Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Agnes Nixon on AMC Today!

And she wasn't half bad of an actress!! Nice to see her... she's such a legend. I so hope she gets a hand in the CyberSoap stuff. Angie and Jessie had another great day.  AMC was dark today--forever since 1970. sniff.
 Bride BOOKS! 

OLTL:  Don't DIE TODD NUMBER TWO!!  cause I loves TSJ. Wahhh. He needs to get on GH somehow, or PRIMETIME. Tea screamed like a dang banshee!! LOL wow. Earpluggin' time. Booooooooooooooooo. Just boo. Flo is such a wonderful actress, she should have won at least 77 Emmys by now!
Jack's in the hospital?  Someone finally crack his head with a frying pan?? Too bad he woke up. heh.
Nora was being such a meanie-- I understand her because of Matthew's situation. She's a bit out of control. Well, more than a bit!! eesh.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: total Miz chem-test. Drug talk. Two bottles vs one of Vicodin.
Some of the hospital scenes really confused me... just the whole Jason/Matt/Pat thing--and Maxie?? Oy.

Why doesn't Lucky just say he was injected?? Hmmm I don't get it. OMG Lulu was on my LAST NERVE. Good Gravy!! STFU!!

Bob the Badger is as big as Kristina.
BEST PART OF TODAY'S show was Alexis yelling and telling the truth to Carly! YOU GO LEXI! Loved how she told Carly to stop the smirk. Laura Wright tweeted this about today's show:
Told u guys a few weeks ago Nancy Killed it!!! That was a great day at work! =) now at the beach with the kiddos

*******other stuff*****

NANCY Lee Grahn Tweets:
grandma & I taking lake break, having a sandwich & ice tea & watching our soap, just like we did 30 yrs ago. Touchtone moments. #soapsmatter

Tomorrow Port Chuck will be in Rochester!! The Venue tweeted this to me:
@wubsnet Just in case you want to listen or watch @PortChuckBand will be on @theweaseshow @ 9. Web cam & streaming here:
I will try to tweet about the interview tomorrow.
Thank you for clicking on the ads on wubsnet..we raised $80 for Bradford Anderson's Bday Project for Lupus!! You guys are great. Next up: AIDS WALK LA for team Pretty the Series!! 

OMG, I swear I have more headaches than anything else...damn it! I have since I was a kid. I just met someone that said "I've had like 2 in my lifetime" bitch. LOL. I'd be so much nicer, energetic -- ugh. wahhhhhhh.


Anonymous said...

Oh how I LOVE NLG! She made magic I tell u, pure magic.

Soapcentral is rumoring Genie Francis out at Guiding light.

Am I the only one bored with the Jason story? Shouldn't Liz and carly be questioned by the police about the accident that night especially since red lass is now dead?

sonya said...

Karen I wonder what soap opera Nancy Lee Grahn watches. :) Karen do you get migraines? I do. :( ON TO GH! :)

Robin: What the hell?! She won't let Patrick or Maxie get into Jason's room! Why?!?!! What is going on Robin?!

Maxie: Hey she looks great today! :)

Matt and Liz: Hmmm can they date a little while? :) Or just have sex! And then they can break up and Liz and Lucky can get back together. :)

Matt and Maxie Zzzzzzzzzz.

Alexis and Carly: GREAT SCENE!!! LOVE IT!!!! :)

Lulu and Lucky: Lucky asked her a good question!!!! Why does she stick up for her father and are on his side, but not Lucky's?!!?!

Michael and Krissy: UGH! Shut up Michael!!!!

Papa Z: He goes into Jason's room. Hmmm maybe it's not Jason in the room? Is that why Robin wouldn't let Patrick and Maxie in there? And is that why they are not showing Jason's face? Is this all a trap for Papa Z?

My2Cents2 said...

OMG was OLTL mezmerizing today or what??
If soaps were this good everyday, there would be no PP.
ABC wouldn't let go!!

So who dunnit??

Not Brody.
Not Rex or Shane
Todd is to obvious.
Who is left??

sonya said...

My2Cents2 I think Brody shot Victor Jr!!!! :)

historyiseveryday said...

loved Agnes Nixon on AMC! The best part is that they listed all of the symptoms of my mom's disease and then ruled out the disease! (She has Myasthenia Gravis.)

Those Angie and Jesse scenes are great. Also, I want to shoot JR.

My2Cents2 said...

Sonya...if you would have asked me yesterday who was getting shot and who dunnit I would have said Brody.

However, he seemed awfully 'cool' for just killing someone today.

But then again, I could see Brody taking Jack to the hospital..but then again, Jack will be a witness!!

Wasn't this show awesome today??

Mamaspat Ole said...

My2Cents2 I agree OLTL was rocking it.AMC was sooo good today I was hanging on every word of Angie's.....I thought Agnes was great too historyiseveryday

My2Cents2 said...

Funny, I don't watch AMC. However yesterday I happen to have it on, and it looked GOOD!!
Something about a baby not belonging to someone??

Still scratching my head about who dunnit it.
Jack, once he gets his memory back, will remember. But that could be in 3 months!!

Anonymous said...

Watched GH online. Liked alexis telling Carly off and enjoyed the honest moment when she admitted her love for Jacks.
Michael was his usual annoying self and I think Krissy gave him the right advice to go get in the mob. Obviously the trauma of prison and rape did not drill it into his head enough to stay away from sonny and the mob. He's an idiot and I hope he leaves the show.I also hope when he leaves he takes Lulu with him because they both have blinders on.
Jason's story is dull since we all know the golden couple can't be touched.

My2Cents2 said...

What was Robin's problem today??

Alexis...that is 2 days in a row she hit the nail on the head. (s)
Love my Carly, but every word Alexis said, was so true. The way she said it. 2 strong actress's in a few scenes today. AWESOME.

And her to admit her love for Jax surprised me. Like Alexis said, if he would of stayed with her he would be alive.

My2Cents2 said...

Why did Michael look different today?

kdmask said...

I really want it to be someone outside the box like Addie that shot Victor. LOL

Anonymous said...

NLG made me cry yesterday. She is so real and raw with her emotions and although preety she is a normal woman. Curvy, etc. Refreshing to see her & Laura be normal sized women instead of sticks.

And Yes I am bored of the Jason story. Come on, GW you had better step up your game and fast.

My2Cents2 said...

I still do think it will be someone 'outside' the box who shot Victor. But who??

NLG - description of her is perfect.
Why can't she be the new leading lady?
Her words were right on.
Can't deny that.

Hope said...

I loved the play on words with Agnes on AMC..very clever

angie & Jessie ....oh my gosh, just incredible

on oltl, the scene in the restaurant, loved the husbands trying to not be there thru out their wives 'discussion' good one.

sonya said...

My2Cents2 maybe Brody seems awfully cool because has lost his mind! :) Yes OLTL is awesome!

Karen Addy to shoot Victor? ROFL! What would be the reason? Hahaha!

My2Cents2 said...

Addy is way too kind to shoot anyone. In the process, she would probably shoot herself first!!

I don't disagree about Brody 'losing his mind'. It has happened before. lol
I just don't think it was him.
But then again, I am never right about my theories!

GO ALEXIS go..words that were spat at Sonny & MyGirlCarly couldn't of rung truer.

LindaV said...

NLG has been outstanding. Alexis finally got her gut wrenching speech out there two days in a row. Milo should have had a guard or at least Sam cover for him. Lulu is a pain in the you know what. Liking Matt and Liz.

My2Cents2 said...

Milo needs someone to watch over him!!

NLG...What a treat to see her at her best 2 days in a row.