Tuesday, August 9, 2011

'They Look Like Something The Cat Threw-Up"

 She's the Wheat Thins lady!!

Awww.  Dixie was so awesome on AMC--- looked a little like Reba with that hair, I think. How did it get cut in the clinic!!? Kendal..do you own a pair of dang shorts? Capris?? Opal had on some swami get-up lol.  It was a great show today. That little Kathy looked JUST like Dixie!! So many people on Twitter didn't know who Sandy Duncan was!! GOD!! am I THAT OLD?? I mention her for her Peter Pan and haircut (Dixie looks like her  right  now). So many people were like WHO? HUH? WHA? 


OLTL: dang, who is that ladies voice??
LOVED David and Matt-- LOL. Talking about Harrison Ford. 
David to Matthew: "They look like something the cat threw up. Speaking of...Blair says Hi !!"OK, So who is the Mystery Lady?? Hmmmm, maybe Todd's mama-- she's also Tina's mama too.  Irene Manning?? Don't tell me!! I want it to be Mitch Lawrence after gender-reassignment. hee hee.  JACK even talked about CLones and hearing about one in "Springfield" (who was  Echo on her old show!!) Oh,  OLTL you are too much! LOL
So, like we said, Todds must be twins...that explains one thing, but not the memories. 
Nora found out she's gonna be a grannie!!! 
LOVED Todd and Vicky--either Todd. 
OH! SPOILER: IT was IRENE  Manning!!! She was Vicky's roomie, got pregnant by Vicki's father--had Todd and Tina (not at the same time). Todd hated Tina and vise versa.

GH: I have SO MISSED MONICA!!  She was  just fitting right in, wasn't she?? She was so needed in this show!!  

Uh, I didn't miss Abner and Michael-- ugh.....zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Michael looks like he's about 16  in those scenes, imo. OMG-- OH MY GOD-- Michael bought ABBY A DAMN DRESS!! WHAT!! Thank GOD she hated it... heh. Good for her!! Michael said "I shouldn't have taken you off the poll" Good Lord. Then he compares  Jax's corporate raiding is like mob activity. Even brought up blood diamonds. Oooooooo Cold. Then Abby caves and puts the stupid dress on!! boo hiss.

"Give me the freakin' keys to that car" says Olivia to Dante heh... And she goes and blabs to Sonny. I guess since Jax is leaving she has to be Carly's friend now?? Sonny lost it or what?
Now way would Jax be driving around NOT in an all wheel drive car!!
Did you love  Joss saying "Rain"!! 

Loved Mercedes! She and Johnny might be awesome. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

Epiphany should have clocked Carly with the clip board! LOL... her wrist looked horrible btw. Eww, nice make up job.  Sam and  Monica looked at her like she was an idiot. 
"Did you EVEN GO HOME before you went CRYING TO JASON??" Oh Sam we all said the same damn thing! 
Sonny bursts  in with his giant gun blazing to Edward/Skye's room Geesh..  He called Jax "Candy Boy"---ahhhhhhh, the old WUBS days. *sigh*

Don't want to deal with Shawn but I liked the border collie!!

"GO SAM" was trending on twitter today!!


Anonymous said...

Well I must be starting a new trend because all I could think of was "Get Lost Sam." Besides I HATE her character.

Frisco said...

OMG, not only does GH now have more extras on set they actually even had a real live dog on today? When is the last time we saw a real animal on the show? When Lucky and Emily were children with pet dogs?

CD should have got a spray tan before doing his shirtless scene.

Love Monica, Edward and Epiphany getting more screen time but where has Tracy and Helena disappeared?

I love the way they are now writing for Abby, Matt, Sonny and Carly. Making Abby and Matt much more likable and finally showing Carly and Sonny for their selfish selves.

Olivia had some great lines to Sonny: "You don't own Brenda".

I could keep going and going the changes to this show are so great...

Anonymous said...

Was the dress Michael gave Abby the same one Maya wore in Vegas?

sonya said...

Theme for the show today is assertive women who tell people off!

Michael and Abby: Eww Michael eww! Stop acting like your father! And ewww a dress! Yeah Abby tell him off!!!! Great scene!!! Altho I hate the end when she wore the dress! Yuck!

Carly: She is so desperate to find her daughter I love it!!

Carly and Sam: Yeah Sam tell her off!!! Carly Sam HAS lost a daughter!! I wish Sam would have reminded Carly of that but ah well. Great scene. :)

Dante and Olivia: Great scene! Arguing over the car! Olivia says give me the freakin keys! ROFL! That made me laugh hard. :)

Sonny and Olivia: Olivia told him off too YEAH!!! Altho Sonny? Stop calling Joss Carly's child!! Joss has a father and his name is JAX!

Jax and Joss: I love that he was talking to her in the car. I love how the camera pans outside to the car so that Jax could get Joss out.

