Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'll Have A Coletini!!!

AMC was SOOOOOOOOOOO good today!!! Loved it. Angie needs to lose that horrific fuchsia  dress but hey. 

OLTL still rocking the house. LOVE the Irene Manning angle!! 
David: "Put a wire on me Paw...if I learned anything in Super Model Crime Club,  it was how to  sleuth"!! 
David Vickers is the best thing to happen to daytime  in forever.
What if.. Irene Manning was David Hayward's sister and they were both doing Project Orpheus?? Ah, nice..and then THEY WERE funded by the Cassadines!! Soap-Melding!!
Nora today was too much-- I GET her... but poor Destini.  What a hard thing. Amazing scenes. 

GENERAL HOSPITAL Carly's faces yesterday heh. Carly's arm was still not bandaged today heh. She could have used some of her giant booger dress and do it herself. heh

Geesh, those drugs in Lucky's system just last FOREVER !!! More flashbacks though yeah!

Loved the Alexis dress!! LOVED Them in Jake's..nice mention of the biker bar. "Coletini"!!  "How many beer cans does it take to make a Carat"?? ahahaha.  Diane wants to get into the wedding planning!

Coleman says "Kate and I are done...and I'm single and ready to mingle" ahahhaaa. 

Skye and Monica!!! Edward demanding to see Jason! Ah, old times, old times...Edward even kisses Monica's hand..awwwww. And then Edward and Jason ...and Sam/Edward!!

Oh crap-- Carly and Jason.. we GET it, Carly. We get it. YOU NEED Jason. ugh

SONNY is next to Badger BOB..right next to him!! LOL I know he did that on purpose!!

Steve and Olivia--at least they are putting them together a bit more than making out. 


Frisco said...

To borrow from Sonya, when Diane said "the girls are fine" and hoisted her chesticles...ROFL!!!

I did not understand the last scene where Monica was being a little harsh to Sam...they were bonding so nicely just an hour before that scene seemed very odd to me.

Does Carly even know Michael has left the country? Months ago he could not even go peepee without her knowing where he was and what he was doing, now he is out of the country with a former stripper, potentially drinking underage and gambling and Carly seems to have forgotten he even exists.

Send Sonny to Shadybrook asap...or Pentonville.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I just want to reach into my TV screen and punch Sonny in the face. Him and Carly both! They so deserve eachother!!

Jax is stealing Carly's kid- um, she's Jax's kid too!! Someone please, hit Sonny over the head with a vase or something. If anyone needs a head injury, here, it would be him.

Frisco said...

Where's Morgan?

Hope said...

ok, as one who loves Carly, LOVES Sonny, LUSTS AFTER Jason, I dont want any of them slapped. Jax is breaking the law taking Joss, he seems to have this thing for taking kids, he took Sonny's away, and now he is taking CARLY'S... .....I realize this is probably going to get ME slapped....;o)ROFL and I have to add this, Sam is making my teeth itch....ewwwwww

Watchintele said...

Frisco, it did come out of left field with Monica being harsh with Sam, however, does a fiancee have a real say in medical crises?
At this particular moment in time she is not Jason's next of kin, so one could argue that legally Monica is the only one that can make decisions regarding Jason's treatment.

I understand if Sam were to say that she would like to be included in the conversation, as that is only fair, but if she demands the right to make any decisions (speaking of tomorrow's scenes), she doesn't really have any say.

It will be upto Monica's discretion to even allow her to have any say whatsoever regardless of Sam's or Jason's wishes for that matter.

Frisco said...

Watchintele - I agree Sam probably does not have a legal leg to stand on but given how chummy Sam and Monica had been it seemed to go very icy very quickly. I think the medical decision scene could have been written as another great bonding scene.

Hope - I actually like Carly. I think she adds a lot to the canvas. She is very soapy. As for defending Carly and Sonny by accusing Jax of liking to "steal kids", what exactly did Carly and Sonny do to AJ? Atleast Jax is the biological father. And I am not sure I agree with you when you say Jax stole Sonny's was more like Carly took the kids away from Sonny and dumped them on Jax...and Jax provided stability for them. If a parent of the year award was being given out and the only nominees were Carly, Jax and Sonny I think we all know who would be the clear winner...not even a contest.

Hope said...

