Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Surgery: The Golden Week

HOO-WEE!!!! Listen, this week was a dang whirlwind for me. Lots to talk about..I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
Yes, GH isn't perfect but between the acting and little surprises, I'm a happy Wub Queen!!  I found some magnificent scenes/faces to share!! 
Don't faint.

What shall we have today? How about some celebration of poor, groped Kiki? Get them scrubbies on..and let's go! 

Ok, so..we had Donna Mills and TJ's Mama showing up on the same day. Had no casting/annoucement anything on "Jordan" other than speculation she was showing up "Sometime". Ergo, I was really shocked when she was sitting there. Jordan is played by the lovely Vinessa Antoine, let's hope it breathes life into the droll TJ/Shaun story.  I really wanted her to be Keeisha, Simone  or some other GH past person (Dawn?) But..whatever. 

 I still think ol' Jordon and Shaun had a one nighter and TJ is really his. She never told him, and he'll be 'shocked'. Can't wait to see her explain where she's been and why she hasn't checked in on TJ in so long!

AJ's shooting was a catalyst for a bunch of things. I'm not happy he was shot but hey. Good Drama all around. Monica showed up, and even though her "cell died" she sold that plot. Michael was frantic and had a great scene with Sonny about AJ and not telling him how much he loved him. Sonny's guilt was palpable-- from the inside out. Carly's got his number though. She knows him and I do love that they include that fact. Sean Kanan was brilliant in his seizure scenes...they scared me!! And Ava leaning down into his face to whisper sweet nothings before she gripped the ventilator tube? Ahhh...great theater!!  I also like that Patrick is included in this and consulting with Monica. There were some weird moments though-- Um, the nurses took an AGE getting in there when the monitor went off, Ava was talking for about a month before she did it and everyone was just walking in and out.  Monica leaving the decision up to Michael because AJ made him health care proxy. Geesh, at least give the kid SOME direction here! LOL 

Franco was on for a hot minute. Walking around with Caleb's cane-- he goes to see Scotty and banters. HE knows that Lucy is hot for him. Lucy shows up after not being able to eat Chinese Food with her hubby. He was "in the mood" ...she was not.  BUT she was in the mood for Scott! Tracy but a bee in Doc's bonnet about seeing Lucy and Scott at the PCPD. He put a bee in her bonnet by saying Luke was taken during his Miss Cabbage stay. 

Which brings us to LUKE. Luke, Luke---or NOT Luke. Well, he's not Luke. His eyes are even dark. You know my opinion on this. Anyway, he was an old leech to Kiki. heh, heh...first being uber creepy at the Qs..then groping her at GH.  I'm still thinking Bill Eckert because another mask would throw us all into oblivion.

Well, HELLOOOO Molly! She's all feisty now or what? Pretty good transformation and thank GOODNESS she got some sort of edge on her. She was boring as goody-two shoes. I like this. Telling Alexis she sucks.. LORDY! Plus with RIC back in town, it sets up a great dynamic between Mom and Dad. Molly can play both sides. Alexis has her hands full with Julian who brought her gardenias and told her how beautiful she was then and now. Swoon. About time she got some praise! Ok, he's a mobber but so far, I'm liking them. 

Shaun is annoying the HELL out of me. I have to vent for a minute. What is UP with him being all in Sonny's office acting like he's been in PC for 10 years?  Talking to Duke like he's got authority over him? SHUT IT.  Now that TJ's mama is in town, I hope he stays in Kelly's more often.  Hey, Olivia's Red Dress? Smokin! 

A picture tells a thousand words...and here's Ava working Sonny like a violin! Sonny's going to so implode--- the guilt is eating and eating. Ava's so happy SHE didn't pull the trigger and has the added bonus of having one over on Sonny, she's gleeful.

Love him or hate him? Spencer is OldTime Starr and Jack Manning rolled into one bratty prince. Can't wait for the Ball with Emma. I know some don't like the kiddies around. I really do because they are written so fun. Josslyn needs to come back to get our NEXT Four Musketeers going!

Son? Grandson? Hmmm.. if he IS Nina's kid, he could have been born during the coma but he's too old. She's only been in the coma 20 years. So, he is probably her brother. 

Other things happening: Duke is getting entangled more and more into the Sonny-saga. Will he feel remorse? Sam and Alexis' talk was great. Loved that Sam was in her football shirt having coffee. Felix saw Lucas kiss Brad (I still wish Lucas had more of a story than this). Sabrina stitching up Carlos.  LicRic scenes!! And I love having Ric back. Did you know that his birth sirname is "Herbst"?? (not Hearst) same as Becky's!?? Anyway...I wish the canvas wasn't so huge because it means less airtime for him. It's that old round-robin they play. Liz will be finding out about Ben at the engagement party--can't wait to see them all dressed up!

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Goodness. I teared up. I rarely genuinely tear up anymore for soaps. This scene was just amazing. Both KG and KT were amazing. I really loved that side of Dr. O. They both started out so nasty and now I am warming up to them. That's how you broaden characters. Excellent. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK 2: Couldn't pick just one. This "EGG TOSS" scene with Patrick was done perfectly. Patrick is so detached, so bitter, and lost it with Emma's egg from Spencer. It had to have been hard for JT to scream at little Brooklyn!! Kudos to both. I also appreciated the extra-customer going over and asking to help. That was really true to life. Those little details make all the difference. 

