Monday, August 29, 2011

"Why Did You Have To Go and Dig Mom Up"?? **

**Lines you only hear on soaps..heh... Shane to Rex... 

OLTL was a goodie... although Jack needs to GO... he could give his scholarship to an acting school.  :) hee hee. Yes, I said it. 
OMG... Jess and Natalie were on my LAST damn NERVE! They were totally "Carly" today!!  Good grief. 
Yep, Stacy's alive by the looks of what Kimmy's saying.
Trevor's face when his Mom was saying he was nothing? Emmy worthy. Just the look--that face. Perfection! 

GENERAL HOSPITAL: The dreams turn bad for the ladies... I finally noticed that Jason had on "Sonny's Suit" in Carly's dream. Michael gets killed. 
Liz hears imaginary Italian violins right before Jason falls ... and he's in a wheelchair. 
Monica's fantasy ends in a car crash...
JaSam's dream was actually the only cute one with the father photo.

What-- was the point? That what happened to Jason after AJ's car crash was a "good thing"??  That he only wants to wear his black tshirt?? That JaSam deserves a baby? Maybe that's it. 

Thing to take away today: The Ladies realize they can't change Jason without changing destiny..(cue music) Sam is the only one that didn't want to change him-- and ergo, her's is the only dream to come out happy. Wonder if that will be the irony when he wakes up?? 

As @zarqa said on Twitter it's "A Wonderful Life" and "A Christmas Carol" rolled into one!

Jason has his own "Flashback Montage" with Sex, Sam, Jake/ motorcycles, Franco. Note that Franco was the only villain he dreamed of! LOL 

I'll say it again: STUART DAMON should never have been KILLED OFF -- 

Are you having fun with the First "Soapy Death Match" on Wubs Net?? Love it!! Can't wait to see who you pic to win. I'm trying to get the scoops up but I've been so busy with LIFE it's just gone on the wayside---not that they are HUGE. The rumors are better.  (as always) Big question is: Who comes back with Luke? All sorts of gossip on that one. 


  1. The women's daydreams: Horrible just horrible!!! I don't get why they had to self sabotage their own daydreams!!!! The only thing I liked was the Q's! So glad to see Alan again!!! Everyone blaming Tracy for Jason's accident! ROFL! Michael dies! So he killed himself?!!?! Why would Carly have a dream about Michael being dead?!!?! And why would Sam daydream about a man with a gun? Dumb!

    Jason's montage: I cried!!!! Great montages but why have them?! He isn't gonna die!!! Unless he is and we don't know it. :( Wait Karen was this Jason's dream?

    Edward and Monica: Great scene! She says he was right. Be careful what you wish for. I love the history talk! And that Monica doesn't want to change a thing with Jason.

    Carly and Michael: She wanted him to make sure that no matter what she loves him awwww! :( Great scene. :(

    Matt and Liz: Matt knows he was wrong about the Jason surgery!! Awww! :) And he help Liz with making sure the drugs that were missing, were a clerical error. Awww Matt. :)

  2. on OLTL
    I really dont get the point of having the 'mystery' patient being Stacy? its not like she was a well loved old favorite....

  3. I think it's absolutely ridiculous that a show would make a mother have to accept that her son is a mobster and loyal to the mob is RIDICULOUS. Sorry , again , the entire dream sequence was to say that jason should be with sam, because she accepts his mobster choices. Is it not any wonder that sam dreamed of gunmen and then being pregnant foreshadowing the pregnancy and their life of violence and crime. The mom must be silent and accepting of the mob in order to have them in their life. Liz must realize that she's not for jason in order to allow jason and sam to happen. Basically, everyone crashes and burns except jasam.
    Done with it. If they make Monica an accepting weak enabler of the mob, there is no reason to watch.

  4. They are making monica a wimp and she never was. Nonsense dreams.

  5. Can we all say AGENDA biased writing?!?!?!
    This is what really irritates me about this show!! It's so frustrating.

    Lisa, I couldn't agree with you more about the blatant nonsense shoved down our throats.

    I don't know if anyone else picked up on it? But basically the subliminal message was that Jake was the only thing tying Jason to Elizabeth, and he didn't want a child, which is crap, cuz as far as I can remember he's wanted a child. Or he was not meant to have a child with Elizabeth, and having Jake was the only reason he was with her.
    Thank you for another kick in the pants, and reminder of Jake's death all to clear the path for Sam to have Jason free and clear of any connection to Elizabeth whatsoever.

    Really? Elizabeth doesn't know Jason? But ofcourse, that fits neatly into the agenda biased writing that Jason and Sam are meant to be and nothing or no one else fits into his life.

    Lisa, I also agree with your assessment of Monica, she has been made to be weak and an enabler of his mob connection & sudden Sam support

  6. karen alfred here. Did you read coggies gh gossip thre is a rumor going around that wolfe is either gone or going since he can't or hasn't impressed the stars and big wigs of gh. Also checkout the fourth or fifth paragraph of here gh gossip column any idea who they are talking about how was the hurricane.

