Wednesday, August 17, 2011

One Face, Two Face, Red Face, Blue Face!!

 Maybe he's SWEENY TODD!

Oh, OLTL you slay me!!! It was just an awesome ride. Between Delphina..Dorian's leaving...Rex, David and  the TODDs. Good Gravy with that story!! Such Sci-Fi fun. Maybe she gave New Face the scar so he'd remember having a scar all along?! TSJ is SO GOOD with this!! His face as he's realizing he's "Todd the Lesser" was priceless.  He's so under-valued. Maybe we can get him on GH as another long lost Q?? Please? OR AJ?? Oh, he'd just rock as AJ!!
Dorian is leaving because of A Sexting Scandal!! She's taking off for the Senate.
If David Vickers doesn't get his own show on the web, it's a crime!! Rex and the "Creed" ahhhaa. I so want to produce "David Vickers: The Web Series"!! It would be a gem. 
ABC IS A FAIL MACHINE!! this show is so damn good and delivers such great ratings..they are IDIOTS for dumping it!! 

GENERAL HOSPITAL: I'm popping in and out today, I'm still not diggin' GH as much as I should be. 
Siobhan and Lucky-- well, JJ's eyes are some red. They must put salt in them. heh
Like the Dante/Sonny dynamic .... Dante finally having some Police Power. Liked their dialog. MB plays "Trapped" so well.
Carly's so stupid. SHAWN watching Joss? Uh...duh. He almost shot her when she walked in.
Thank God they are making Patrick/Matt argue and be brothers. It's about time. They were fun with the sandwich and the morgue!!
Sam and Carly--another bickering bickersons. Carly has to have someone to bitch at/with. She did say thank you to Robin.
Skye/Tracy/Edward-- wonder if the meds are being tampered with when it comes to Edward. 
Jax and Sonny in the jail...told you he'd hallucinate Jax...Ingo and Maurice were awesome. 
Hope they show it tomorrow!

LOL, have you seen who's winning in the "wacky couple poll" on The Wubs Net?? Pretty hysterical!!


sonya said...

Hey it's morning in Port Chuck!!! Good morning Port Chuckians!!! :) Great show today. Lots of people had great one liners. :)

Matt, Patrick, and Sam: Great scene! I love how she kicked them out! :) Steve got involved calling them 5 year olds ROFL!

Matt, Patrick, and Robin: Great scene!!! More bickering from the brothers! I love it. :) Matt is on a wheelchair! ROFL! Matt has an interesting idea about worms. Jason might have worms in him.

Sam and Carly: Sam kicks her out too!!!! ROFL! Sam is on a roll!

Carly and Robin: Carly thanks Robin!!!! Patrick why didn't you tell Carly that Sonny shot Robin?! I know Robin wouldn't tell her! You could have! Or are you just protecting your wife?

Robin: She is looking through her microscope. What did she see?!?!

Sonny and Dante: OH! Sonny spent the night in jail! YAY! :) He NEVER has done that! Sonny is suffering. Good! He always gets away with everything! Dante tells him that Jax's plane went down!!!!

Sonny and Jax: GREAT SCENE!!!

Sonny and Carly: Carly slaps Sonny in the face!!! I yelled out OH YEAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! :) Normally I wouldn't like it, but Sonny always gets away with a lot of things!

Steve and Lucky: I can't believe that Steve actually thinks his sister would shove Shivon down the stairs on purpose!!!! COME ON STEVE!

Lucky and Lulu: Lulu! Leave him the hell alone!!!

Shivon and Lucky: He talks to her, he then leaves, and she WAKES UP!!!!! :)

Edward: What's wrong with Edward? Why does he have chest pains? :( He tells Tracy maybe he has chest pains because of her bad attitude! ROFL!

Tracy and Skye: Skye brings up Gino Solito!! The man Tracy was married to! Can we please have a cat fight? :)

Skye and Papa Z: Papa Z is turned on!!! ROFL!

lisa said...

There is not much to dig about GH. Garin said he'd be off to the races when his storylines begin but it is more like a slow trot. The storylines are slow and still mob ridden.
The only thing is that they are shining the spotlight on sonny's ruthless selfish personality but we already knew that. Will Garin have the courage to have sonny pay for his crimes. I think not. Same nonsense Guza writes and I wonder if Garin isn't Guza ( no pics on the net, no info hmmm... ). Anyway I'm back to skipping episodes and watching clips on line especially because I can't stomach the Liz/Lucky must be together crap. Love liz but give her someone better/better storyline.
Sam fans must be thrilled since she is written to smell like a rose and will get her man down the isle shortly. Therefore, the jason nonsense is dull since we know the predictable outcome is to have jasam overcome all obstacles. YES, FRONS and JFP , we know they are your favorites.
All I can say is bring on some new Q's soon, but Garin is quite similar to Guza.

mosbp2003 said...

