Monday, August 8, 2011

"If YOU'RE TODD...then who the HELL ARE YOU"??! (spoilers)

Seeing all these dead people on AMC makes me think about what I would do if someone I knew that died was all of a sudden with my in a dang graveyard. HELL, I'D RUN!!! Or think I was dead. Or something! LOL 
I love Janet!! She's adorable. 

THE REAL SHOW TODAY, was of course--- ONE LIFE TO LIVE! or..."All My Life Faces"!! 

OBAMA IS ON MY SHEEZE LIST!! Now, I get we have a economic crisis but come on now, right when the TODD thing was about to be announced!! WTF! ;/ Thank  goodness he  mentioned the 30 lost soldiers that made it ok. (yes, the world is all about me!! LOL) 

OLTL:  The whole  Todd thing at  the  beginning was awesome.  "I raped  Marty"..."No I did"..."He fell in  love with her"..."WHAT!?"
OLD  TODD:  "this guy had a RELATIONSHIP with Marty Sebrook  and NONE OF YOU figured out IT WASN'T ME"???  brilliant. heh.  When John read the results, I couldn't tell WHO he was looking at--  Old or New Face!! It drove me nuts!! SO, RH is "Todd".... Jack so ruined that scene. His shock was like "oh, you bought me a goldfish"?? He's just horrible. How they can still have him on is beyond me. 
SO wait, John only opened  ONE DNA Test??Eeeeeeeeee!! HURRY UP!! Please.. (I'm hyperventilating) 
AND...they are BOTH Todd!!! Oh, have to be identical twins Right? What? Oh lordy. Love it, whatever it is.
Destiny should be able to have an abortion if she wants one, imo with minimal fuss. Her brother  Shawn needed to back off.   I hope she talks to Nora though. Oh wow,  PA has the under 18 law! Mama Evans is there!! 

Nate: I don't care about you. 

I've had a hell of a weekend...and then the economic crash-down but I tell you what ..OLTL took my mind OFF IT ALL!!  that's what a GREAT SOAP DOES!!  this show is Awesome-Sauce. There I said it, AWESOME-SAUCE.

GENERAL HOSPITAL:  Lulu and Gumshoe Spinelli. heh. 'Stalkin' still squawkin' at me'!! At least HE remembered  Lulu's bday. Maybe Mama Laura hasn't called from Paris yet??

Epiphany gets into the elevator with Pat, Matt and Steve "I know where you live" she says.  heh

The crash. I think Jason's head injury/blood is exactly the same as Claudia's was. Liz should have called 911 first thing!! I guess both Carly and Siobhan were thrown from the car.  Carly says to Liz "Why ARE YOU HEREEEE"? even dazed/confused she's a bitch. LOVE it. heh glad you care that Jason is behind the steering wheel about dead, and ASK ABOUT JOSSLYN. God, get a grip. "Jason, wake up we have to get Josslyn"!
Shawn..ugh...I just. I mean  he's good looking but he's driving me insane. He did have a new doggie for Joss--- Jax needed to get a hoodie on that poor girl! Shawn has a PTraumatic flashack. Jax leaves in the rain.

Robin and Patrick have GIANT BALLS up on their cabinet--from Pier One I think. They make Carly's pineapple look tiny.
LOVED the Monica and Robin scene, she was chief of staff. And the biggest  cheater  in town LOL. "Edward and I would give anything to see that house filled with Quartermaines again"!!

 Ok, I'm kinda digging Liz/Dante friendship.

Awww,  Monica sees Jason ..wahhh.



dudeitsstar said...

Love Monica (:

Loved that Monica called Sam (:

Ughhh Carly, I don't even have words to describe how incredibly selfish she is.

Frisco said...

I love your current poll :). Given some of the rumors floating around perhaps a future poll could be "What couple would you like to see re-unite". I think this could be a pretty close poll with possibilities like:
- Johnny and Lulu
- Johnny and Olivia
- Olivia and Sonny
- Sonny and Kate
- Sonny and Carly
- Carly and Jax
- Jax and Skye
- Lucky and Liz
- Liz and Ric
- Ric and Alexis
- Spinelli and Maxie
- Dillon and Lulu
- Carly and AJ
Of course, to keep it civil I left out Liz and Jason!

sonya said...

