Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Franco Frenzy Building.. stuff has been taped!

HOW GORGE are they together??!! Scoops are filing out of the background regarding Franco's return--looks like he takes ol' Sam hostage and does some "art" with her. Heh. CO77x!!! We know they go to Hawaii-- that's where it looks like the tropical nabbing takes place.

My weekend was long, sad and I'm glad to be back. Things are moving slowly--it seems like it takes me twice as long to do anything. OY. I'll get back into the swing. I'll try to get some new scoops up on the Wubs Net later, so check the page. 

AMC:  Why the heck do Angie and Jessie live in that tiny urban apt? I mean, come on..the stove is next to the front door. At least get them a colonial. Angie's a dang doctor.  Greenlee/Ryan...zzzzzzz Bianca and Marissa--don't care ....  Just change Angie out of that DRESS already--it's killing my eyes! 

OLTL: Twin Toddies!! But who's face is the real one? LOL..?? Maybe she went to Todd-Mart for them. HA! ( we have a Todd-Mart here, so inside joke)!! The Todd thing was so X-files. Two Todd Mannings-- and then one was substituted for the other.  "One was special"....uh, ok!! Then, Todd gave "Victor" his memories..but we still don't know who the FIRST Todd was.
I can accept this because I watched a hell of a lot of Sci-Fi Twilight Zones when I was  kid.

Kelly's crying about her kid--Zane, who she never mentions!! And, btw, they can kill off Aubrey at ANY time, thank you.
Gigi has such a "Death Pout" !!!!
LOVED Roxy and Nat--drinking coffee, puttin on lip gloss! so fun. 
Awesome use of history with Irene's diary! 

GENERAL HOSPITAL:  LORD, Diane in her Fredrick's of Hollywood!! Getting Mac bombed. But typical of GH, this "Jake's scene" was chopped up so much (last time we saw them was Thursday) it's languishing. 
Coleman talking about all the Kate stuff we never saw!! 

Just get Ned back.
I think Jason is still on the damn hospital floor!!

Abner..ughhhhhhhhhhh Sorry I hate this storyline!! get them off the island of 1,000 dresses! And fluffy white robes.

And..who else thought that guy was going to spray Siobhan with bug killer?! ahahahah. I did. heh Liz told Lucky about Siobhan's accident. 

Sonny thinks he tampered with the plane, but Jax did notice it was messed with, so he can save himself. 

EDITING CRAP: On Friday, Robin said it was 3am... TODAY, Diane says it's 2am-- ergo, we went back in time.

Great Interview with Bradford Anderson!!

**NOTE: VMG is gone from the opening credits



sonya said...

Karen You have a ToddMart? What? ROFL! On to GH.

Boy this night is a very long night.

Coleman and Alexis:

Okay Alexis forget Mac since you don't feel a spark with him. Do you feel a spark with Coleman? :) I think you can have a lot of fun with him!!! :) Alexis says that she doesn't want to ask Mac to join them for strip pool cus she says he is conservative! Hahaha he never used to be Alexis! :) Love their scene!

Diane and Mac:

I think Diane is gonna break up with Max! :( NO!!! :( Diane wants Mac to have a drink and he has a drink but he doesn't want to have anymore cus he will snore right there! ROFL! Diane wants Mac to just go for it and enjoy life! That kids and the job changed him. Diane doesn't want him to say he snores again! ROFL! She wants him to just be a woman's fantasy! ROFL! Great scene!! Love the scene. If Diane is gonna break up with Max, :( Then is Diane and Mac gonna be together?

Sonny and Dante:

Throw the book at him Dante!!! :)


Oh oh! Jax is flying his plane! :( I hope you got a parachute Jax! :(

Michael and Abby:

Okay this was an odd scene! So in the lady's room Abby heard a woman Abby doesn't know talk to another woman she doesn't know and says that Abby looks like a hooker?! HUH?! Why? Is it because of the dress!?!? Abby goes whining and crying to Michael. Geez Abby I thought you were a strong woman? Why didn't you tell this woman off?!! She is acting like a teenager in high school. The scene didn't make any sense. And why didn't we get to see this scene happen? Oh and then later they have dinner. She brings up how it's 3 am! Like I said a loooooooooooooooong night! :)

Ethan: He saved Shivon!!! That bald dude was gonna kill Shivon! Ethan wanted to know what the bald dude is doing. The bald dude said he was just cleaning ROFL! Damn Ethan looks so hot! :)

Anonymous said...

When is Ingo leaving GH? Anyone catch the orginal Gia on Lifetime's aganist the wall?

Adora said...

That picture of Kelly and James is absolutely gorgeous~ It's a shame that circumstances would never allow for them to be an on screen couple, at least not on GH.

I am a little perplexed by today's episode, which I haven't watched yet. I know the new headwriter is trying to balance things more but it seems odd to me that this week's promos are all about Jason and they just drop the storyline today. I can survive though, and I know some people are probably relieved to have a Jason free day, it just seems odd to me at the moment.

It was also interesting to me how the last thing we saw the Friday before last was the car crash but Monday's show didn't start (immediately) with the crash, taking us into more everyday scenes first instead. I am intrigued by Garin's decisions on when to air what.

Aside from possibly the stuff at Jake's today isn't sounding too exciting. I hope I am wrong! ^^:

Frisco said...

So Sonny's island is on the same time zone as Port Chuck?
Who else wants Jax's plane to crash land on the island and squash Michael and Abby? No such luck, Next we get Abby and Johnny (Jabby?) and Micheal and Gina?

Dustin said...

Karen- VMG is gone from the opening credits but Lisa Niles isn't? #annoying

Anonymous said...

Frisco asked who else wants Jax plane to land on Michael and Abby. I do.

Lara said...

Sam and Franco... they look HOT!!

Very interested in this new s/l, can't wait to see what Jason will do to him :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry,, she looks like she's latching on to him.

lisa said...

Too bad franco was a regular on GH, because they could have written sam to be with franco and leave jason to be with liz.

Anonymous said...

Smart publicity pic for when KM decides to pursue big screen movies.

Mrs. B said...

Kemo looks great as always in that pic. She is such a beautiful girl, just wish GH would do more with and for her.

Karen, sorry you had a hard weekend. I assume you were taking the boy to college. Hugs xoxoxox

BTW, anyone want to see a wonderful funny, moving movie go see "the Help"

LindaV said...

Yeah, big problem with continuity already. And did anyone else notice that the dress Diane wore into the bar could never have been worn over the lingerie she was wearing - the cut would never have fit over it. And we get a cliffhanger of Jason on the floor and no follow-up today? Lucky looked remarkably clean after spening hours on the sidewalk and a dirty floor. Coleman is so sexy! And count me in for the plane crashing on Mabby. I like Andrea B. but I don't think she would be exciting enough to be paired with B. B.'s Johnny.

Diana said...

I know I shouldn't question soap logic, HOWEVER: Robin is Chief of Staff at GH and quite the anal-retentive perfectionist. Isn't it illegal for doctors NOT to report a gunshot wound? I find it somewhat out of character for her to protect Sonny and Jax in this particular instance. She may protect them but I'm not convinced she would break the law and risk her career to do it. Also, do the Drakes have any neighbors close enough to hear a gunshot? I would think someone in the neighborhood would report shots being fired. I know I would...

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