Skye and Edward: Oh no what's wrong with Edward? :( Oh wait he was faking okay. Oh wait maybe not! Is he faking or not? :)

Liz, Matt, and Steve: I like how assertive she was with both of the men. And she knows where Lucky is!!!

Shawn: Dude! Snap out of it and go find Jax! :)

A dog: What?!?!!?! A dog?!!?!! KAREN A DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh what's the dog's name?! Who's dog does it belong to?! Will the dog have a storyline?! Will we see he or she again?!!?!?!!?!?! Will Shawn adopt the dog?!!?! A DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) *jumps up and down* Sorry I am just excited. :)

Thank you headwriter Wolfie for the strong women today AND for the doggie!!!!!!! :)

david said...

Only have a one word comment about today's show and it is something I said out loud to the television:


mosbp2003 said...

Sonya you abolutely crack me up!

I can't comment on GH- didn't watch it and still have no intention of coming back...

OLTL however was unbelievably good again! I laughed out loud at the Blair comment, and David saying that he would have to rely on his good looks until his "late 30's"!

sonya said...

mosbp2003 hahaha glad I made you laugh. :) Oh you gotta watch the end of the show today and see that dog!!! :) I wonder if the doggie can have a lovestory. :) Can Lucky adopt the doggie? :)

Anonymous said...

Now here's the Sam I love! I hope she stays. Loved when Sam finally told her off! Sorry I have been tired of the character of Carly for a very long time. I like Laura...but I get so tired of Carly shrieking around town at everyone besides sonny and Jason. Glad it was Sam that did it..wish Liz would tell her off too for being ungrateful.

Hope said...

Can Lucky adopt the doggie? :)
YES! and name it Foster 2!!

bumchickabowbow said...

Today rocked. I actually liked Sam today (haven't in a long time). So GW comes in and FINALLY has someone tell Carly exactly what she needs to hear.

I Loved Monica and Sam supporting each other...

OLTL makes me quiver!

lisa said...

I dislike Carly and Sam. I was glad Carly was told off but I wish monica delivered it. Monica saying to Carly that we can't compare notes on loss was priceless.
Liz needs to rip Carly a knew one for her blatant disrespect.
Jason's stupidity over continuing his friendship with Carly is his blindspot. Carly is a user and he is the robot she can control to do her bidding.
Monica, you are right to not accept jason's way of life! I'm sick of hearing that sam accepts him for who he is crap. He is a criminal. No mother in her right mind would want her son to go down that path. Kudos Monica, for having a spine to go against jason's choices!!!

sonya said...

Hope haha yeah! Foster 2! :)

bumchickabowbow OLTL makes you quiver in a good way or a bad way? :)

bumchickabowbow said...

@Sonya...in the BEST way ever!

Di said...

I almost turned it off today when Michael started with his "real man" talk. He's a teenaged kid for heavens sakes. And I was so mad when Abby caved in and put the dress on.

I loved having Monica back too. I'm still hoping Jason wakes up a Quartermain again, for no other reason than the fact that Carlie and Sonny didn't seem to give a hoot about how badly hurt he was and he is always there for them, at their beck and call, like a faithful lap dog. I really want them to lose him, but not to death - to a rebirth!

Sonny has lost the plot. His true nature is coming out for sure.As is Carley's. I was so glad when Sam slapped her. Saying something like that to a woman who's lost a child is unforgivable.

david said...

Sandy Duncan was also in the Hogan Family after Valerie Harper left.

And yes Karen, true to our ages, I know Sandy primarily from Peter Pan

Aubrey said...

I almost turned it off when Michael gave Abby a dress. But, I kept it on and was pleasantly surprised.

The minute Carly said you don't know what its like to lose a child...I would have beat the crap out of her if I were Sam. I've never been a huge fan if the character of Sam, but when she lost that baby you couldn't help but love her. I agree, today's Sam is one I can get on board with!

Still have a way to go, and I HATE what they have done to Jax & Sonny...but so far I'm loving Garin Wolf!

Rita Pita said...

Go Sam! Go Sam! You're my new heroine! Just one extra line from Liz about donating Jake's kidney would have made it absolute perfection.

Who can blame Sam for wanting Jason the way he was. She is his match (kills me to admit as a Liason fan) but she also doesn't have the morals to be able to say she doesn't accept that lifestyle. None of us would want our fiance's to change their entire personality. I think it would be fun, if he woke up his old self but still knew he loved Sam.

kdmask said...

The last dog was actually when Brenda was in Rome--there was that St. Bernard doggie in the elevator, remember??

Anonymous said...

I liked monica saying she has never been able to accept jason as is. It's one thing to accept a person's flaws but it's quite another to accept a poor career choice ( part of the mob ). I agree that you want more for your child than that and , if you love them, you wouldn't not be an enabler.Sonny took advantage of jason's memory loss.

sonya said...