Karen if they are identical twin Todd's then how can the other one have the same memories?!!?! Okay on to GH. I decided I am not going to do a warning to warn people about my thoughts that may have spoilers in them! It's stupid. Karen has spoilers in her recaps! So Karen you do the warning. :)

Lulu, Jackal, and Maxie: I don't like how Lulu is acting today. She is so annoying. She wasn't worried about Spinny! She was laughing and thinking he is faking it! What the hell! And why didn't Maxie take him to the doctors as she wanted to?! Why go to Crimson?!

The car accident: Shivon and Carly both fell out of the car!!! Liz why don't you break open the window to get to Jason?!!? I was thinking where is his airbag? Doesn't he have one? I missed what Liz said about the airbag. Well to be fair, I don't think Carly knew how serious Jason's condition is. She has a concussion right?

The hospital: I love the Patrick, Matt, and Steve scene in the elevator! :) And then Epiphany comes in and she cracked me up!!! I know where you live! ROFL! Monica sees Jason all bleeding! Bad memories Monica? :( I was hoping they would show the AJ and Jason car accident flashback. Monica called Sam. I really wanted Monica to call Alan! :( Damn it! :(

Patrick and Robin: Oh! Massage scene! LOVE IT!!! :) What a great scene!

Jax, Joss, and Shawn: It's funny. They are arguing while Joss has that stuffed animal in her mouth! ROFL! Oh oh something is wrong with Shawn!

Rufus: What is with that stuffed animal? Carly and Joss had it and showed that some of the stuffing came out. I was thinking did Franco put something in Rufas? Is this foreshadowing? And today Shawn was holding on to it and dropped it and left! Then the camera panned to Rufus! More foreshadowing?!

Carrie said...

fml I'm SO tempted to watch OLTL I just don't know how I could do it....

Anonymous said...

Possible answer to the Two Todd mystery...CLONE. Somebody cloned Todd while he was "missing".

Frisco said...

I didn't understand why when the power went out at the MetroCourt / Crimson Lulu, Maxie and Spinelli all said they were stuck there. I understand the elevator would not work in a power outage but certainly there must be stairs?!?!?!?

I liked that Liz was driving a minivan...very mom like.

Bren said...

I think Liz was trying to call for help but I thought I heard her say she couldn't get a signal and then Dante said something about the cell tower. I found it hilarious that Carly was thrown completely out of the vehicle. How did that happen?

Anonymous said...

Carly was absolutely right about Liz.

Mamaspat Ole said...

Carrie ya got to watch OLTL it was sooo good today....

CareyN said...

Carrie--Watch it. In fact, go on Hulu and watch the last 5 episodes first. It is SO good. I've basically given up GH for OLTL since Karen started raving about it. I'm so happy I did. It is edge-of-your-seat fantabulous. Stories move, people interact, there's a cliff-hanger every commercial break, not just every Friday. This Todd stuff is amazingly good storytelling.

kdmask said...

Clones take YEARS to "grow"!! They start out as babies. BUT I know, it's a soap! LOL... I think they are TWIN DNAs with then implanted memories??? like the CIA did it?
Who the hell knows!!
It's too good to care! LOL

CareyN said...

Re: The Two Todds. What I want to know (other than WTHeck is going on) is why did "Todd" come back looking like Walker?!?!?!? Was that part of the "plan"...if there was a plan??

Shirleedee said...

I cannot believe no one in those two cars was wearing a seat belt. I can't even think about the repercussions in the real world!

Anonymous said...

Liz's phone wasn't working, neither was carly's

lisa said...

I can't stand Carly's disrespect of Liz. They need to have Liz tell Carly off bad and bring up how selfish and ungrateful she is. Liz's child saved hers and she is this disrespectful, Oh hell to the NO! I wouldn't take it. Of course they'll have sam tell Carly off. Karen, Liz did try the cell to call 911 but when Dante arrived , she told him she couldn't get any reception. You are right though, 911 is first then check oon everyone and help who you can.
Even when jason is lying unconscious, carly is bothering him to fix her problems instead of helping him. Carly could have got the police involeved to find joss. I wish jax never married carly.
Glad monica told robin about taking patrick for granted. She , of all people, knows how that destroys a relationship. I want Liz and monica to talk more.
Spinelli, Lulu, maxie are boring.

lisa said...

ANON 4:56, Carly is never right about Liz. Carly is a selfish , manipulative , vindictive , ungrateful, jealous wretch. She is not a good friend at all. She uses jason and hides behind the word loyalty to get what she wants. I even dislike carly more than sam.

