are/can be very funny, I miss the Monica/Bobbie friendship (remember their food fight in the kitchen over Alan), and other mature relationships that lend themselves to sophisticated humor.

Croskeys said...
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Anonymous said...

JJ - does he chew the scenery sometimes? Sure, but it's the nature of daytime to overact. The best (of which I def count JJ) all do it from time to time...Lucci, Geary, Francis, Braden, etc. It's just the nature of the beast.
Bottom-line: it cannot be said enough that JJ is gold and 99% of the time owns the screen. Tour. de. force.

AMC - I dont care how they bring back all the dead and gone, it's a lot of fun seeing everyone before they turn out the lights. And even if Kate Collins is a little out of shape, the woman has great acting chops and has been awesome
Old School GH fan

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that Janet said on Fridays episode that it was in 1991 she had Amanda and took over Natalie? LOL Wouldnt that make Amanda 20?

LindaV said...

JJ has been outstanding. Loved the "count" scene - Johnny and Sonny are hilarious. I don't care if Johnny dosen't have too much of a story. Just seeing him makes it all worthwhile. With all of the funny lines last week it seems like the dialogue has improved tremendously already.

Min said...

Ha, the count scene. It was great. I've not been hating Sonny. How is that possible?!

Loved the shoe convo with Lucky and Liz.. it's actually a throwback to when Lucky found Elizabeth after she was raped. She came crawling out of the bushes, mumbling about not being able to get her shoe back on. Lucky then put the shoe back on her foot saying, "It's okay. The shoe I can fix."

Have to admit, I was VERY impressed by Wolf to hear that.

Love4dogs said...

Min...thanks for pointng that out about the shoe line. I went to youtube and watched that scene again....great acting by those kids at the time...gave me absolute chills...and to hear that line. Wolf should get a thousand thank you notes, hand written for that.

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