My heart broke today for both Todds...Had to FF through the Dorian and Kelly stuff, because I honestly don't care if Kelly stays or goes, but the rest of the show rocked!

sonya said...

lisa I don't think Garin is similar to Guza. And don't say they are the same person!!!! :(

Anonymous said...

I love your enthusiasm for GH. I wish I could be as entertained by the show as you are but I think your recaps are usually better than the actual show!


sonya said...

Thanks Dar, but I noticed I was laughing a lot! OOOOOOPS! Sorry!

Hope said...

Naturally I am not happy that Sonny is in jai...he is claustraphobic and I have never liked watching him suffer with it. And may I just say this one time...
I wish dante would just shut the hell up....
ok, that felt good....
dante and jax should be related they are so much alike,

Trixie said...

I still don't understand the Sonny worship. I thought that the Dante smackdown against Sonny and the "Jax dream" were the best things about GH in many years. It's about time that the "soul-less crimelord" gets what's coming to him. Who cares if he's claustrophobic. Boo-Hoo!!! He is a sociopathic criminal who is responsible for hundreds of people being killed! But, people still worship him as a "hero." Disgusting.

I am loving the Sonny "come-uppance." Please give us more!!!!

Di said...

I couldn't believe that Sonny still thinks he did nothing wrong. "I wasn't hitting a cop, I was hitting my kid." And that's ok? The man is so amoral it defies description. And he thinks being claustrophophic is a get out of jail free card. I guess he's never heard the old saying, You do the crime, you do the time. If he wants to stay out of jail he should stop being a criminal.

And they go so overboard with the drops that I can't stand seeing Lucky in a scene anymore. It's like he's constantly crying. There are times when it's called for and time when it's just overacting, nd too much eye makeup and drops.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice Carolyn Hennesey's Swiffer commercial??? She was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I saw that commercial. I was like, there's Diane!

G.W. did say that he would be in cleanup mode. Things take time. Everybody has been complaining about Guza's writing which was going on for years. I'm sure that can't be fixed in a handful of weeks. I have hope for GH, a lot has improved already. We are seeing more hospital and less mob but, let's face it we can't get rid of the mob completely, it's been a big part of GH for so long. From Luke Spencer to Duke Lavery to Sonny. They are as much a part of GH as the hospital itself. I don't mind mob as long as there's other stories and characters going on too. Balance is key. If the mob was gone then who would the doctors have as patients, lol! The hospital would have to shut down and the doctors would all be unemployed! Not good for anyone.

Anonymous said...

I would also like to add, that I LOVED Carly slapping Sonny, I had to rewind and play that back a couple of times. LOVED the Jax dream/nightmare. I'm glad Dante is remembering he's a cop so, I think there is hope for him. Sure wished that when JT shot up Lucky he would have shaved that fizz off his face. Now I'm done.

kdmask said...

I actually am the one that continues to wonder about "Garin Wolf" LOL... he's elusive!! I really REALLY wonder if Guza wrote the Franco stuff but from behind Cyberspace.
Don't get me wrong, I am thinking GH is really REALLY improving a lot, it's just not grabbing me storywise yet.
When I was away, I DVR'd OLTL, not GH bad is that?? (and I run a damn website!! LOL)

Rhonda said...

I was hopeful the first week GW took over, now not so much. Gee Sonny if you are clausty boy, find a new profession idiot. I am fine with Sam & Jason since I feel they deserve each other also being killers (or accepting killers). Red head will die soon, thank you lord. Now if we could lose Mabby I would be so pleased, how boring are they? And how about some more Ethan/Kristina as they have dropped them like a hot potato. They may not be super couple worthy, but at least the actors are charming. I can't even look at Abby & Michael.

LindaV said...

Too bad Ingo is doing his best work as he is on the way out the door. He was really chilling with Sonny. Really like the bickering brothers. Dante finally has some backbone with Sonny and loved the "slap". Shawn needs to change his clothes already. He is a little too stiff and I don't see much chemistry with Carly, handsome as he is. CH ws perfect in that commercial.

Anonymous said...

Ethan/Kristina will be back on screen next week. Who says they're not super couple-worthy? LOL

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