Thursday, August 4, 2011

"You've Got A lot of Little Sonny's Runnin' Around Here"

WOW...Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to AMC!! As Who? WHO CARES!! Nice...

OLTL:  What if the Todd's are really identical twins some how and have the same  DNA and we'll NEVER KNOW! Good show today-- Ted King looked EXTRA  YUMMY. Old Face is breaking my heart. Vicky will have to have mouth to mouth when this is all over.. heh.

GH: Epiphany trying to get work done at GH.... LOL. Robin goes to the spa, leaves and Patrick comes in on Epiphany who took Robin's place..was he naked??!

Liz/Dante, hell, more people are interacting now than in YEARS!!  The Metro Court even had a ton of extras for GH.  Matt and Carly SPOKE to each other. I do like Matt now, Guza just never wrote for him. He is fun.  LOVED that Olivia and Carly were civil.

Liz is being so loyal to Lucky. She's a Webber-Spencer after all, gotta love it. Liked her telling Dante she believed him 100%-- they are writing EVERYONE so much better.

Sonny walks into the warehouse scene to giant Kettle Drum noises!! ahahaaa. Max/Milo...Johnny who's got a thick NY accent going today. goodness. HOW AWESOME was the dialog about Sonny's past with Strippers and drugs??? WOW...loved it. That's how you use history!!

Siobhan heard EVERYTHING that Anthony said because they are standing on the  docks. That Druggie guy with him is on "Roseanne's Nuts" on Lifetime. It's her friend, Greg!  We just saw him last night on that show!!

Spinelli interacted  with extras.. it was fun. Olivia had no clue what to make of Spinelli heh. He was pretty funny today without annoying the hell out of me. "Ever notice how there's no doorbells in this town, everybody knocks"??!! 

Jax..skulking around and there's Skye!! 

END: Lucky goes into the old Church (I call it the Tara/Phil church) LOL..and the storm starts!! eeeeee! 

It was a joy to recap today! Good show.

SID's  new cover has MONICA ON IT! With Jason and Sam--but still MONICA! HELL hath frozen over!!! I am trying to upload the photo, something's up with the blogger. Go to Facebook and click on Soaps In Depth Page.


Anonymous said...

Karen nothing comes up on the SOD cover when u click the link.

kdmask said...

Oh I am sorry. I am trying to upload it...

david said...

does anyone think there will be a mention about the newPlanet of the Apes movie coming out tomorrow on GH?

I"m only speculating because it seems that whenever James Franco crosses the street or blows his nose, GH promotes it in some way.

(ps. it is getting great reviews. cant wait to see it!)

Anonymous said...

KD don't you read your previous posts?

sonya said...

Warning.. Warning.. Warning.. For people who haven't watched the show yet, DON'T READ MY COMMENTS!!!!

Sonny, Max, Milo, and Johnny: Aww how cute! Max and Milo trying to look all scary and serious! :) Not working. It's just making me laugh!

Carly and Sonny: Carly don't you notice how strange Sonny is acting?!!? Ask him if he is taking his pills!!!

Matt and Maxie: They are so damn boring! Look the Jackal in the background! HAHAHAHA! I was laughing so hard I had tears! Thank you headwriter Wolfy you made the scene so much better! Jackal stabbing the cake with a fork!!!! Hahaha!

Maxie and Jackal: :( Yes Maxie take him to the doctor.

Shivon: Leaving a message to Lucky. You better stop crying or you could get another bloody nose!

Drug dealer Pauly Shore and Papa Z: Oh oh Papa Z is going to run drugs through the cakes!! Thanks Jackal you gave Papa Z the idea! :) Oh oh Shivon overhears them talking about that AND about Lucky being high!! Oh oh she made a noise!!! Papa Z is after her!

Dante and Liz: Dante has an ouchy! Dante brings up someone that he knows who's name is Sly!! SLY?!!?!! Does he mean Sly Eckart!?!?!!

Liz: She finds Lucky's phone!!! Where is Lucky?! Did he jump in the water?!

Lucky: THERE HE IS!!! He DID jump in the water!!!

Lulu: Lulu is wearing her beach outfit again! Is she going to the beach? :)

Skye and Jax: She seems him!!!!! :)

I was so involved in the show today, that when I looked at the time, the show was almost over!!!!

kdmask said...

What do you mean read my previous posts? I'm confused??

kdmask said...

Dear Anonymous, I just read your posts. I don't have to explain myself. First of all, use a name. Second of all, it's obvious you don't like the blog or the recaps. Why come in here?

Hope said...

I only noticed today because I have been skimming when I watch, but Ethan & Lucky really do look like brothers dont they.
Old Tod was so sweet today, CAN HE PLEASE HAVE A HAPPY ENDING!!!!!:o)

Anonymous said...