  7. I haven't watched yet today. Based on everybody's comments, can't say I'm looking forward to it...

    Poor Monica. Gone all this time and this is what they bring her back for? If Sam and Jason have a baby it better be DAMN CUTE and Monica BETTER get to be a grandmother!

    I also read somewhere that Garin Wolf is out- can't remember where. Not sure what that's going to mean if it's true. I have to say, I'm not terribly impressed with him thus far, though he is an improvement over Guza.

    And COMPLETELY off topic with today's episode, but I just have to put this out there- I think it would be really great to put Liz and Dante together. They're both totally self righteous, and practically made for eachother. I think they would be super hot together AND as an added bonus, it would make Lulu's freakin' head explode, and I would pay to see that.

  8. Hey all on type in General Hospital and look what it says under production summary it has the times when the show may move to as well as Katie's time not sure if this has been discussed.

  9. Anon #8, I don't think that is true. Here in NYC ABC airs Good Morning America at 8 and Live with Regis and Kelly at 9. I don't think either of those will be replaced by GH or Katie Couric.

  10. I cannot wait for the shake-ups coming to this show with some main actors leaving the show. This writing is nonsense, but I guess TPTB are happy with 5th place ratings or they don't care because the show will be cancelled.

  11. The only positive is bringing back q's to the show but other than that it seems that Frons/Guza agenda is still being pushed. Just shove jasam and the mob down their throats and they will like it!

  12. Maybe Garin is Guza, afterall, LOL :) .

  13. As long as the Frons agenda is at the forfront, this show will never improve.I hear his favorites from other soaps will be recasts on GH.

  14. They got rid of the liason fanbase and ratings with that.

  15. Although I agree that jason belongs with Sam, for the writers to suggest Liz doesn't know Jason is a crock of crap. Then they go and show a scene from about 10 years ago of Lixz & Jason showing them the way some of us fell in love with them (as friends). And for them to throw in a scene with Robin made no sense. They should have had Robin have a dream then.I yelled at my TV out loud when Liz said the words I guess i didn't know you at all. Liason fans know we won't get a reunion, but we deserve to be at the very least respected. Our couple can still have that friendship and connection. After all no one has even said anything about the accident. Remember Liz was in the other car, wouldn't she go visit Jason or have a conversation with Carly since she helped her that night, or talk to Sam about what happened, even Monica? Sorry but I have to agree that other than seeing the Q's this is more crappy writing. Please honor history. Respect the fan base. Doesn't mean we need a love triangle (although we would love it) we have accepted Jasam. Some of us still hate it but I myself am fine with it. Just don't have Jason & Liz barely speaking, ever. So stupid!

  16. LOVED the montage scenes.
    Who can't love stuff like that??

    The Q scene in the living room was priceless.

    Monica..(in defense) has no family left. She has to love Jason as he is, whether right or wrong. He is all she has left of her family. I can understand it. NOT that I like it, but I understand it.

    As far as Liz goes, I took away that he enjoyed her company. Nothing more. He didn't want to spend his life with her, or have children. I would rather have seen Liz's dream about Jason being a father to Jake, but, whatever.
    IMO they kicked Liz's past relationship with Jason to the curb.

  17. Loved the flashbacks! I agree that the few changes we see aren't really enough. We had a murder last week (Siobhan) but no follow up. Heaven forbid we should have some suspense or real drama. The continuity is terrible. Having Alan back was wonderful and seeing more Qs is great. And no Sonny yesterday.

  18. Jason loves Liz. He has always loved her , as rick realized and said to jason years ago. To my 2 cents: Jason didn't "just enjoy Liz's company, he loved her and asked her to marry him. Were it not for michael getting shot and sonny and Carly's selfishness he would be married to her. The writing and the lack of respect for what came well before sam came into the picture is nonsense. It makes sense though, that he would want to spend his life with a con like sam, someone who has never encouraged him to seek a better life.
    Anyway, I still congratulate jasammers on their upcoming wedding. Out of their story we will probably lose another beloved character soon.

  19. Anonymous...

    IMO Jason did not love Liz like a man should love a women to whom he wants to spend his life with.
    He only offered her marriage because she was pregnant.

    If you remember, he never could even keep a date with her.
    Or go to Paris with her.
    Kept standing her up.

    They were, at one time, very good friends. And once they 'crossed' the line of friendship, things changed between them.

    You are entitled to believe what you want. As am I.

    I am NOT a Sam fan.
    I just don't see at any point Jason being in love with Liz.
    I think the dream yesterday, pretty much clarified everything.

  20. I totally agree about this being agenda based writing. I hated the daydreams except for the brief part of Jason/Carly at Jake's before Michael showed up. As for the ratings, they have indeed gone down since JaSam became the it couple on GH. By the way, I am not a Liason fan. I just think that Liz/Jason is better than Sam/Jason. Personally I want Jarly together but don't trust the writers or TIIC.

  21. I want Jason for myself.
    Forget Sam. Or Liz. Or anyone.
    I want Jason.

    Too old to make a baby, so it would be a great match him & I!