Hope said...

The president speaking, ok, timing could be better, but why do the announcers have to take up more time telling us what he just said? That has always made me nuts.....
One Life, if the Todd's were fraternal twins not identical would the dna still match? Maybe Helena has been in Llanview brainwashing NuTodd? Its just so freakin good.
Monica looked so beautiful today, and yes, I thought there would be a flash back to the other accident....loved Olivia with that umbrella that was as big as she is....get myself in trouble here, but Jax is truly a JaxAss...:)

dudeitsstar said...

P.S. I can't wait for Sam to tear into Carly (:

Min said...

Hmpf. As far as I'm concerned, Carly should never speak to Liz again, unless it's to give her undying gratitude for saving her daughter's life.

I mean, there are Soap Opera bitches, but Carly is really overboard.

Batgary said...

I just finished watching todays OLTL today on YouTube and all I can say is OMG!!! what a great show. Both Todds blew me away; old face Todd talking about how when new face Todd hooking up with Marty and no one thought it was something the real Todd would never do, and new face Todd fighting to get his family to believe him. Carrie you gotta watch, Trevor was on his A game. Everyone in that story was, but Jack just bugged me. And then you have Destiny wondering what to do and Bo and Nora talking about Nate and Matt. 3 different stories that are all wonderful. Man OLTL is kicking bottom.

Adora said...

I actually think Jason did have a seat belt on; wasn't that what Dante was cutting him free of? I think I remember Liz buckling hers on Friday as well but I'm not sure about that. The only person I am certain was without one was Siobhan. At any rate, I agree, I hate to imagine that crash in real life. I'm still not sure if it's a miracle or a curse that Liz is wandering around fine, just waiting for more people to fling blame at her. =/

edit: I randomly saw the beginning of today's show again. In the first scene with Carly and Jason she doesn't have a seatbelt on. In the next two shots of her she has one draped across her arm; it couldn't really look less on while being present in the shot, but either way it was there for two shots and then off again when she said "Jason, look out!" Ah, continuity~ ^^;

Overall I loved today's episode. It was somewhat bizarre to see Monica casually back at the nurse's station -as if she was never gone- but it was great to see her interact with Robin.

Anonymous said...

Liked seeing Monica but her talk with Robin almost made my head explode. Why does Patrick not get any lectures about not taking Robin for granted when he gets called away to work, but Robin does? Especially considering he's the one who cheated on her, which Robin has not held against him since she forgave him. Why is it only the wife that has to make sure she's not neglecting her husband, and not the other way around. I swear this story is so ridiculously sexist.

Geez, you would think Carly would remember that it was Liz who agreed to donate Jake's kidneys to Josslyn and would be a little nicer to Liz but it's like Carly forgot this as soon as Joss got the kidneys and is back to treating Liz like crap. Carly is one of those women who always complain about how she can't be friends with other women because they're so catty but she's really the most catty of them all.

I need the Jackal PI stuff to end asap.

Anonymous said...

I like the Liz/Dante friendship too.

Kay said...

wow, Carly flew further than Jason and Siobahn from the car and she's just got a little scratch while they're on death's door? The crash made me laugh a little.

someone needs to take Spinelli to see a doctor. There is something wrong with him.

Umm, why is everyone on Robin's case about working too much when patrick is always working too? Is this the 1950s.

Instead of Monica lecturing Robin about not neglecting her cheater of a husband, it would be nice to see Monica mentoring Robin on how to be COS.

Days like today really make me miss Alan. One of Guza's biggest mistakes was killing him off.

Watchintele said...

Hope, to answer your question, if they are fraternal twins they would share some DNA markers as all siblings do, but they would not be identical matches.

Science lesson, for a second.

Fraternal twins occur when 2 eggs are fertilized by 2 different sperms.

Identical twins occur when 1 egg is fertilized by 1 sperm and the egg splits in 2. Hence they share all DNA markers.

Hope, I hope this answers your question.

As for Carly being bitchy to Liz, what's new??
She will never show any gratitude whatsoever to Elizabeth for helping save Josslyn's life.
Carly is the the be all end all of ungratefulness.

Watchintele said...

Sorry forgot to mention, really starting to hate how they are making Robin into the bad guy.