Frisco I agree about the baby stealing thing..knew I probably didnt have a leg to stand on with that one..I recall that is how Jax and Carly bonded, trying to steal Nik's baby with Courtney....I freely admit I dont like jax and everything he does annoys me...cause he is kind of Holier than thou about Sonny...but I do think Jax encouraged CArly to take the kids from Sonny...i always have this feeling that Jax just plain wants to WIN over Sonny no matter what...:O)
sonny is no saint and Carly is certainly no angel, but I love em anyway....

kdmask said...

Michael..never even THOUGHT about him being away and Carly not spazzing out! LOL...and MORGAN is probably off to Band Camp or something.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else feel the main reason Sonny is so hell bent on getting Jax is because Jax "took" Brenda? The comment about Jax taking "what's mine" said it all to me. This is all about getting revenge for that, with Joss as a good excuse. If he cared about the baby's safety that much would he charge into the plane with his gun drawn? He could easily shoot Joss in this angry state. Sonny doesn't even care his best friend could be dying. All he can see is revenge for losing Brenda, when he is the one who drove her away. He shut her out of most parts of his life (family/business/even the rescue of her son), then blames everyone else. I am glad Brenda finally showed some backbone and said enough. Even in that last talk he admitted the only thing that matters is keeping his power, and he can't give that up for anyone.

I agree it seems strange that Monica suddenly became so cold to Sam. I understand legally the decision is probably his mother's but Monica could discuss the options with Sam at least. But in the heat of the moment I don't think Monica is thinking clearly. It was a shock to everyone to hear about this diagnosis. Honestly it's just nice to see the Q's there and involved in this. A month ago I don't see Monica and Edward even told until after the fact.

Frisco said...

Karen - I think Morgan is and Bobby's helping babysitting LilaRae, lol

Watchintele said...

Frisco, that could have been a possibility. But, I guess Monica wanting to make the decision regarding Jason's treatment was more of a residual effect of not knowing about Jake, or not really being able to make a decision the first time around.
I think she wants to have input and also some control.
She lost her husband, daughters, both sons really, and 2 grandsons. So she sees an opportunity to take a stand and have a say for once when it concerns Jason's life.

I think Sam should respect that too, as Monica should allow Sam to be a part of the conversation but Monica should not be a push over and allow Sam to make decisions that aren't really hers to make as I'm sure that's what Sam wants.

It's very remeniscent of when Jason had seizures the last time (Robin's return), and again Sam is trying to throw her weight around and stake her claim where Jason is concerned.
Sound familiar?? cough cough Carly cough.
Kettle meet Pot.

Anonymous said...

oh, Karen, not band camp....Morgan is too young to have "one time at band camp" stories. lol

I used to be a big Jax fan. He was so much fun back in the 90's (you know before Guza painted him into a corner). My favorite storyline from back then involved Jax, Chloe, Ned, and Alexis. However, what he is doing is both wrong and illegal. While I haven't watched in almost 2 years now, I am under the impression that Carly has legal physical custody of Joss, which means that in taking Joss without Carly's consent, Jax has kidnapped her and not only did he plan to cross state borders, but he also intended to cross national borders, putting it completely in the federal jurisdiction.

Hope, I really think that you got this backwards. SONNY wants to beat Jax. He always has. That said, I also used to be a big Sonny fan. I cheered when he helped Carly get Michael away from AJ by putting him on that meat hook. My problem with this current storyline is that he has some crazy tunnel vision. He doesn't seem to care that his so-called best friend is in another coma. Someone said that his true colors are showing, but i don't think that is necessarily true, either. Sonny, while being a complete ass, has always cared about his friends and family. He even took Stone in and cared for him when he was sick. I think the fact that he isn't at the hospital, arguing with Monica and Edward, is very out of character.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget- Sonny is off his meds. Who knows what he's capable of at this point? Of course this is out of character for him! That's what's scary in all this!! He really SHOULD be in Shadybrook at this point, at least temporarily!

sonya said...

Sonny: Wow!!! He is acting crazy! Sonny Joss is NOT your daughter! Stop acting like it! What are you going to do with that gun? Shoot Jax while he is holding Joss?!!?! And let Edward go so he can be with Jason!!!

Jason: So he has a mass on his frontal lobe?! They aren't sure if he got it from the first car accident! Or THIS car accident! Maybe he did get it from the first car accident! And if they take it out, maybe Jason Q will come back!?!?! :) I hope!!!! He can still love Sam! I just want my Jason Q back! Jason's eyes were closed but I saw his eye move. :) Blooper? :)

Carly: Damn her wrist looks nasty!!! Where the hell is her doctor?! Oh Steve wants to help her good!