I do like your blog. I just find that you are biased to your friends and that's okay if it is just between friends. However, when you make it a public blog you shouldn't remove posts just because you don't agree. If profanity is used then I agree with removing those posts. My post had no profanity but was just complaining about your friend Sonya recaping the show before those of us on the West Coast saw it. Since Sonya is your friend you protected her by removing said post. Okay you are a good fiend and no you don't have to explain yourself to me or anyone else. I am just asking you to be fair and let your other posters take me to task if they want. Again sorry you were offended. Linda

Anonymous said...

Sorry meant good friend not fiend Linda

kdmask said...

I rarely remove posts. Maybe 5 in the entire time the blog's been up. I removed it because of the "special" thing,not the west coast stuff.

capewife said...

Karen- I just felt like I needed to comment. I read everyday and don't usually comment. I love reading what you and others have to say. I stuck with you over other gh sites because they are so snarky. I'm so disagppointed that some commenters are bringing that attitude to your breath of fresh air blog.

sonya said...

Linda? Again if you haven't watched the show yet, DON'T READ MY COMMENTS!!!! Unless someone is making you read my comments. Then that is just sad. :(

Anonymous said...

Your right to do so. Doesn't make it the right thing to do. I think you ought to make this a priviate blog with a password etc. This way everyone would be a member and no outsiders would be aloud to post. Just a thought.I will just remember to not read your blog until after 3pm West Coast time. This way your posters wont spoil the show we haven't watched yet. Enough said since this isn't really the right venue for this discussion. Linda

Jen said...

Sonya I usually agree with you, but I adore Matt & Maxie and don't find them boring. For some reason though, I have been looking @ Matt with a whole new sparkle in my eye ; )

Please someone shoot Spinelli or make him go away for a long time at least.

Hey Anon, we're all friends in here. Lightened up, ey?

Anonymous said...

Sonya as I said I willl make it a point not to read until after 3pm West Coast time. And Jen I will lighten up, you are right. Just a little aside. I have been posting on this site as anonymos for at least a year and no one has ever answered any post I have made or answered any questions I have asked. It took something this negative to get a reaction. Linda

Anonymous said...

I'll admit that I rarely comment in here though I ADORE reading Karen's blog and all the comments, well most of them, but I wanted to pass along an idea that may make everyone happy. I love Sonya's recaps; I rarely get to watch the show so they help me keep up on the action, plus I can see Linda's point on not wanting to know what is going to happen. If Sonya could put a huge SPOILER ALERT and return down a few lines (or smiley face down a few) then folks who haven't seen the show yet and don't want to know what is coming could page down past it.

Sonya your recaps always make me smile, I look forward to them everyday when I come here.

sonya said...

Jen Why have you been looking at Matt with a sparkle in your eye? :)

Batgary hi! :) I could write a spoiler I guess. But if I put down to many smiley faces I'm afraid that the anonymous trolls will sneeze all over me. Cus you know, they might be allergic to them. They are already allergic to my ROFL's. Those poor things. I'm glad I make you smile with my recaps/comments.

Adora said...

Sonya, good catch with the Sly (Eckart) comment, I think you have to be right! That could be interesting~ (I also enjoyed your new "warning", lol! <3)

As usual I've come here prior to watching, curious about opinions on the show for the day. Thanks Sonya and Karen, I am excited to watch now! <3

Linda, I am sorry you feel like the only way to get people to interact with you on here was to say mean things. I wish life wasn't like that, on or off the internet. I can't honestly say I "know" Karen or Sonya, I don't twitter with them or generally converse, even on here, but I consider most of the posters here good people whose opinions I respect. You should click name/URL and type Linda there, rather than using Anon; it's easier to keep track of people and their thoughts on things that way.

At any rate, although we have different opinions about reading the blog prior to watching the show, and I do like seeing Sonya (and anyone else's) thoughts for the day, as a fellow west coast GH fan: Much love to you~ <3

Also, many thanks and apologies to Karen for putting up with the stress brought into your life via this blog and your polls. I know you don't need it [the stress], but I love your blog and appreciate you (extra) for enduring all the aggravation I know this site must bring you at times. Thank you~ <3

Now, I am off to enjoy the show! =D

dudeitsstar said...

Dude, I love Matt. They're actually writing for him. Now if they could put him with someone other than Maxie, or maybe just make Matt and Maxie more likable.

P.S. I love your blog Karen (:

Love4dogs said...

Maybe posting under Anonymous didn't get you any response because, well, people thought you wanted to be Anon. and left alone!! When two or more people post with Anonymous, it gets pretty tough to respond.

Regarding the "Sly" mention...I'd be surprised..they reuse names on GH more than any other soap, in my viewing. If you recall, when Maxie was born, her nickname was Max. They didn't WANT anyone calling her Maxie. Enter Malcom "Mac" Scorpio...oops, that's confusing...suddenly she's Maxie.

Ric Lansing...Rick Webber
Olivia Falconari...Olivia St John
Katherine Bell...Katherine Delafield...Kathryn Corbin

Oh and the latest I noticed was Alec's unseen nanny, Julia. No mention "OH Alec, you have an Aunt get to meet her..."

lisa said...

