Sunday, March 9, 2014

Two New Castings

Because GH isn't big enough!! 

Lisa Lewolt  has been cast one of Lucy's daughters: Serena or Kristina (One is Scotty's the other is Kevin's) 

Zachary Garred has also been added to the cast as a colorful  sidekick that returns with Maxie. Word is he's very fun, funny--to take the place of Spin? 


Carrie said...

Interesting. Want she Christina Baldwin? I don't remember why I think that though. I just knew she was a cutie.

As far as Kristinas with Ks go I wish Lexi would come back I think gh needs her

Karen said...

Thanks for the update. Not that GH needs any additions but I'll be happy to see "Maxie" return.

CareyN said...

Any chance he's an Ethan recast? He's about the right age, and Australian. I wouldn't mind if Ethan came back even with a different actor.