Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"An Affair of the Heart" Rick Springfield Documentary

A new movie documentary who's subject is well known to GH watchers hits the festival circut Sept 26th with a screening in Malibu, CA. 
 Yellow Rick Road Productions, an independent production company, presents the first official screening of the new feature documentary, AN AFFAIR OF THE HEART: The Journey of Rick Springfield and his Devoted Fans. The private screening will take place on Monday, September 26, 2011 from 6:30pm – 11:00pm at the Malibu Screening Room (Malibu Jewish Center Complex) in Malibu, CA.  A limited number of tickets are available to purchase for this once-in-a-lifetime event, which will include a short acoustic performance by Rick Springfield.
“We decided to expand our regular ‘Cast & Crew’ screening and offer a limited amount of tickets to the general public,” said Melanie Lentz-Janney, Executive Producer of the film. “As independent filmmakers, we are always looking for creative ways to garner funding. To offer an opportunity to watch the film for the very first time along with Rick Springfield and some other celebrity guests in an intimate setting seemed like a win/win scenario for everyone. In fact, we are keeping our attendance list at 165 people.”

The 97-minute film brings viewers face-to-face with Grammy® award-winning musician, songwriter, actor, and best-selling author Rick Springfield shedding light on his life and the lives of a few of his most fervent fans. The film showcases what it is about Rick Springfield that inspires his fans and drives them to be lifelong devotees. On the journey, we meet some of his fans and witness the unique connection he shares with each of them.

“It’s actually really amazing,” Springfield said of the documentary. “The director’s incredible. … She’s done an amazing job on this thing. When they first came to me, I thought it would be a film about us playing our songs and fans going, ‘How great,’” he said. “But she went really deep. There’s some things in there that people might go, ‘Wow, why would you want that in the documentary?’ But it’s very real. It’s an amazing story. … I’m actually very excited about it now.

This film looks great, especially because it's about the FANS... we know all about that! 

Tickets are available at www.rickspringfielddoc.com/screenings.  The Malibu Screening Room is located at the Malibu Jewish Center Complex – 24855 Pacific Coast Highway.
For more information and updates visit www.rickspringfielddoc.com and follow the Yellow Rick Road on Facebook: www.facebook.com/YellowRickRoad.

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