Applaud her for trying to be innovative with hospital efficiency and getting doctors to be more proactive and putting in due diligence with their paper work. Hence, my surprise with Epiphany complaining about what Robin is implementing considering Epiphany herself since being introduced has scolded doctors for their incomplete paperwork?
Though she can be a profectionist, she is trying to solve issues with the hospital.
Instead of complaining, Patrick, Steve, Matt and Epiphany, maybe you should help her out??

I wish Monica had more interaction with Robin, but not regarding her spending more time with her husband, though it was sound advice coming from someone with vast experience relative to the subject.
Seems to me, like the writers are saying it's okay that Patrick cheated cuz Robin spent too much time focusing on her career?
Sexist much???

Anonymous said...

Watchinele, that's totally what I'm getting from this Robin story. I don't even get why everyone is complaining about security, color-coding or different colored scrubs b/c practically all hospitals do that. And today it seemed like Monica was making it seem like Patrick cheating would be Robin's fault (which is actually kind of what Guza did near the end of the crazy lisa story when Robin was always apologizing to Patrick). If Monica had given the advice she gave today to both Robin and Patrick, I think it would have been fine but this story has been so heavy handed with Robin being wrong and poor poor Patrick not getting enough attention.

I'm still waiting for the women to get their balls back like Garin Wolfe promised.

Anonymous said...

re: Monica and Robin
I hear the concerns above about Monica's conversation with Robin and how Robin is being "blamed" or something. The only think I can think of to rebut that is that:
#1 - Monica has known Robin since she was a little girl...She may feel like she can speak in a more unguarded way around her
#2 - Monica and Alan were both cheaters and I guess she was reflecting on her own dalliances when talking with Robin. From her perspective, perhaps the job at the hospital was not an asset in keeping a healthy marriage going?

Although GH is far from perfect, but it's a hell of a lot better than it was 6 months ago. Loved the interaction between characters and the mix of humor, character building, affection, and drama.
It's a shame that we're probably going to see it cancelled (or moved to the internet like AMC and OLTL) once it's just starting to find its soul again. :(
-Old School GH Fan

lisa said...

Concerning Robin, the power has gone to her head. I work clinically in a hospital and the focus is always improving patient care, patient flow through hospital, and cost cutting measures. Color coding scrubs is not a cost cutting measure and you would receive a smack down at meetings for this suggestion. You also don't want to create more problems for your staff. I think Robin will be a good chief of staff if you attack the most important problems first and stop trying to change every little thing. It serves to irritate staff and an unhappy hospital staff makes things run less smoothe.
Monica's advice was good advice to both, and that is that you cannot take your spouse for granted. I do not condone patrick cheating with wing nut Lisa at all, but i remember how self involed robin was daydreaming about stone instead of letting patrick in. Then robin was flying away overseas. She is a control freak. She could stand to learn how to be spontaneous and have fun like her mom. I absolutely loved her and patrick having a romantic time together. That was great and needed. Once Robin stops trying to control everyone and just think about what's best for the patient staff will fall in line.

Anonymous said...

Re: Robin's changes, I work at a major teaching hospital and we color code our scrubs so that patients can more easily identify who to ask for for help. At our hospital we believe that improves patient care and efficiency. Also I think her implementation of security protocols is an excellent change given that GH has been held hostage twice in the past 2 years. Our hospital has metal detectors at the ER and for me it's unthinkable that a hospital wouldn't have some type of security measures in this day and age. Some of her changes I don't agree with but some I do, which is how it would be in real life except that GH is being very one-sided in this story.

I think Monica's advise would be well-taken if it was given to both Patrick and Robin, however so far it only seems like Robin is being asked to make compromises, not Patrick and that's a huge double standard, especially considering Patrick took off when he was not specifically paged away. Also, when Patrick cheated I remember he spent way more time being self-involved with Lisa and hanging out with her at Jakes than Robin did thinking about Stone. I think Patrick's cheating is his fault alone. I think both contributed to their marital problems but GH makes it seem like it was only Robin when Patrick was just as much at fault for pulling away too.

I just want some balance in this story and so far I'm not getting any. For example if people are going to tell Robin not to take Patrick for granted and to spend more time with him, people should also be telling Patrick he needs to not take her for granted and try supporting her more in her position as COS.

Anonymous said...

I guess in Carly's "world" Jason must be like Mary and immaculate conception took place and Jason bore Jake. Liz really had no part in Jake.

