Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bye Bye Dorian.. sniff...Wed. Soap-Tacular

Oh the party for Dorian was so cool..all the Cramer women!! ADDIE was there!! The scrapbook and giggles. ahhhhhh. Addie loves to text.. 
I think Robin Strasser really was sad in those scenes!! "I've never been prouder in my entire life"!
David to Kimmy: "I didn't think you'd show your cleavage in this town again"!! ahaha
AND RENEE was even on talking to BO!
Rex and Clint doing the "Asa Tribute"-and BO walks in! He even drank!! yeah!!
"Don't panic, I brought the Bourbon....uh, don't panic, I brought the photo"!!
NOSTALGIA day galore. wow. Just wow. Even Joey didn't skeeve me out today, although I would have LOVED for Nathan Fillion to have filled in heh. 

Dorian "We owe it to ourselves and OUR AUDIENCE -- to take care of ourselves"!! 
AH... I think Kassie was really crying saying goodbye to Robin!! gah! *sniff* 
TOMORROW will be Dorian/Viki goodbye!!! 

GENERAL HOSPITAL:  When's the LAST TIME GH did anything to send their people away or say goodbye? Uh.. hmmmm. Ric and the elevator exit?? Ummm, Nik and his angst filled "Greek Isle" thing?? Audrey's big party? Nope. GH just lets people fade away or kills them. 

Spinelli.. I needed closed captioning for this today it was driving me insane. Bradford did a great job with the lines about not being able to go through heartache again. He was awesome. 

HELLO editing!'s still the same night, and yet some people have changed clothes, Michael/Abby are back, in the OFFICE, all dressed. 

Olivia is wandering around with coffee, (changed clothes) in the middle of the night? I am so confused. It's just sloppy.
I thought AZ called Johnny "Jeremy"-- ????? I even rewound it and it sounded just like Jeremy! 

Tracy and Skye do save the show, but they need them to change clothes so the block taping is not to stupidly obvious. Asher was on with spiffy shoes that was fun. They have to be a clue. Were they Vuitton??They showed the bottom TWICE. hmmmm  I thought Tracy heard him on the phone but I guess not.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. it's only 3:19 lol They could have at least shown Georgie flashbacks. zzzzzzzzzzz

Did you catch the Johnny/Abby scene? Was that a literal "run in" LOL I'm calling them JoBner 

I still think Olivia and Sonny would be hot. She'd be a mob wife--with a heart. Mo and she have great chem. I'm just saying-- if I can't have JoLivia then hell. I just am not a Stevia fan. He's too boring for her.
Carly had to come on around 3:40--thought I'd be without her yelling face today. 

Cupcakes, they looked yummy! Are you vanilla or chocolate? I am a lemon!!

congrats to Greg Vaughn! He and his wife are expecting baby number 3!! Take a gander at SOD for details


  1. I'm sorry but GH is boring. Please show monica. This drug story with AZ is not interesting. Spinelli is not funny anymore but annoying.

  2. even tho not a big Dorian fan I got a bit choked up today when she was saying all that stuff. I felt her real emotions showing thru, all of the Kramer women,
    isnt Viki cute when she's mad?
    I thought the cup cakes were the best part of GH today.......

  3. Karen Alfred here couple of questions how long is Lisa Brown going to be in the opening credits she was gone before Brenda wasn't she. Also why isn't Luke back is he not coming back until October. Any twitter hits on LH in other answer.

  4. Alfred, I forgot the question! LOL I'll have to look back.
    TG is taping again when the studio re-opens-- like Sept 10th or something? Not sure, ergo his stuff won't air for a bit. They are NOT TAPING FOR 3 weeks now! WOW.
    The credits are weird. You know they didn't update for 2 years when Sarah Brown was there.

  5. ALFRED, check it out, it's gone from Wiki now!! LOL

  6. Class. That is what the writers on OLTL have. And that is what GH is missing.

    Never a big Dorian Fan, but today was very well done. I haven't seen anything like that on GH in over a decade.

  7. Abby, Michael, and Sonny: Oh dear!!!! Abby you are not getting through to Michael OR Sonny! Give up! Dump Michael!

    Michael, Sonny, and Carly: Carly asks Michael what if Jax is dead? Michael says he had it coming!!!! Jax was a threat!!! WAAAAAAAAAAA?!!?!! MICHAEL JAX IS YOUR STEPFATHER WHAT THE HELL?!!?!! I can't believe Michael said that!!! Yeah dump his ass Abby! I wish Abby would have heard him!!!! I don't like Michael anymore and that is sad. Headwriter Wolfie do something! Redeem Michael fast!!!!

    Jackal and Maxie: This is so sad!!!! Jackal doesn't want to lose anybody he loves again!!! :( He wants Maxie to leave him alone. :( Jackal is all alone and leaves a cupcake on Georgie's grave. :( I thought he was going to talk and have his normal voice but he didn't talk.

    Johnny and Abby: Hmmm chem test? :) She is upset about Michael. WOAH THEY EAT CUPCAKES!!!!!! :)

    Dante and Olivia: Olivia thinks Dante is perfect. Awwww Olivia. :) But she does bring up Dante's laundry ROFL!

    Papa Z and Skye: I thought Skye was going to throw the flashdrive in the water but she didn't! She does NOT want Papa Z to hurt Edward. He promises but she don't trust him. :) Good Skye DON'T! :)

  8. Karen,
    We need to remind people that western NY (Buffalo/Rochester), despite what GH's writers think, is nowhere near New York City. I'm in a Buffalo suburb and didn't even feel the earthquake.
    I know you're probably tired of this question but have you heard anything about Sonny going away?