Diane and Alexis: Love the scene!!! Great scene! Great one liners! And putting Coleman in the middle of it was perfect!!! :) Yes Alexis go hook up with Coleman! I mean since he and Kate are over! :) Coleman doing something on the ceiling yum! And Diane was noticing him doing something on the ceiling too. :) I like when Alexis said that a man doesn't complete a woman! DAMN STRAIGHT! :) I like that the BFF's were arguing hahaha!

Lucky: Great scene!!!! Love the flashbacks! Love that Liz found him!!!

Jason and Edward: :'( So sad! :( And Edward brought up Lila! :(

sonya said...

Frisco hahaha the girls are fine and she hoisted her chesticles! hahaha! Michael can't even go peepee without her knowing? ROFL!

kdmask said...

Well, on the Jax thing, Sonny would be doing the 'zact same thing if it were HIS KID... LOL. I don't know why they didn't write Jax off differently-it really didn't have to be like this. Have him go see Lady Jane or fly to Hong Kong for a business deal. Mention him now and again if he's leaving, or leave the door open for a cameo now and again.

lisa said...

Rumors are that they are not going to be nice to liason fans in the fantasy. Jason may be a mean jason, SIGH... Steve Burton says 'it will drive liason fans crazy'. I'm so tired of this.
Today's show : I just watched parts online and loved Dianne and alexis-very funny. The rest didn't impress me except for monica and edward.
I think Jax will still be alive but keep it secret. He's like his brother Jerry - more than 9 lives.

Anonymous said...

Exactly Karen! Why bring back Jax and paint the character into a corner. Hate to say it, but Guza's send-off was better since it left the door open. If anything, Jax would have returned to fight the false charges and restore his name. Although I like alot of what Wolf has started, this makes no sense. If Jax was going to grab her and run, why wouldn't he have done it before? He certainly has the money and contacts to do it. To be honest, I wondered why he didn't in the first place.

Seems Sonny being off his meds will be the excuse for his going off the rails. Waving a gun around like he is, he'd be lucky not to shoot himself.

lisa said...

Sonny says he cares but he doesn't really care for jason the jason does for him. He is good to jason as long as jason does his bidding ( enforcer, kills people ). If jason deviates from Sonny's plan , then jason is told he's not loyal or slipping or incompetent. We have seen this scene play out over and over. Sonny is not a good friend, and didn't bat an eyelash over jason's injuries. In fact Liz would pull jason away from Sonny and that's one reason he despises Liz.

lisa said...

The writing is trransparent.You know the Q's will concede to Sam and they'll say since she will be part of the family , she will make the decision or jason will wake up and he and sam will make the cecision. surgery probably will be delayed. Wow, TPTB really love KM and SB. Frons and JFP and Guza (influence still present ).

CareyN said...

About Jax--the only thing that really bugs me about this is that he was arrested for possession of drugs and assaulting a woman, but he was allowed to LEAVE THE COUNTRY on his private jet?!?! His arrest was the reason he lost his bid for custody, then that part of the story was just dropped. In fact, I imagine the court would not have allowed him to post bail since he's a flight risk: millions of dollars, homes all over the world, his own jet, etc. Sorry, but that is SLOPPY writing.

(If I missed a scene where they talked about the charges being dropped, the please forgive my above rant...)

Anonymous said...

Jax will be alive, and I'm sure he'll be back months later. Somehow, someone will know he's alive.

Adora said...

It was a good episode today. ^-^

First off, I don't think there's any question that Sonny is only thinking about Brenda in all of this and that he can hardly remember that his excuse for running around with that gun is Joss. He's poised ready to shoot, but Jax will be carrying a little girl if he comes in. Who the hell shoots a man with a child in his arms? A man in serious need of medication, apparently.

I also had to laugh as he waited for someone to come in; I could totally picture Dante bursting in and Sonny accidentally shooting him yet again. Better he than Joss, I guess. The question is, would Sonny even flinch if he accidentally shot his own son right now? I'm rather doubtful, sadly.

I LOVED seeing Diane and Alexis together again!! <3

Did anyone else lose it completely when they started showing flashbacks of the fire? If they still want to switch Lucky and Ronan that was the most obvious chance I've seen yet for them to make it happen. It almost looked like his hair was shorter as well, but it was hard to tell with him laying down. I have no idea if that plan remains in motion, but for some reason those scenes struck me as alarmingly important.