I love how G.W. Has been writing both Carly and Sonny for that matter. Instead of glorifying them he's showing how self absorbed and childish both of these characters really are! They truly do deserve eachother.

Jason needs to tell them both to go to Hell. And most of Port Charles needs to get in line behind, Sam, Liz and Robin and bitch slap Carly and kick Sonny in his baby maker!

Anonymous said...

LOL, I love the idea of all of PC getting in a line to take turns smacking Carly and kicking Sonny in his baby maker! It can be like the kissing booth at a carnival, expect with slapping and kicking replacing kissing. I'm sure a whole lot of people would pay to take a shot at Carly and Sonny. The hospital should use that as its new fundraiser.

I'm almost falling over in shock over how much of Monica we've seen recently. Although Monica is really the last person that should be giving anyone marriage advice.

If everyone's going to act like Robin's a dictator no matter what she does, I think she should go all out and wear a tiara and make them all kiss her feet and call her Queen Robin at the hospital.

Ugh, too much Jackal PI. And why the heck is Lulu accusing Maxie of supplying Lucky with drugs again?

SuddenlyPsychoJax is pretty hot in his kidnapping gear. I kind of wish he and Shawn would have gotten into a shirtless wrestling match in the rain.

Anonymous said...

Dude: I think Sam should rip into Jason at least one time to say I THOUGHT YOU WRE PUTTING ME FIRST A HOLE? Why should he have ever given her that wonderful speech if he didn't mean it?

sonya said...

Anonymous I think Monica is the perfect person to give marriage advice! She has been there! She knows! :)

Anonymous said...

THERE IT IS!!! Shawn HAD to mention that Carly is a good mother. The writers NEED to keep telling us because, based on everything Carly is, we would never realize that she really, really is a good mom. YIKES!! She is a horrible mom and a horrible friend. Love Laura Wright but the character has not been allowed to grow.

mosbp2003 said...

CareyN: I don't know that Todd actually got the real Walker's face. Nobody in Llanview had ever met Walker. I can't remember the whole storyline, but I think Todd's pretending to be Walker helped Jessica in some way (Was this when she was married to the mob guy?). It also gave him an "in" with the Buchanans.

Mamaspat Ole said...

All I need to watch Amc and OLTL is some popcorn and some choclate Im done for the day lol

Watchintele said...

Lisa, it is the COS first priority to ensure patient care, and also to find cost cutting solutions without, and I emphasize on without those cuts being detrimental to patient care.

However, if COS has implemented new protocol to ensure patient care is more efficient and beneficial for all in the long run, then cost cutting should be put on the back burner in relation to that.

So if Robin has introduced ways to prevent malpractice, i.e. by have doctors be more thorough with their charts, then that in itself has increased patient care.

Is it not more efficient to have proper protocol for charts, documentation regarding patients by have doctors and nursing staff guarentee their work is complete and legible, than to have new staff on a patient's case run around after previous members to find out exactly what they did??
We cannot even put a number on how much patient care would suffer if the latter were the case.

Her new protocol is really to increase patient care, and for staff not only be more efficient but also be diligent.
So what if a doctor has to spend more time with their paper work? Then perhaps, important information may not be lost if they have someone else doing it for them??

I think they were trying to go for the angle of how a female can balance a demanding career and being a wife and mother??
But, that's not what we are seeing on screen.

Bottom line is, this story has become more about a female being a boss and her male co-workers not being able to deal.
Yes, Robin is a perfectionist, and yes she can be annoying, however, in this instance, she is trying to improve the hospital.

And, btw, this is coming from a guy's perspective.

Anonymous said...

Sonya - I think Monica would be the perfect person to give Patrick marriage advice but not Robin because Monica was much more of the "Patrick" in her relationship with Alan. She was a serial cheater (Alan cheated too but not as much), and she always butted heads with Alan when he was chief of staff and then she lost him too soon and realistically with Robin and Patrick, even with all the advances in medicine, Patrick will likely outlive Robin. I think Monica should have been telling Patrick to appreciate Robin while he has her. That would have made much more sense to me. Besides it doesn't even make any sense why the person who was cheated on needs to make it up to the person that cheated on them. That's pretty backwards.

sonya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sonya said...

Anonymous Alan cheated on Monica just as much as she did. Alan cheated on her with Lucy and then married her! :) He slept with Susan Moore and she got pregnant with Jason. He faked his death and met a woman named Charity! :)

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