I'm hoping next week begins more shakeups!! I want to see who jason will dream about while in his coma.
On a Genie francis note, I am absolutely loving her on Y&R and I love the show!
If Genie returns as Laura, they better make her recovered and ready to wreak havoc.

Love4dogs said...

Lisa...don't you love Y and R? What great writing. Genie is great in this new role.

Anonymous said...

I didn't get to see the show today because I was lost in Home Depot (why is that place so big?) Anyway thanks as always Sonya for the recap and Karen keep up the good work!!!


Anonymous said...

I love this blog. I've been keeping up with the wubs since the Gedstern days (back when I was brand new to the internet), and i have to say that this is the best online community I have ever (tangentially) been a part of. There is only one other blog that I know of where there are rarely any fights. I understand what Linda is saying, but what I don't understand is why she (or anyone that doesn't want the show spoiled for them) come to this site prior to seeing the episode. I come here to find out if I want to watch the show, so I generally wait until after 4pm EST to watch GH. I want the scoops, which is how I found this site to begin with back in 2000 (at the tender age of 13), so I come here before watching. I personally like Sonya's recaps, although sometimes they feel superfluous, and in that case I skip them--a choice we all have. As a matter of fact, whenever I see Sonya's name I associate it with her recaps, so if I don't want to read it, I look for her name.

Anyway, I actually have a question. Since I only started watching GH in 1995, I don't know a lot of the older storylines and characters. Who is Sly Eckart?

Carrie said...

I watched GH for the first time in I don't know how long and I didn't skip. I didn't get bored or disgusted. Wow! NLG didn't lie Wolfe is good!

Andrea said...

I don't mind them reusing names. That is the real world.

Can't wait to watch after reading everyones posts, though I am starting to get tired of arguments. I thought this was a place where we could all voice our opinions on the show and we can either agree or disagree? The negativity on this site has been a downer when we should all be happy that GH is seeing signs of life.

Anonymous said...

Historyiseveryday, Sly Eckert was the son of Bill Eckert, which was the character Tony Geary played when he first returned to GH.Bill was cousin to the Spencers. When Luke and Laura came back to PC with Lucky, Sly and Lucky became good friends, as well as being family. With Bill's death, we saw less of Sly. It would be interesting if Sonya is right and he is being mentioned for a reason.

I was also wondering about the new female character, Delores. In some ways the character description seems like a female version of Dante. I wonder if that's a hint, but I would be really unhappy if it turns out to be another kid of Sonny's. These long lost kid stories have been played out too much on GH.

Is there any word on whether Skye's daughter Lila will be with her? If so, I wonder how old she will be. While I hope they don't SORAS her,she could be an interesting addition to the "teen set". Alcazar's daughter with Sonny's son (thinking Morgan here) could be interesting in a few years, if the show survives that long.

Dori said...

Wow!! Drama on the WUB blog?! What's up with that? People are some damn stupid sometimes, I swear! The WUB TUB is a blog about a SOAP OPERA! Read it or don't read it, the choice is completely up to the individual person. Karen blogs about a show she enjoys and last time I checked, she can say any damn thing she wants! She's not asking everyone to agree with everything she writes. In fact it has always been my experience that she enjoys engaging in worthwhile commentary and debate about the show.
As for making the WUB TUB a private blog with a password??! That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. It ain't rocket science, people. If you don't like or agree with what's being written here...then DON'T READ IT!!

As for the time difference between west and east coast...again that's easy, stay off the internet and don't read it until you've watched the show if you don't want to know. I watch the show the next morning on I avoid any GH related items on the internet until then.

Anyhow, on to yesterday's show. In simple terms, I loved it! I feel excited about watching GH again for the first time in a long long time!

sonya said...

Adora Sly could be Sly Eckart or maybe not. You never know. :)

LaTanya you're welcome. :)

historyiseveryday really now? Superfluous? That was rude.

LindaV said...

I love Matt and Maxie, too! They just haven't been given much interesting to do. Jason Cook is adorable. When Maxie was with Spinelli they made a good pair but not romantically at all. By the way, I am a different "Linda', LOL, not the anon.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dori, I think that people who post here complaining about spoilers know what to expect but choose to come here before the show airs on the west coast just so they have something to complain about...the same with fan groups, this is a soap opera and not real life but fans have been like that since soaps were on radio. I remember my grandmother telling me that people would write letters to their favorite character on the radio warning them of impending trouble or sending shower presents to a character who was having a baby as part of a storyline...I guess we will always have viewers that get so involved with their soap that it seems like part of their life...we cannot change them so we could ignore them or just accept them for what they are...after all it is our choice also

LindaV said...

Has it occurred to anyone that Spinelli may have a brain tumor? I also agree that checking in here for comments before the show runs on the west coast is probably not a good idea. We get it first and sometimes can't hold back on commentary and recaps.

Anonymous said...

I remember Eileen Fulton telling the story of in the early days of As The World Turns someone came up to her on the street and slapped her because her character, Lisa, was so witchy (keeping it PG)
Batgary said...

So, I do not really think this will work.