  9. Could Georgie be alive?

  10. Georgie the Lady in White?

  11. Dar,

    What Buffalo suburb do you live in? I grew up in Buffalo, and it annoys me no end that they act like they can take a trip to "Manhattan" in the evening, it is about 8 hours away by car.

  12. Glad your ok Karen,and hope you and your son had a nice time on his birthday. Love everything you do. And HAPPY early Birthday.,

  13. AntJoan,
    I'm in Kenmore. I also think it's funny that people hang out on the waterfront in mid-winter. It's so bitter cold and windy (as you know) that these people would be dead in minutes. And my favorite is the illusion that it's a hop, skip and a jump to Quebec. Although they haven't used that one lately!
    Where do you live now?


  14. Get a load of these ratings, this year vs last year ... i'm no network exec but i can tell which one is the winner. Can you?

    Total Viewers – Full Daytime
    comparison week-to-week/year-to-year for the week of August 8-12, 2011:

    1. The Price is Right 2 (CBS) 4,621,000 (TBD /-512,000)
    2. The Young and the Restless (CBS) 4,587,000 (-162,000/-448,000)
    3. The Price is Right 1 (CBS) 3,965,000 (TBD /-171,000)
    4. The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS) 2,946,000 (-161,000/-358,000)
    5. One Life to Live (ABC) 2,888,000 (-24,000/+641,000)
    6. The View (ABC) 2,729,000 (TBD /+87,000)
    7. General Hospital (ABC) 2,573,000 (+69,000/+25,000)
    8. All My Children (ABC) 2,552,000 (+42,000/+94,000)
    9. Let’s Make a Deal 2 (CBS) 2,428,000 (TBD /-48,000)
    10. Days of our Lives (NBC) 2,349,000 (+37,000/-145,000)
    11. Let’s Make a Deal 1 (CBS) 2,100,00 ( /-7,000)
    12. The Talk (CBS) 2,023,000 (TBD / N/A)

  15. Help me out guys. For a couple weeks now I've been trying to remember a GH storyline from the mid 80's that dealt with a kidnapping by a guy w/ messy hair of a young woman and he took her into the sewers of Port Chuck? If I remember correctly she ended up falling for him and he escaped or something. I remember watching this when I was a girl and thinking how romantic it was! It shaped my modern day love of the bad boy.

  16. Georgies name sure is being bandied about. Could she be alive?

  17. JPink maybe Frisco and Felicia?

  18. Dar,

    I live in Brooklyn, NY, which really is close to Manhattan!!

    When I lived in Buffalo, we went to Niagara Falls a lot, but Quebec is far away, as you know.

    I remember Kenmore very well, I grew up in West Buffalo, near Milliard Fillmore Hospital.

  19. AntJoan,
    It's sad that the State is closing Millard Fillmore Hospital. They claim Erie County has excess hospital beds.

  20. GREAT article!!
    Could not agree more with what was written.

    So many 'holes' in this new writers writing.
    Disapointing as I for one was looking forward for a big GH change.

    With the exception of Monica returning, what has changed?
    Spinelli is unwatchable.
    How many head injuries can Jason have in a lifetime??
    Liz & Lucky can't 'lead' in a story. It is falling flat.
    Sonny, who I always liked, I feel like I need a shower after watching him lately. If viewers hated him in the past, I can only imagine there distaste for him now.
    Where is Alexis?? Does she know her bff is MIA?? (Supposingly)
    Does she read the newspapers??
    Michael's character is sad.
    So much potential wasted.

    GH needs to get their act together, or they will be following AMC/OLTL to PP sooner than later.

    As far as OLTL on Wednesday, brilliant.
    How could it not be? We had the best of the best on.
    Renee, Clint, Vicki, Bo, Dorian, David, Addie.
    Kimmie is back!

    I expect hankies today when this legend of daytime says good bye to Victoria.

  21. Sonny or Michael: Which character is the most detestable? For me, it's usually Sonny. He is selfish, self-centered, incapable of remorse, immoral, sociopathic, and, (although I may be in the minority here), a HORRIBLE father. On Wednesday, Michael may have removed Sonny from the top spot. It's OK to stand by his dad but his "Jax had it coming" statement was loathsome. Silver lining...although they are annoying, repulsive characters, at least they are fictional characters.

  22. Diana....I enjoyed watching MB as Sonny in the past. His acting was 'over the top'.
    What happened?? He can't even get me excited to listen to his lines anymore.
    And Michael.....OMG...put him in a cellar for 10 years.
    Like Abbey or not, she is too good for him.

  23. I thought Spinelli and Maxie were both wonderful.

    I'm so sick of Off-his-meds-Sonny who sits in a chapel to talk to God - I FF sonny these days. Is it going to take an Over-the-top-Michael becoming a HitMan for Sonny to learn anything at all?

  24. How many times can Sonny go to a Chapel?? Isn't the 'man above' sick of seeing him there as well?

  25. Not a big Sonny FanAugust 25, 2011 at 2:03 PM

    Sonny in the Chapel=Hypocracy at its best. Didn't he ask for forgiveness because his anger got the best of him? Then, being the "good dad" that he is, told Michael what happened, never amitting guilt or remorse, and leaving out inconvenient details like shooting AT Jax in Robin's house after Jax gave back Joss. I guess confessing means admitting your sins and asking for forgivness so you can continue to do the same wrong things over and over again. YIKES...Why do people (characters and fans) try to redeem this guy! Very bad character character growth.

  26. Stupid shavagn is the lady in white. Bah humbug.