Friday, March 14, 2014

It's DONNA!!

She looks great...and not so nip-tucked I can't stand it. I still don't care about Nina LOL  Her name is Madeline. 

Ava's trying to kill AJ and taking an AGE..dear god!! GEEESH! It's going to be August before she shuts up! 
AJ..STRONG HAND for coma-guy..geesh. Those nurses were slow to get in there!!

Sam and Towel-Cop.  Like he'd walk around to rearrange the furniture in his towel. Not that I'm complaining!  She realizes he's closer to the case than sh thought

Pat gives Monica and Michael 2 options for AJ. Monica's letting MICHAEL decide. AJ gave him his healthcare proxy? ahahaa

Tracy tries to convince Kevin that Luke is fine. 

Luke is so nasty. Kiki "If it would have been anyone else, I would have kneed him in the nuts" LOL  Morgan and Kiki are conspiring. He doesn't want Luke near her. LOL Luke calls him a little punk. I wish he would have decked him lol 

TJ's mama comes in... her casting/announcement was non-existant... but she looks familiar? 


Carrie said...

Kesha? That could give AJ a story if he lives.

kdmask said...

I would Love it. Gotta find out

Anonymous said...

I was pretty surprised by TJ's mama's appearance as well. A nice under-the-radar story twist.

Ava's scene in AJ's room was toooo daaaamn lonnnng.

I'm curious what Fluke was doing on his cell while Tracy and Kevin were talking. Probably not Candy Crush. When Morgan confronted him about hitting on Kiki, I expected him to go full-tilt "deny deny deny," but Geary's "little punk" delivery to Morgan was pretty chilling. Whoever Fluke really is, he's off his hinge and is putting on a great act for Tracy alone.

Tara C said...

Could Fluke be Jerry Jax ala a rubber mask?

Kanella said...

Please, no more masks. I am old school and prefer impostors that undergo plastic surgery. Jerry Jax as Luke would be interesting.

The Nina story is growing on me. I adore Donna Mills. Det. West can run around shirtless any day of the week.

Anonymous said...

I briefly wondered that too, Tara. He's scheming enough, and I could certainly see him out to swindle the Q's out of $$$ since his own coffers were drained for the polonium cure. If memory serves, though, Jerry was in Port Charles as a regular when Luke ran his club... so he'd remember that, I'm sure.

AbsoluteLunatic said...

Her casting/announcement was existent. It was announced 1 or 2 months ago. She's not Keesha.

dar said...

She was on a Canadian series called "Being Erica."
She is way too young to be TJ's mother but I think that is who she is supposed to be.

RedSoxFaninVA said...

I'm not very familiar with Donna Mills but her character looks to be very interesting. I wonder what her relationship to Nathan West is. Mother-son? Is Nathan Nina's brother? It would explain why he so badly wants justice for Nina.

sonya said...

Kelly's: Sonny is whining to Shawn again over shooting AJ and hurting Michael. Blah blah blah. Whine whine whine. Oh look a day player won the line of the day!!

Lady: Are you giving me a raise? Then no.

Hahahaha. Can we keep her? :) Oh look a lady waiting for Shawn. TJs mother?

The hospital: Donna Mills!!! She is Nina's mother! Awesome. :) Yowza Madaline and McSilas have a lot of chemistry. Michael is AJ's heathcare proxy!!! It's his decision on what to do with AJ! Uh Morgan? Michael and Luke ARE related!! And you are related to Luke too! Why are you calling him Mr. Spencer? HE IS YOUR UNCLE YOU MORON! Tracy is in denial! Thinking Luke is okay! Meanwhile he touches Starki and calls Morgan a punk! :) Ava slithers in AJ's room like a snake. :) And when she puts on her gloves, it sounds like she has a cold again. She was fine before. Oh oh! She is trying to kill him! I kept waiting for AJ to stop her, AND HE DOES!!! FIGHT AJ FIGHT!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Oh Ava slithers away. The nurses come in late!! Were they on a coffee break?

Maxie's home: Sam and Nathan scene. Man she was lookin at his body before she said anything. :) I don't blame you Sam. :) No Nathan don't put your clothes on!! Your scene is so boring with Sam! Your body makes the scene better. :) Oh Madeline shows up.

