Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Married a Mobster, You Got Knocked up by One!


OLTL: Ooooooooooooooo lah-lah. I can't wait for the "Spotted Pony" stuff... heh. Poor New Todd. OMG, I knew he would lie. It's all so crazy!! WHY did they  have Susan Haskell leave? Marty would be so great in this. 
I don't get why Jack is all of a sudden contrite. Hmmmm, weird. 
OH THE END was awesome!!

 Oh, so many captions for this!! ahahaaa.

Take a gander at Dylan Cash now!!! WOW... he's all growed up! 

Gino mention!!!! WOW, Nice use of "The City" history!! (circa 1996)  It's about damn time to let Tracy's mobular ties come into play. "I married a mobster, you just got knocked up by one"!!! Tracy to Skye. Hahahaaa!! For info on "The City" hit the link to the Wiki. Skye mentioned Carla, Gino Jr. and Gina-- heh..they are all Gino's kids. Will they ALL COME to GH?? So far we know Gina will. That's enough. There will be more mob stuff!!

Carly slappin' Sonny again. That looked REAL. REALLY REAL! LMAO. 

Siobhan..I am so hoping her 'twin' or whoever is AMERICAN!! I am going to call her "Neobhan" and I bet boots Ethan is going to see her!!! YOU Wait I AM RIGHT!! 

The drug thing isn't going far with me. zzzzzzzzzzzzz about the story. I don't care right now. 

AZ is a crazyman LMAO--- hahahaa. He's a cutter!  heh 

Dante: "move to that private island of yours, where you pay to have people like you"...and he mentions Bensonhurst to Sonny.

Nancy Lee Grahn tweets (after working together 16 hours with castmates): --taping JaSam wedding
Lexi to Nancy " OMG im slap happy and delirious. I think Im going crazy. Good God I'm turning into you!

Steve 2 Mo "dude, that's worst acting I have ever seen you do..ever!"

Haley to stage manager " Where's my mom and dad? I think they left me here. Arent there Child labor laws? I want to go home"


Hope said...

I was hoping for a flashback and a clip from City.....

sonya said...

Karen why do you want to call Siobhan's twin Neobhan? :) Okay my GH thoughts today.

Skye and Tracy: Oh boy!!! Tracy has secrets! :) I love how Skye brought up all of Tracy's marriages. :)

Liz and Matt: Matt is talking like Maxie! A mile a minute!!! Matt you gotta stop dating Maxie! :)

Skye and Papa Z: Papa Z is getting turned on again!!

The bald headed guy and Papa Z: Awww they are having a dinner date. :) Papa Z wants Shivon DEAD! Bald headed guy said he couldn't cus Ethan showed up. Well he didn't say Ethan's name. Just the cop's brother. Papa Z says something about a boy doing a man's job. Papa Z then has a knife! I thought he was going to kill bald headed dude but nope! Papa Z cuts his own hand!!! OUCH! I get it! Papa Z is going to the hospital so he can kill her himself!

Skye: She is on the phone with her daughter. Skye calls herself mommy. Mommy? And the way Skye was talking to her daughter, I guess her daughter wasn't sorassed to be a teenager. :)

Sonny and Carly: They reshowed the slap! YAY! Oh she told him off but good! Hmm character growth Carly? ALRIGHT!

Hope said...

forgot to say that RealTod had me in tears to day....

Carrie said...

Dylan looks 40!



So the Jasam Wedding is happening!

Frisco said...

Sonny to Carly: "So you want me to rot in hell"
Carly: "No hell is not bad enough for you. I will think of something that is."
Oh, god, Carly is going to sleep with him again.

Is this a Matt and Liz chem test. If they show him playing with Cam and Aiden we can all be certain they are moving in that direction. I could see it working.

Skye is fantastic. Welcome back RC!

So if Jax is presumed dead and he and Carly are not yet legally divorced did she just become one rich(er) woman?

Wardrobe is doing a great job with Skye and Tracy. Sonny needs a new wardrobe, a white jacket that ties in the back.

When is the last time we saw Dante and Lulu together? Not missing them at all.

Piper said...

Ok I'm going to say it. Dylan Cash, what happened dude? I guess all of us went thru "that" stage.

I could have sworn Carly & Jax were officially divorced. Could be wrong.

Yes, for the love of the big guy please made Erin speak with an American accent. She is beautiful but it just never worked. I'm thinking they know that which is why she is getting killed off.

Anonymous said...

Daytime is reporting that Erin Chambers has been fired from Gh and look for her to make a shocking exit next week.

Anonymous said...

I recall Carly telling off sonny in the worst way possible when michael was shot. The words flew out of her mouth like venom and she still went back to seeing sonny and allowing her kids to interact with him.
This latest blow up is classic sonny/carly dysfuntion. I can't stand seeing them on screen.

Anonymous said...

Enough with talking about Siobhan's accent! We get it, you hate it. Can we move on now? Don't worry, you know she'll die soon, so you can be happy not hearing her speak again.

Anonymous said...

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! JaSam wedding IS finally happening!! :)

Anonymous said...

I think Ethan and Siobhan/future new Siobhan would look great together!

I don't like Liz with Matt, but it's nice to see her interact with others other than Lucky or Jason. I wish they had gone for a Liz/Jax love story...

Rhonda said...

Anon 6:25 pm YOU MADE MY DAY! I so hope you're right that Erin was fired. We have enough characters that we love and that GW can write for.

kdmask said...

so thought she was coming back as another character...weird. We'll see. maybe they scraped the whole twin thing??

"NEO-Bhan" Neo=NEW

I think Dylan Cash looks like an Ax murderer in that pic LOL

Anonymous said...

Yuck. Ethan and Siobhan have zero chem. No thank you.

cyndib said...

I agree with you about Dylan Cash's picture, Karen. I thought maybe that was a publicity shot of him as a serial killer on CSI or a pervert on SVU. Wowsers. Scary.
Loved Carly slapping Sonny today but I am so hoping that wasn't foreplay for them. Ugh. Don't want to see another reunion.

Shirleedee said...

With luck Dylan will 'grow into' his face. Right now, at 16, he's too old to be 'young' and to young to be 'old'.

LindaV said...

I think EC is a good actress, but the character has been turned into such a shrew. Duh, Ethan has seen a janitor in Siobhan/s room twice and let it slide? Liz looked particularly gorgeous yesterday and I love that we are seeing more of Matt, after how many years? Skye and Tracy were great - love this unholy reunion.

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