Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Watch: Soapy Friday

Happy Birthday SkeeBOB! ;) 
BTW, if you haven't see the birthday homage to me on GH Puppet Theater, get there!! It's too fun. 

 this is too easy.. LOL only a million captions could go here! heh

I hope everyone on the east coast is hunkering down or leaving town. It's not supposed to get this far..but I do move my kid into the dorms Sunday-- so it had better not even rain!! Dang it.

OLTL: Blair has on my pants from 1978. Starr/Dorian flashback. awww, she was so little!! I wish the Todds would just SHARE!! GEESH! 
They are going to dig up Gigi (which would take a LONG time to get excavation orders but ok) -- and Shane threatens New Face. Same time as Brody does (sort of). 
Blair to Tea: "You're a pain in my ass"...  
Can't believe that they didn't have the Gigi reveal today and NOT Monday! Wow.. and Shane sees it? OY. So, what's goin' on with that. Maybe GHOST Gigi is warning Rex about Stacey's face? LOL I have no idea. 
Two Todds are better than one, keep them both!!
Boo Hisss.

GENERAL HOSPITAL:  Dashboard dreams today!! 
Carly and Michael just stood around and bitched about Sonny. blah, blah....

Didn't realize that Jason could have a month to wait for the surgery. hmmm. Sam wants to make love "like the bunnies"...then she smells his pillow LOL

Matt/Patt...more bickering. They are the new CarJax. 

Sam/Jason in the tropics on a Honeymoon, playing scuba divers. LOL

Carly/Jason in Jake's playing pool.
Liz/Jason at her art studio..he's an architect..uh, okay..(where did that come from?!) Liz just wants his shirt off LOL
Monica...sniff... he's a DOCTOR..and there's Alan. Jason's the Chief of Staff
everyone wants Jason!!  
They are totally enjoying this..all the actors love doing the Q stuff!! If only Alan hadn't been killed off. So stupid. SO STUPID!! 

So then things get darker because his brain is being messed with?? The frontal lobe.  Ah, the frontal Lobe. Guns..cocaine... Michael screetching LOL.

WOW, I see lower Manhattan is under a mandatory evac...BE SAFE!!!!


AntJoan said...


They pre-empted GH today due to hurricane stuff!! When can I get it on Hulu?

sonya said...

Patrick and Matt: Oh the bickering brothers I love it! Well until Matt talks about how Patrick killed Jake!! I love you Matt, but that went to far!!!!

Matt and Sam: Sam gave her a piece of her mind! LOVE IT! Matt looked like he felt bad and apologized. Then he walked out looking sad. Now I feel bad for him. :( Liz tried to make him feel better.

Carly and Jason: Jason says we (meaning Sam and him) agreed on the surgery. Carly says WE? Carly doesn't look happy that she wasn't part of it. :) Sam shows up and gives Carly a piece of her mind for Carly telling Jason about Michael and him joining Sonny's business. I love tough Sam! :)

Jason and Sam: So sad. :( And Sam knows that Carly is in love with Jason! :) Jason tells Sam I am in love with you! Awww! :)

Monica and Edward: Monica asks is it wrong to hope that Jason comes back. (meaning the old Jason) Edward says be careful what you wish for. I want Jason Q to come back too Monica!

The dreams..... Hey! I thought it was going to be the women sleeping and dreaming. But it's daydreams! :)

Monica's daydream: I cried!!! It was the ugly cry! Jason is chief of staff. There was Edward, Alan, Monica, and Tracy. Tracy her old self hahaha! I LOVE IT!! Alan has gray hair! :) But then her daydream turns bad and Jason starts to take out cocaine to sniff it!!!!

Sam's daydream: They are on an island on their honeymoon. They have been on a honeymoon for 6 months. LOVE IT! Then it turns bad and a guy with a gun shows up.

Liz's daydream: Liz and Jason are a couple. :) LOVE IT! But then it turns bad when Jason finds her birth control pills and realized she isn't using them!!!!

Carly's daydream: They are playing pool and all talk talk talk! What the hell? ROFL! Carly why aren't you daydreaming about kissing Jason and having sex with him? Anyway the daydream turns bad when Michael shows up angry!

Why are the all the women's daydreams turning bad?!!?!! ROFL! Come on ladies for crying out loud!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I wasn't a fan of the Carly dream but I did like that each woman saw the good and the bad. Like Edward said to Monica "be careful what you wish for!"


Hope said...

in my next life I want to be Kassie Depalva-Blair....Please.........

kdmask said...

I think it's up tonight on Also, soapnet later

Frisco said...

I really did not like that they had each dream turn negative. Are they trying to show us that Jason's current life as a mob hitman is better then any other life he could have had?

I also did not understand why when all the other dreams seemed to be taking place current day Monica's dream was taking place during Christmas?

The Carly dream was a waste of screen time...except that she said Sonny was no longer in Port Charles! Now that is a dream I would like to see happen!!

I wish Robin would of had a dream as well. Or, if not have her own dream then she could of been Jason's girlfriend/wife in Monica's dream.

Frisco said...

