Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Scoops: Do you want Sprinkles with that?

 Aye, soon you'll be havin' more than a bloody nose to be worrin' about!

Mornin! Some new scoops are up. What's coming: the car crash happens Friday--Skye's coming back and the Tracy connection to the mob is FINALLY coming out. (She was married to the mob when she was on "The City"). Siobhan is in danger-- Drugs are all over the place, and Jason's health goes up and down. I think that next week will be good with all his coma-journeys. And Lante fans-- Dante gives Lulu a lulu of a gift!

GO TO THE WUBS NET and see all the spoilers and VOTE for your fave Female smile. I am sorry I forgot JMB..ugh, I always forget someone!!

I have meetings today and I may not make it back for GH--- hopefully I'll post around 4pm. If not, use this for recaps!! thanks.


Raquel said...

Lulu is always in Dante's apt alone. Why does she need a key now? And you forgot Emily (NL) for best smile! :)

www.zaragoza-3d.com said...

For my part every person must go through this.