I really don't want them to kill Edward. I know it's been coming for years but it feels like it's so close on the horizon right now, it breaks my heart. It's much too easy to see them going back to the counterfeit drug storyline and his nitro pills not working. I don't want to see that. =( It would kind of make the story more important than it was originally. Part of the reason I don't think that story took very well when Garin first tried to write it was because all of the effected people were strangers. Only Nadine and Matt (who was new at the time) were really involved and neither was personally injured as a result. Having something happen to Edward (and/or other characters) would be a way to get the fans much more emotionally invested. I still don't want to see it happen though. =( (Absolutely none of this is spoiler material, just a lingering sense of malaise.)

dudeitsstar said...

Loved that Lila was mentioned (:

Loved the Sam and Edward scene, it was very sweet. I really like that Sam is bonding with the Q's. Monica being so cold to Sam at the end was a little strange but understandable. Speaking as a Jasam fan I don't think Sam has any right to make medical choices for Jason but I do believe she should be involved in the conversation.

Alexis (:

Adora said...

I was kind of surprised to see Monica's reaction to Sam after reading people's comments. I expected it to be a lot worse. It really didn't strike me as that cold or unusual, even in light of their recent bonding, but I am sure that having it built up prior to watching affected my reaction. At any rate, I honestly felt worse for Monica than Sam; I can't think of a much more startling and disturbing way to find out that your son's engaged. I think any freeze that may have hit the radar is going to thaw again quite quickly.

My2Cents2 said...

Morgan who?? Don't we only see him when he kidnaps Jossie or at a wedding? lol

Monica did turn icy toward Sam. However, considering she is his mother, she has every right since she is scared. She is a Dr and a mother, its her call.

Diane & Alexis scenes...priceless.
Add Coleman to that. lol

And Sonny. ICK! As a Sonny fan, (usually) he is so out of control. His best friend who has done EVERYTHING for Sonny over the years, is dying, and Sonny is more intent on finding Jossie so he has a reason to kill Jax.
Someone please remind Sonny, Brenda asked Sonny to come with her. He didn't want to. He has nobody to blame but himself.

Sio is out of surgery and doing fine so far. Except for the last minute of the show, thank you for giving me a day off of St. Liz.

An Eph...tell me she didn't snap at Olivia for using the phone??

My2Cents2 said...

I do not know how to twitter!

Anonymous said...

I thought that if you have a criminal record that you are not allowed into the country. I think that Jax can leave the country as he is not a American citizen but how can he come back? Maybe you have to be convicted of such a crime...otherwise Sonny would never be allowed to go to his island...hey just remembered that Michael has a criminal record and served come he is prancing around the beaches of his fathers island....oh I forgot the law and all its restrictions do not apply to the Corinthos family

LindaV said...

I could watch Diane and Alexis (and Coleman) all week! Loved seeing the flashbacks again and Liz finding Jason. Hate hate hate Sonny. And Monica was rather harsh with Sam, but he is her son. Olivia looks stunning in that beige dress.

My2Cents2 said...

I believe Jax was never convicted of anything. So he is free to come and go.
As far as Michael, he is off probabation so he should be able to leave the country.
Besides, different laws apply to the Correnthos.

Diane & Alexis I too could watch all day. Diane...she is such a hoot.

lisa said...

I don't think Monica was harsh with sam at all. Monica did not know about sam being jason's fiance. Look, this is just to make Sam character look good ( gain sympathy ). I'm sorry but my sympathy lies with Monica and the Q's. Edward talking about jason being pre-med shows just how much they have lost and the stupid choices jason made. I saw Carly's nasty face when Edward said it. Imagine that you , as jason's friend, would encourage him to leave the Q's and leave pre-med because of your own selfish need. That's what Carly did! She is not a friend.

Anonymous said...

Monica is a pyhsician and she is thinking clearly, sorry. I think that the promo shows jason waking up and making the decision for himself.

My2Cents2 said...

Monica was a little icy toward Sam. No more than any other parent would be.
Especially as a Doctor.
I do agree Sam should be included in decisions, but ultimately, Monica is a Dr.
And his mother.
My heart in Jason's case lay with the Q's 100%. So lonely and hurt they have been for way too long....

Anonymous said...

I almost want a new Carlye--I'm so sick of her me, me, me attitude. Tamara your not looking so
bad as Carlye now. Maybe Carlye and Sonny should ride off in the sunset together, never to be seen again...One can only dream

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