The dialogue amongst the Q's in Monica's dream was great.
"This is my house" . . . "I gave it to you".

One thing made zero sense however. Monica says to Jason "Thank good ness you were not in that car with AJ, I couldn;t of lost you too". Thing is, AJ never died in that car crash which is how Monica made it sound.

sonya said...

Yeah Frisco it was strange. Why would Monica daydream of AJ dead? HUH?!

historyiseveryday said...

my uncle was evacuated today...i wouldn't be surprised if i get evacuated tomorrow. it's sad. everyone is running around like chickens with their heads cut off. if this was GH, Jason would be racing to the rescue by now. lol.

Frisco said...

Hey Sonya
It was odd. Are we suppose to beleive that if Jason had remained a Quartermaine Alan would still be alive but AJ would still be dead?
Quite the opposite is probably true. Alan died from a heart attack after RANDOMLY being taken hostage in the Metro Court. Jason's transformation to Jason Morgan did not cause the hostage taking.
On the other hand, Jason's transformation to Jason Morgan was indirectly responsible for AJ's death.
SO...if Jason had stayed a Quartermaine it would be more beleivable for Alan to be dead and AJ to be alive...according to my logic anyways, haha.
In reality I guess they could not get Billy Warlock back on set for a day...

skeebob said...

Quite the surprise to see my name at the top of the column! Thank you, that was awesome!

I love that Kim is back on OLTL, and I love that I can't figure out where that story is going. I didn't like the grave scenes today, but I laughed at the camera movement that took the place of the ditch digger or whatever. Blair said "pain in my ass" to Tea twice - you could hear her repeating the line as they left the house, with the camera on the safe. Not the most exciting Friday ever, but still an awesome show.

Rita pita said...

Ahhhh Liason. How I miss thee. The music. The chemistry. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

I think they should have shown Liz & Jason with little Jaske personally.

Kemo looked great, Liz looked beautiful, Carly was still snarky.

Go away Michael.

rena said...

YES! Liason with baby Jake would have been perfect.

cyndib said...

I just came back to GH a week or two ago. Michael is driving me nuts already. LOL! Matt. Why is he such a tool? He wasn't written for at all when I watched before and all I've seen him of so far is the way he conducts himself in the hospital. It was cool that he helped Lucky on the docks the other day but he is so unprofessional with his brother. Can't believe the stuff he was saying in the middle of the hospital instead of in private.

lisa said...

LOve liz and Jason but of course they couldn't write it in a positive way. They had to write Liz as tricking jason into having a baby and we know in reality she never did. Usual transparent make Liz roadkill writing. So sorry for Becky Herbst. I know it's a job for BH but somehow I wish she was on a soap with better writing. I watched on you tube and found it great that she was an artist in her dream. I loved her portrayal of Liz and that scene on the couch was hot before they ruined it.

Anonymous said...

Loved the liz /jason scene! Miss them. BH did a great job!

Rita pita said...

I too loved the Liason scene/dream.
I realize he is with Sam and came to terms with it months ago so to be honest I would almost rather not have the whole song playing, loving life together scene. That was a real tease and GW knew exactly what he was doing. One thing he will learn though is not to stir up a fan base, and Liason still has one wedding to Sam or not.

GH happenings hint that Robin get a virus and may die, which would be the tearjerker story coming. This would not be a good idea. We saw this girl grow up on this show and poor Mac! Poor Maxie! Poor Patrick and Emma.

Saw Molly on a staples commercial with the kid from modern family. too cute!

Now this week they will pick up the Kristina/Ethan story, the one they dropped for what, 3 weeks? Haven't even made mention of her. Alexis, Molly or Kristina hasn't been at the hospital to support Sam, either. Speaking of Sam, I loved her telling Carly to leave yesterday. It was pathetic that she was there not concerned but needing something yet again. Loser!

kdmask said...

the whole AJ thing was sad..I was hoping she was going to say, thank goodness that car crash wasn't bad and your brother is in NYC doing ELQ biz or something

sonya said...

Yeah Rita pita that would be horrible if Robin died. :'(

Karen yeah that would have been great if Monica said that AJ was in NYC doing ELQ business!!!! :)

sonya said...

Oh and that poll of yours Karen about who should take a vacation, I voted for Dante. And I would go with him on vacation! :) I can even put suntan lotion on him hehehe!

Frisco said...

but AJ did not die in the car crash, he was suffacted with a pillow in gh.

LindaV said...

It was so wonderful to see Alan Q. How I miss him! Liz and Jason were beautiful together. Jason could have taken his shirt off, though. He does look really bulky now it seems.

JPink said...

I think Jason is too tan...he's looking very Jersey Shore lately. :(

sonya said...

LindaV yeah Jason should have taken his shirt off. :) But Steve Burton doesn't like to take his shirt off.

Anonymous said...

I loved liason scene and can watch this over and over. They are hot. I know they will ruin it as they don't like BH. It's funny because a person's fantasay about someone they love shouldn't be negative.
Anyway, I get that their afraid to threaten support for their chosen couple, jasam.