Monday, August 8, 2011

Oh My Poor London!

What in the HELL?!! London is my favorite city. I've tried for years to get ol' Wubby Hubby to pop for a flat in Ealing. Our family lives near Gatwick and in Crawley.  These riots are just horrible. They seem to have started for one reason (drug arrest/killing) and now "yobs" (as they call them) are just going crazy. Say a good word for everyone over there. Hope Harrods survives.  I say send over Detroit,  Chicago and NYC riot police. Clean it up quick! 

Ealing.. sniff.


historyiseveryday said...

i don't understand why people riot. do they really think it would make things better? i mean, come on. i'm sure burning down Watts helped the Civil Rights Movement, right?

I hope everyone stays safe in London. I've always wanted to go's in my top 3: Rome, somewhere in Ireland, and London.

kdmask said...

London is a fab city to visit...and usually very VERY safe. I've walked all over it at all hours of the night. Those kids have too much time on their hands.

lisa said...

Apparently a peaceful protest became violent. There was a protest over the shooting of a 29 year old father of three. Police are saying they stopped a cab with him inside. There was an exchange of gunfire which resulted in mike duggan's death. They are claiming that mike duggan had ties to a gang but his family disputes this claim. The ballistics on the bullet lodged in the police radio may have come from a policeman's gun. The shooting is being investigated by another police review board.
I don't condone people rioting and destroying other people's hard earned properties/business, but I hope this was not a wrongful shooting by police as well.

lisa said...

Watts riots of 1965 were a result of years of oppression of african americans and abuse by a corrupt L.A. police force. While some might argue that it didn't help the civil rights movement it exposed the poverty and racial injustice occurring in Watts. The world was watching and it wasn't pretty. It needed to be exposed.
Again, I don't condone violence and destruction but I also know that if you oppress people they will revolt.

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