WUB ACTING EMMY: Out of all the great acting that took place this week, I'm making a special award for Sean Kanan. I have never seen such a great, life-like seizure. Make up dept deserves kudos too. It scared me-- and the direction/camera shots were perfect. Actors will say laying there so still in scenes of "coma" is difficult. SK had to lay there, then poked, prodded then grab Ava at just the right time. WOW

FACE OF THE WEEK: Kiki gets a goose from NotLuke!! LOL...priceless!! "If it was anyone else, I would have kneed him in the nuts"!!

 PROP OF THE WEEK: AJ's breathing tube, being strangled by Ava. AJ's hand shoots out--Carrie style and Ava is trapped!


AntJoan said...

Oh, Karen, Happy Sunday, I am first, again!! LOVED your Sunday Surgery, nothing to add, you said it all!!

Carrie said...

Loved SK! So great!

I HATE Shawn for many reasons but especially bc he acts like he's in charge. I have no interest in his s/l so I hope that lady is Keesha and will be a story for AJ.

Love having Ric back. He's fantastic.
Intrigued by the Luke story but I feel bad for Tracy.
Hope this Nina story ends soon although I like Siam and it is a storyline.
It's going to be weird setting Patrick with Sabrina after he hasn't seen her in ages. I don't I've seen a couple come together in a worse way than these two.
Didn't really buy the Dr.O and Britt heart to heart but I like Britt and don't hate Dr.O so it was ok.
Still not accepting Franco...

AntJoan said...

The Dr. O/Britt scene was one of the best all-time scenes ever. They are both wonderful actresses, but the Dr. O actress is in a class by herself, and the character is so original!

I don't like it when they show the "softer side" of evil villains so that we can root for them, evil is evil. However, when they bring on someone evil, and then they become so popular, they have to try to make them sympathetic. The most successful example is Sonny, who became the star of GH for over a decade. By giving him that Deke backstory, and then the Brenda romance, they developed a side to him that we all could love.

But Dr. O has been sooo heartless and evil, I understand why we can't "buy" the scene.

friscogh said...

The Britt / Dr. O scene was so moving because the rest of the show is such a cartoon we are not use to real, heart felt drama any more. Also really helps that the two actresses can really act.

dar said...

Just a note: not all of us love Sonny , or ever did. I hated the character from the very beginning. The best part of today as opposed to the Guza days is that Sonny is no longer in half the scenes every day.
I, like, you, am wondering who the extremely tall character could be other than Bill Eckert.
Does anybody remember how tall Brian Patrick Clarke (Grant Putnam) was? Although Ian Buchanan is quite a bit taller than anders Hove and they didn't care.

AntJoan said...

I don't think that Grant Putnam was over 6 feet.

Dar: I know that not everyone loves Sonny. I fell in love with him only when they paired him with Brenda, and then I fell in love with them as a couple. I still love them as a couple, and still think that he is the most beautiful man on the planet, and I'm stickin' to it.

friscogh said...

Know who is almost the same high as Luke (1.87m)? Alan Quartermaine (1.89m). Wouldnt that be odd!
I dont think it is Alan, and I think based on current writers disregard for realism that whoever it is whether they are same height as Luke or not is not a factor.

CareyN said... the Fluke switch/brainwashing/whatever happened at the clinic, by the orderlies who were helping Heather. We all wondered why and how these people were helping her, so now it's obvious whoever is behind the Fluke thing was paying those orderlies to help Heather, so that Heather could eventually lead the mystery person to Luke. So, who has ties to Heather?

Someone on the board the other day joked (?) that it was Anthony Zacchara, but doesn't that make total sense?? He's creepy and lecherous, he was married to Tracy, he's in the mob with a grudge against Sonny, and HEATHER buried his "dead" body after Johnny shot him. So, right now my money is on Zacchara, but with plastic surgery and not a mask. (Please g*d, no more masks!) And I still think he's the one bankrolling the Jeromes, and that Ric is a red herring.

Avalonn said...

Excellent Sunday Surgery this week. I second Ant Joan, you said it all. I know you are leaning toward Bill Eckart but, my beef with that is Bill Eckart was not a scumbag sleeze. I'm sticking to my Larry Ashton theory. I'm hoping that will bring Ned Ashton back more.

Pat..... Sun..... said...
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Pat..... Sun..... said...

CareyN.... Your idea makes much sense. I think I agree with you. Zacchara would be a good option since I've read that Johnny may be coming back.

I just can't wait for someone to figure it out and get rid of that Fluke person. I can't even watch when he is on. Gives me the creeps.

Does anyone else think it odd that Sonny just marches into Kelly's and struts right back to the kitchen and Shawn follows? What right does Sonny have to go back there? Is this another office for him? And with employees around too. He reminds me of George Jefferson sometimes. Looked ridiculous from the back view and he rushed back there.

kdmask said...

Yes, he does match Zacchara in every letch sense. You're right about Tracy. I have NO idea how they'd ever EVER attempt to explain the actor's height difference tho. LOL.

jasonroks said...

so does Britt wear the ring on her right finger because of the cast?

I think you're right on the Anthony Z connection. Remember the weekend at Bernie's with Tracy and Luke with him? Maybe they just implanted his brain in Luke...

Here's hoping Faith Roscoe is the backer.