Oh yeah Karen! The St. Bernard doggie that was with Brenda in that elevator! I forgot about that!!! :) She almost tripped over that doggie haha!

dudeitsstar said...

That was the most well deserving slap ever!!!
GO SAM!!!!!

I hate Carly ):

JPink said...

Once again Roger Howarth is making me fall for him. I have missed his Todd terribly. The ultimate bad-boy that needs to be saved from himself. He makes me swoon. :)

Anonymous said...

There is not much to say about sonny except he is cartoonish, and ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

There is not much to say about sonny except he is cartoonish, and ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

i am in no way a Sam fan, but seeing her yell at Carly and then slap her made me so happy.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE SAM!! And love her with Monica!!

Liz is guilty as sin of at least causing the accident, driving with a passenger who isn't wearing a seatbelt and stealing drugs.

Anonymous said...

I was a little bummed about Sam's slap.

I wish she would have hauled off and punched Carly's lights out, like when Robin hauled off and punched crazy Lisa. A punch always beats a slap.

I can't believe Michael told Abby that he shouldn't have gotten her off that pole. He's a stupid, whiny, selfish brat. So basically he's just like Sonny and Carly.

Shirleedee said...

I knew the dress Michael bought Abby looked familiar, Anon. I just couldn't place it. Once you mentioned it I remembered it was Maya's dress from Las Vegas. I really do think it was a bit gross to recycle that dress if Michael was supposed to be doing a Sonny imitation.

Jen said...

I say why tease Liason fans. Most of us have gotten over the sting of everything. He's going to create mayhem by throwing us a bone.

Jen said...

Anon 10:55: REALLY? What person wouldn't do what they had to in order to save the ones they love(I.e. steal drugs to counteract the others). Do we really need to stoop to your level and bring up all the illegal things Sam, Jason & Carly have done? Like covering up a murder? This is how things get started by saying stupid things like that. You don't have to like Liz. But no need to trash her just because you like Sam. Some of us like them both for different reasons. It's called maturity and appreciation of our GH actors. Please grow up and stop hiding behind a anonymous name!

lisa said...

GH is 5th in the ratings. Garin needs to pick it up . I am happy to see monica and Q's but lets get rid of sonny,carly, and michael and abby. Less corinthos clan. Give Liz a new story. More than 100 000 people tuned out.

Rhonda said...

I so agree about Michael & Abby Lisa. BORING. Not interesting. Blech. Carly & Sonny goes without saying, we're so over them. Yay for SAM! Please continue today and whip Carly's a$$.

Hope said...

I have to get in on this, Sam, who is apparently now Miss Candonowrongnever did, slapped a woman who has a broken wrist, an apparent concussion and is hysterical over not knowing where her child is!
Pif has let Carly wait way too long for some medical attention and should be reported!
I dont care if Carly is awful or wonderful, she does not deserve this kind of treatment........

LindaV said...

Carly should have waited for a doctor instead of running around like a lunatic. Sam was so right - if she had gone home to Joss instead of going to Jason she could have prevented all of this. Not a Sam fan but loved her having some backbone, expecially with Monica there, who knows what a trainwreck Carly is. Steve, Matt and Patrick have become such an adorable team of docs. I hope GW reconsiders keeping Jason Cook, since we have heard rumors that he will be leaving. Joss is such a natural. I felt bad when she was in the middle of Jax and Sean arguing. I don't think that is really great for a child that young and I don't believe she can understand make believe.

sonya said...

bumchickabowbow yeah OLTL has been AWESOME!!! :)

My2Cents2 said...

Eph...needs to keep her mouth shut. Tired of her.
If a patient wants to leave a hospital they have that right.
As far as the 'cat fight' I LOVED it!!!!(I live for those scenes)

The dog. Why did I think that dog belongs to Robin? Whoever the dog belongs to, will lead Shawn to Jossie..you just wait!!

Liz...don't get me started on her.
Since I am new here,don't want to make enemies!

Michael & Abby need to break up.
I see chemistry with her and Johnny. Abby has a past, which might fit in good with Johnny's lifestyle rather than Michael. Just thinking....

Favorite scene was definately Monica starting to cry and Sam reaching out to her.

My2Cents2 said...

OLTL question.
Was Irene Manning on the show at one time years ago??
How did she 'supposingly' die??

Any thoughts of what the deal is with the 'twins'??

Anonymous said...

Kinda wish Carly's wrist wasn't broke then we could have seen a real fight because Caroline would have came out....lol!!!


My2Cents2 said...

Caroline Roberts!!!

First she should have handled Eph..

kdmask said...

Irene was on the show in the late 70's for a bit, then she was really sick and I think she died of cancer??? I can't remember.

My2Cents2 said...

70's I was in high school..that was so many years ago...but thank you for the information.
Haven't watched yet today, however this storyline is kind of strange!

Anonymous said...


My2Cents2 said...


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