Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Garin Wolf; Unmasked???

If you believe the mags, THIS is the face of Garin Wolf... Hmmmm he certainly has been a wiley one. I personally think this is Vicky's hubby DON from Real Housewives of OC. heh..OR the Chopper guy. I still like to think of him as a cy-borg. (Controlled by Guza/Frons) That's my story and I like it!! BTW, I'd say most people are liking the changes on GH. Not everyone, but most. At least that's how it is on twitter.

I have to mention the kick-ass scene today between Angie/Jessie--wow. WOW, that's acting.. Frantic/hysterical without going over the top. Bravo. Debbi is going to Y&R and I'm happy for her! 

How was GH?! I liked Skye/Johnny and Alexis yelling at Sonny..in her blue boobie dress!! LOL

NEW SCOOPS ARE UP  --Luke's going to be lurking around town, Liz gets nabbed and Steve has a secret. Other than Sam's wedding dress (I'm a sucker for those) they seem a bit zzzzzzzz inducing.


  1. Karen alfred here did you know Garin Wolf and Scott Wolf the actor are cousins????

  2. I enjoyed the Tracy/LuLu scene today, its nice sometimes to see Tracy like that...
    thats as much as I saw as a really cute guy showed up on a motorcycle and off I went...so will be waiting for the synopsis.....

  3. Tracy/Lulu were good. Olivia/Dante were good. Olivia/Lulu were good. Sam/Kristina were good. Alexis/Sonny/Kristina were AWESOME...if Sonny does not get sent to Shadybrook something is wrong...you know if Sonny was a woman they would of shipped him to Shadybrook a long time ago.

    Johnny/Skye were funny and my new favorite couple.

    I am NOT looking forward to Luke coming back...the "cater" to AG by giving him all these vacation breaks is very disruptive. a lot of soap stars are losing their jobs as shows get cancelled. tptb should tell AG either he works fulltime or not at all. I would not be sad to see him go...and take Lucky with him...JJ is an amazing actor but the character is so damn depressing.

  4. Is this the first photo of GW??
    Had nobody posted his photo before?

  5. I thought Lucky was going to kiss the hair right off that baby's head today. It was sweet, though.
    What the heck is wrong with Kristina? She's not going to be the one to die is she? How awful! I hate the rumor that Robin will die, though, too.
    I liked the way Skye got the best of Johnny, too and really liked the interaction between LuLu and Tracy.

  6. Didn't watch yet today, however that rumor about Robin, I am not buying into it anymore.

    I reported that I had heard that.
    Then after researching where it came from, I decided the source isn't reliable.

  7. :) We get to see the picture of what Wolfie looks like YAY! Love the picture. :)

    Lucky and Aidan: Oh Johnathan Jackson was holding his son!!! He kept kissing him! :) The baby kept rubbing his eyes. Awww are you tired little one? :) I don't like that Lucky was holding onto his son while holding onto the drug bottle. I did like when he said he wanted to protect him from all this. :)

    Olivia and Dante: Hmmm? I am confused I thought Lulu liked the key and the name plate. Olivia brings up flowers or jewelry. And that he should have given her that on Lulu's birthday. HUH?! There is nothing wrong with the gift he gave her.

    Olivia and Lulu: Olivia tells Lulu that Dante's gift was a bad gift and called him an idiot. What the hell?! Olivia you are annoying shut up!!!! Maybe the gift would be bad FOR YOU! And then she tells Lulu to make Dante sweat it out! All because he didn't give her flowers and/or jewelry?!!?! What the hell?!?!

    Johnny and Skye: Chem test? HELL YEAH! HOT HOT HOT!!!! They didn't have sex rats! :) She told him she isn't that easy! Hahaha! And he tried to untie himself with his teeth! That cracked me up! ROFL! Great scene. :) I think Skye watches too much Seinfeld. :)

    Skye and Tracy: Skye put back the money in the safe. Tracy turned on the light. Skye is BUSTED! :)

    Alexis and Sonny: Alexis told Sonny off because of Jax! GO ALEXIS! And then Krissy walks in and sees her mother almost hit him! Then Krissy tells him off! GO KRISSY! :)

    Sam and Krissy: Krissy almost passes out!!!! Krissy has wedding stuff for Sam to see. I'm sorry did Sam ask for Krissy's help? Krissy is acting like Molly!!

    Krissy: Oh oh she almost passes out again!

    Sam: She is at the hospital chapel. She prays for Jason. And then says that the wedding is out of control! She says Jason won't like it. What about YOU Sam! It's YOUR wedding too!!! What do you YOU want?! Are you afraid of Jason or something? Damn!

  8. Sonya, I almosts always agree with you nut have to disagree on one thing today. Dante's gift was lame!! What is he going to give her for Christmas, a mixed tape? Of course the key was just to prop up the storyline of Lulu learning about Lucky and her angst over Dante not telling her...I'll be fastforwarding all her shreking scenes (she does have something in common with her cousin Carly!!!)

  9. I loved Angie today too Karen.Is everybody going to Y & R lol.....I love it !!!!!

  10. Can someone answer a question for me?
    I know Lucky is walking around with a container full of pills, however, has he taken any??

  11. Frisco I don't think the gift was lame. He wants Lulu to move in with him, so he found an interesting way to show he wants her to move in. Than the same ol same ol flowers/and or jewelry and then ask her to move in.

  12. My2Cents, I think he took two right after Siobhan died, right next to her dead body in the hospital room. Yikes. I thought he took a couple more after he left the hospital but listen more than watch some days so I could be wrong.

  13. Cyndib...thank you!!

    I can't remember either!!

  14. Lucky is so dreary. I don't want to see him. Doom and gloom all the time with him.

  15. Still no Bobbie sigh

  16. According to Wikipidea laura Wright is out as Carly, to be announced. Tamara Braun is returning as Carly,to be announced. And Natalia Livingston is returning as Emily Quartermaine, to be announced if true.

  17. Anon 11:03, I saw that as well! I think that Laura wright is fired and it was in the works for awhile. Karen, as well as, Raven did say that main actors would be leaving. I'm not surprised because lots of people are discussing the friction between LW and TPTB. The rumor has been that TB was coming back to GH.
    I wonder when JJ and Anthony Geary are leaving? Lots of shake-ups coming.
    I would be happy if Emily came back! I love Natalia and would love for Liz to have Emily back. Emily and Liz were closer than Liz and her brother stephen or sister sara.

  18. LW is not fired. Tb is not taking over her role. That rumor will not die.
    If any lead actress is leaving or threatening to it NLG.

    Take what you read from Raven with a 'grain of salt'

  19. That is a long time rumor that NLG is leaving. I think we are going to see many big announcements over the next 2 months. It wouldn't surprise me to see certain actors/actresses gone and they are bound not to reveal this until announcements are made. I think with AMC/OLTL going online they are bound to lose actors to other shows like Y&R, GH, and DOOL. I'm sure they will recast some characters.
    I do not trust TPTB or Disney, as I believe the writing is on the wall for staff to be leaving a show that will be cancelled.

  20. Alfred, I DID! :)saw it on wikipedia

  21. I think Wikipedia can be false at any moment in time LOL...

  22. I think there are alot of 'shake ups' coming to GH as well.
    The show isn't doing as well as we all had hoped, I can only imagine there is tension behind the scenes.

    If someone saw where it stated Laura Wright was fired, can you please post the link??