Madeline: Hello Nathan.

Me: Go ahead Nathan. Say hi mother. She IS your mother right? :)

sonya said...

Oh Karen! I love these Luke rumors!

**Luke is: Bill Eckert, Luke's doppelganger

**Luke is Anthony Zacchara

**Luke is Harlan Barrett

**Luke is Frank Smith

**Luke is Casey the Alien

Luke is Anthony Zacchara?! Hahahhahahahaha! Luke is Casey the Alien! ROFL!

Carrie said...

I hate Shawn. Hope Ava kills him

AntJoan said...

Tara: Jerry Jax is NOT 6'4"; maybe he's JJ in a mask AND on stilts?

And, C'MON, NO ONE followed up on my comment as to how no cops are guarding AJ's room, and there is Ava taking a year a and a day talking to AJ before trying to do away w/him, not even concerned that someone will try to come in? How crazy is that?

Donna Mills is 73? I hope I look that good at her age, would like to find out who does her surgery, she looks amazing.

And, did anyone else notice Sam's eyes when she was speaking to Det. West, NOT looking into his eyes . . . Good Heavens, could his pants be any lower?

AntJoan said...

Yes, Sonya, I see that you also commented on Sam's lookin' at Det. West, but I typed up my comments while reading the other comments, and hadn't gotten to yours yet when I wrote that part.

sonya said...

"AntJoan said...Yes, Sonya, I see that you also commented on Sam's lookin' at Det. West, but I typed up my comments while reading the other comments, and hadn't gotten to yours yet when I wrote that part."

Hehehe. :) He should have been without clothes for the whole show today! It distracted me with how boring their scenes were.

Avalonn said...

I second that! Ava would make a better enforcer. She's no doubt a better shot!

Avalonn said...

I'm thinking Det West is Nina's brother. I can't believe Donna Mills is over 70! She looks no different than her Knots Landing days. So far, I'm enjoying her character. And it's the first time I've seen an expression on West's face that wasn't wooden. I'm still thinking Luke is one if the cartel from back in the early 90's. I'm leaning towards Larry Ashton.

AntJoan said...

OK NO ONE is following up on my comments that Luke is too tall to be anyone else except his own cousin, and that no cops are guarding AJ's room!! Wah!!

Kanella said...

I am with you, AntJoan.

nance24 said...

Donna Mills looks amazing, she was reminding me a little bit of Linda Grey

soaplover said...

Friday's show was just super! I had to watch it twice--so much was happening.

And this Luke is NOT jerry Jax--Jerry has charm... This Luke has none. The real Luke had plenty, however. The face on Geary is so telling, and of course Geary is at least 5 or 6 inches taller at about 6'2".

The Silas story gets more and more intriguing and now we know Nathan is involved in the actual family. I've said it all along. But does he know what the family is really up to or is he close to them but they are keeping him in the dark as to their real agenda.

Silas had the line of the day:
Madeline, 'A gentleman stands when a lady enters a room.'
Silas: 'Show me a lady and I'll stand.' I do love Michael Easton.

I do wish they would put Sonny out to pasture instead of wasting air time on his non-scenes.

Avalonn said...

Ok you guys. We are debating height on a soap....I hear ya but c'mon. Let's compare Anna vs Obrect in the weight department. Yet, Obrect put on the Anna mask and it made her shed a bunch of weight! Duke vs Faison. A world that machines exist that can freeze the world. A place that no one really dies. You can even see a body and even that is not a sure thing. And my personal favourite, Casey the alien from Lumina. It's our soap we can't argue logic where it's non-existent. All that said, I ask my GH watching friends to go check out old clips of Larry Ashton. I sound like a complete broken record but, I really am stuck on "Luke" being Ashton. I'm wondering what you guys think?

Joy Jensen said...

Ava in AJ's room touching the blinds, giving him kisses but then puts on gloves to squish the breathing tube. Only on a soap. Your are right where is the cop guarding the room just ridiculous. Luke is either suffering from too many shock treatments at Miscavage or is who--why his cousin Bill who wasn't that skeevy when he was on the show. Tracy needs to buy a clue.