Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sorry, Sorry, So Sorry!!

Yesterday was my "little" brother's bday and I decided to hop in the car and surprise him in Buffalo... I didn't get time to get something up about the soaps. Whoops. 

Were they good?? I have OLTL on my DVR-- I have to watch later. I figure I knew what was happening on GH, so-- nothing HUGE there.

NOTE: I've heard from several people there are big cast changes coming soon, so hold on to your seats and we'll see how it pans out.  I'll keep you posted, well unless I shuffle off to Buffalo again. LOL.


  1. Glad you checked in, thought maybe the earthquake got you.....

  2. I realized people thought that when I looked at twitter!!LOL.. I didn't even know about it until way later. I wasn't on the computer in my usual obsessive self yesterday.

  3. Karen - I thought perhaps your power was knocked out with the earthquake.

    The show yesterday was okay but still a little slow moving for my liking. A decent scene between Liz and Steve. I am getting tired of seeing Lucky with red eyes and/or crying....someone get that boy some visine already. I don't like Spinelli but if it means seeing Maxie then I can tolerate it. I kind of wanted Mac to just happen to be visitng Georgie's grave at the same time so he could comfort Maxie. I really wanted Jax to reveal himself to Carly. The bright spot - Mabby is over!!!!

    I posted something in an earlier posting about the new cop "Delores" that I want to repeat in case you did not see it. How great would it be if Delores turned out to be Anna's daughter? They look somewhat alike. Robin could have another sister (I count Maxie as her sister already). And just perhaps Delores could also be Robert's daughter...we could use a good cop with Devane and Scorpio genes!!!

    I just PRAY that Delores BUSTS Sonny as opposed to him BEDDING her.

  4. rumor on soapzone saying to main characters leaving jj and kemo.

  5. Karen Alfred here do you know or have you heard anything about Lynn Herring coming back in September supposedly somebody read it on wikipedia that she was.

  6. You may have to watch yesterday's shows on Hulu or ABC.COM. NYC news pre-empted most of OLTL and all of GH to cover the earthquake.

  7. Alfred, I'd LOVE for Lynn to come back!! Wiki is so wacky for real info..maybe I'll tweet it and see what comes up!

    Frisco..Oh, the grave scene, did Spinelli SNAP BACK to his real self?? PLEASE???????? tell me yes.

  8. He didn't snap back and oh how I wish he would! You could see some looks of recognition on his face so hopefully soon. I was watching some youtube vids of Spinelli's first appearance on GH... so funny! He was written as a surfer, stoner type dude at first w/ a lot of attitude. I kind of wish he'd stayed that way. :(

  9. Karen. Is that Grant Putnam in your picture collage? Why is it I remember the name/face, but no story lines...can anyone help me out?

  10. Oh there you are Karen!!! *BEARHUGS* :) So you didn't feel the earthquake? I didn't! GH was pretty good yesterday. I'll help a bit.

    Skye: She takes money from the ELQ safe!!! Why Skye? She tells the picture of Edward on the safe, that it's for a good cause and that she will pay him back. Hmm well okay. :) Oh there is Michael and Abby! Skye tells them about the car accident.

    Carly and Shawn: Carly prays for Jax. She wants him to be okay! Shawn comes down and they talk about Sonny! Jax's face! He overhears everything! Carly even talks about the boat that Jax bought and named after her. Jax smiles. Oh come on Jax show yourself to Carly! :(

    Jax and Skye: Skye gave Jax the money. Jax is leaving. Aww Jax. :( Go see your daughter! Go sneak in and see her! :) I want a Jax and Joss scene! Skye talks about how they couldn't work it out back then. Well that is cus Jax was in love with Brenda! :)

    Shivon's room: Liz is STILL just standing there! DAMN! MOVE LIZ! Steve goes in and tries to revive her but no cigar! Wait Steve you forgot to say time of death! Steve accuses Liz! Hey Steve cut it out!! He apologized later. Lucky is there all alone with her. He listens to her last message on his phone. LUCKY go see the pillow on the floor!!! It says REDRUM! ROFL! Well if it doesn't say that? It's still REDRUM!!! Has anybody seen the shining? ROFL!

    Maxie and Jackal: They are at Georgie's grave. :( I can see a little bit of Spinny in his face!!! Come on Spinny!!! Come out!!! Oh the Jackal remembers Maxie's heart problem!

    Sonny and Michael: BAH!!! Sonny JUST prayed in the chapel! And what do they do? Sonny and Michael go back in the hospital chapel and they talk about Jax and the plane!!! Michael thinks it's okay what Sonny did!!! So inappropriate talking in the chapel! Go in Sonny's office!!!

    Abby and Michael: I wouldn't blame Abby if she breaks up with Michael because he thinks what Sonny did was okay. I would break up with Michael.

  11. Glad all is good in your neck o' the woods, Karen.

    Sonya, I cracked up laughing when you were talking about the pillow! Redrum.... classic. I was wondering if IrishGirlWhoseNameICantPronounceOrSpell tried to scribble AZ's name and somehow she only manages to draw/write/scratch the letter "Z" and being GH and all, the police automatically point the finger at LiZ. And that will be all the evidence they need to throw her in jail because, well, this is GH. They love to humiliate and screech at Liz.

    That turned into a mini-rant. Woopsie.

  12. Actually it really wasn't a mini rant because I erred on the side of caution today and deleted the last few paragraphs.

    *pats self on back* ;-)

  13. Bren said...

    Sonya, I cracked up laughing when you were talking about the pillow! Redrum.... classic.
    Hahahaha yeah classic! :)

    Hahaha I can't spell her name either! The only way I would get her name right, is if I copy and paste her name that I see somewhere. :) Like for example, here! :) And yeah I can see her write Z and it automatically points the finger at Liz! Hell her own brother is accusing her!

  14. Nurse-of-the-year Liz didn't even realize Siobhan's monitors were turned off and did NOTHING to help her when Lucky found out se was dead and still did NOTHING to help Steve. And considering what she did in the operating room, and then the night Siobhan fell and then had the accident... I can't blame Steve.

  15. Why the writers had Liz just stare at Lucky and Steve is beyond me. this is exactly what Liz fans are talking about when they complain about how she is written. Plain stupid, IMO.

  16. i love that you included Manny in your collage. when he first came on GH, my uncle told me that he did one of the tattoos (I forget which one). He also tattooed someone on AMC back in the 90's, Jon Bon Jovi, Kid Rock, and Brett Micheals.

  17. The guy is definitely right, and there's no question.