Monday, August 22, 2011

Carol Burnett, BRAVO Drop and... it's MONDAY!!

TVGuide  has first photos of Ms Burnett reprising her role as Verla Grubbs. She'll be on the soap Sept early Sept! I can only hope for a Tarzan yell. 

Erroll Lewis from SON Dropped a bit of a bomb on twitter saying that BRAVO may be interested in AMC and OLTL. NICE--- can you even imagine Bravo Andy interviewing the soap stars? woot!! No idea how far this is--but I thought I'd let you know it's out there.  He's also reporting that there will be repeats on ABC for all soaps on Labor Day, Sept 5th.  If you want to find out the eppies that are airing, hit this LINK.

OLTL: Did you know it tied Y&R last week one day in ratings??? WOWZA --Trevor St. John is astounding, I loved his first scene with Tea. GREAT stuff.. I am so happy. I really hope they stay together... I know he's leaving but still. There's hope in my heart!! And stupid OLD FACE Todd has a gun? ;/. booo
Jack calls Todd Scar Face...heh. The "actor" Jack is so bad he just ruins the scenes.  I hate to say that about a kid but man, it's true.
KIMMY! KIMMY! KIMMY!! you know I was a HUGE Kimmy/Stacey fan! woot!  Wonder how Rama knows about the Painted Pony!! WHO'S IN THE BED??!! is it Stacey!!!? Gigi? WHAT!! Oh I love OLTL. Don't tell me... 
THEN OLD FACE stomps in with a gun.. ugh... way to kill the moment. Oh phew, he left.
Who else wanted Jess to just rip Ford's shirt right off? GO For it!! 
another stellar OLTL!!

news break for Libya...wish it was during GH.. that's all. 

Oh please don't bore me to tears, thank you. 

Jax is alive and all wet... Robin is pissed at Sonny...Skye has on the same dress as 66 days running. NOTE: It's night where Skye/Jax are..and Day where Shawn/Carly are.

Carly has to come in yappin' it up. I used to LOVE Carly and her crazy yawn (insert earplugs)  Carly actually proved/said Jax's point right to Sonny. Lord.

AZ AND Siobhan... "Last Dance" Why didn't Siobhan scream her face off? LOL Oh wow, So, AZ likes L&L2-- love it. He's so hooked up with Helena!! He says he'll kill Lucky "one pill at a tiem" Bye Bye Siobhan...Liz had a giant nursing FAIL JUST THEN..ahaha. whoops. Poor Lucky, talking to her, not realizing she's as dead as a doornail.

MAXIE and Lucky are all kinds of CUTENESS together!! LOL  Spin's in a dumpster. heh.. okay. With FLOUR on his face. This needs to stop soon, I'm saying.

Line o the day: LMFAO "morgan's cyber pet.....spinelli"



sonya said...


I wish Jack would stop calling Todd, scarface!!! *cringing* Jack stop doing that you jackass!!!


Robin and Sonny: WOW!!! Great scene! She was so angry with him!!!! I like!!! Gee Sonny first thing you do when you walk up to her, is about Jason? Not I'm sorry for what I did to you Robin? You should have said I'm here to see how Jason is doing and I wanted to see how you were. I'm sorry I shot you. Robin is right! Sonny's humanity is gone!!!

Carly and Sonny: WOOOOWEEEEE What a great scene! She told him off really well! :) She says you are a monster and I created you. :) Love the scene!!!

Carly and Shawn: Oh kiss already. :)

Skye and Jax: Wow she scared him! He jumped! H don't want anybody to know he is alive! He don't trust anybody!!! Not even Carly! So the money Jax helped Skye get she couldn't keep it! The government took it back! Interesting.

Shivon and Papa Z: Delicious!!! :) He talks to her about all kinds of things including how Lucky and Liz are ment to be and he wants to help! ROFL! But he also wants to kill Lucky! ROFL!

Lucky, Maxie, and Spinny: I don't know what the hell happened! Breaking news hit about Libya. All I saw was the baker from the bakery from the bake shop is ticked off. Spinny has frosting on himself! ROFL! Maxie is trying to make Lucky understand that Spinny is sick. Maxie is cute with her outfit and her hair. :)

Shivon and Lucky: He talks to her and realizes something is wrong!! He is upset and tells Liz to go get help! But after he says that, she is STILL standing there! UH HELLO LIZ YOU ARE A NURSE GO GET HELP!

Sonny: He is at the church's chapel saying the Lord's prayer. I wonder what Sonny is thinking right now.

Hope said...

various thoughts and a couple tunes going thru my mind as I read Sonya,
Liz standing in the doorway thinking, Oh crap! I bet I get blamed for this.....
Sonny humming, Going to the chapel....
AZ humming Crazy.....
Shawn to Carly, gimme me a little kiss ,(for you younger readers, thats a really old song!!
Robin & Carly in harmony to Sonny...hit the road Jack! :O)

as for Jack, I wish they would use some of that brain washing on him.....

sonya said...

Hope hahaha great song choices. :)

Lori said...


sonya said...

I know what Siobhan wrote on that pillow!!!



carrie said...

Yes GH was a yawn today..and how dumb was Siobhan..I would have been yelling or at least trying to in her situation. Months ago I liked her character...but after Liz got hired back they wrote the life out of her character. Today I was just saying oh hurry up and kill her and get the scene over with please.

kdmask said...

that pillow case is going to be SUCH A let down LOL I just know it!

Anonymous said...

Which "Crazy"? the Patsy Cline one or the Gnarls Barkley?
I've been thinking that this version of GH is still really dark. The Siobhan death scene was just sick.

Anonymous said...

I have read in the Wikipedia that, Lucy is set to return to GH in the fall, in September. Not sure how true it is,but thats what i read.Just wanted to pass this on.

Shirleedee said...

Carrie, I so agree, I would have been yelling my head off. That scene was just awful.

AntJoan said...


Re Siobhan, I also was thinking: Scream, scream, what the hell is wrong with you? She used to be so spirited, now she just laid there and died because the writers want her dead, what a sad end to a formerly spunky character!

It's like they let the air out of her slowly, so she just deflated at the end. What a great decision for her to move to PC!! First, she runs into a burning house set on fire by her loving husband, then almost dies in brain surgery with the incorrect meds, falls down the stairs, is in a car wreck where she is not wearing a seatbelt, then smothered to death by AZ, they turned her into a punching bag, I hope this is not a preview of how the new writers treat women characters.

Hope said...

Which "Crazy"? the Patsy Cline one or the Gnarls Barkley?

Patsy Cline, I never heard of the other group!!!!

mindymoe said...

Did you read the Sarah Michelle Gellar interview in SOD? She admits to not really watching much AMC lately, because she is more into OLTL! LOVE IT!

LindaV said...

Hope, Gnarls Barkley is the group that Cee Lo Green came from.

Loved seeing Robin and Carly give it to Sonny. He so deserved that. I agree it was ridculous that Siobhan didn't scream and of course no one was around to see Anthony sneak into her room. I noticed they used the opening with Brenda (VMG) in it - probably someone goofed.

Megan said...

I so agree - Come back Lucy!

Anonymous said...

Wheres Karen today Tuesday no scoops or anything?

Mamaspat Ole said...

I thought the same thing Karen you ok?????

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