Thursday, March 27, 2014

Big Baby Ben Ben

HERE WE GO!!  Dr. O got off the island ..somehow?? Britt's getting arrested for stealing embryos!

ahahaa..Donna says to Sam: 
You must be Silas "Slut DE JOUR" and then totally trashes her stupid outfit. Which is a muscle shirt, bra and I think shorts in the freezing cold "Industrial Vibe" apt Silas has. He also had on a miserable hippie sweater.
Silas signed the papers to give Donna Mills the money. (Sorry Madeline is too long to type).
The Madeline scale is lifted from Knots  Landing (the Abby Scale)

Sonny and Carly...blab..blab

Ava and Kiki ...where the HELL IS MONICA??????

Carly rags on AJ while he's in the coma. God she's so nasty!! AJ wakes up.  He's gonna tell Carly.


delcodave said...

Looking at the photo, a good cop, a cop well trained in self defense and apprehending criminals could have lunged at her wrist, grabbed and twisted it violently until she dropped the dagger. But then again, Dante is not a good cop. he is inept and incompetent.

Monica is busy in the basement of GH, preparing for AJ's fake death.

And just for the record, I'M the 10...

Kanella said...

Wow. Carly is being written as one pathetic excuse of a human being. She is wretched. Do the right thing by your kid and STFU.

I want to slap the crap out of Lulu. This poor me thing has been played out.

God, I miss Knots Landing. Not that I care but, Donna Mills is lying through her veneers. Nina is alive.

Fanny said...

Yes Laura Wright character is written stupid the writers don't like her she has no air time and wend she on she only around her son and Franco.lulu need to be recast this actress needs to go she not right for the character the old actress was better and Oliver what she doing on the show.New cop need to go boring. Sam without Jason you snooze where is your son and stop playing detective. Donna Mills you look good for your age yes but who is real Madeline. said...
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sonya said...

McSilas's home: McSilas's underwear wins the line of the day.

Underwear: Serious on the outside, Party on the inside.

ROFL! Ewwww. :) Oh look McSilas's mommy in law shows up. Again with her Nina is dead shtick. Awww poor McSilas. :( Umm someone hand him a hanky please!!!!! QUICKLY!

The hospital: Starki thinks her mama isn't a killer! BAHAHAHA! Carly knows Sonny shot AJ but can't prove it hahaha. Carly you think that it beyond low that Ava slept with her daughter's hubby? Wait a second. You slept with your mother's hubby! What are you talking about? ROFL! AJ's fingers are moving. It looks like he is trying to put up his middle finger! Trying to give the middle finger to Ava AJ? :) OH AJ WAKES UP! :)

Metrocourt: Carly and Sonny YAY! :) Oh but then in comes Olivia. Olivia why no more visions?

Wyndemere: Gee Britch why are you so shocked that Dante arrests you? Someone slap her please?!!?! Nik doesn't want to help her ROFL! He says he isn't in love with her anymore. YEAH RIGHT! Can you say denial? I mean there is a flashback of him purposing to her. :) Come on Nik really!

Police station: Oh Anna is angry at Detective West! West is so broken up about his sister's death!! Sister aka mother? :) Britch is doing the right thing calling her mother!

Where is Julian and Alexis? Are they still having sex? Or are they in the afterglow?

soaplover said...

I'm much more intrigued by the Silas case than the drawn-out predictable baby story.

I definitely have the feeling Silas should have read the papers he was about to sign--always a good idea. Mom-in-law outmaneuvered him for sure.

I read somewhere that Ron C, head writer, lives on the east coast. So why doesn't he realize you don't run around in a upperstate NY town in shorts and tanks in March, certainly not in winter and especially the winter we just had. Ron doesn't control the costume dept, but he could surely remind them, instead of writing clever lines about how the characters are dressed. Sam simply does not have a clue how to dress on her best days. She's a mess. Tracy, on the other hand, over-dresses as if for a party every day. Monica seems best at looking real and appropriate, with shirts or sweaters and neat slacks, and she always looks good.
I, too, think Madeleine is lying and has an agenda all her own. Wish Ava's mom would come to town--she seemed wily enough to get a perspective on all this. Luke could hire her to run Kelly's (when he's himself again, that is).

Cosmoetica said...

Carly- just die.

Lulu- well acted, poorly written.

Dante- bad cop.

Donna Mills- can we get some bad stuff already? 2 weeks in.

friscogh said...

Dr. O's escape
- do the tunnels on Spoon Island continue underground/underwater and connect to the catacombs on the mainland?
- Or perhaps Natasha got Rocky to fly her (see Rocky and Bullwinkle characters).

AntJoan said...

OK, still CAN'T STAND that Lulu and Dante let Dr. O leave w/their baby and didn't overpower her, IT'S REALLY BOTHERING ME!! But, I think that poor Lulu will have the predicted nervous breakdown so she can go to the loony bin and find Luke??

Silas wouldn't have signed those papers, makes no sense, why would he fall for M's bait, even if he is grief-stricken?

Cosmoetica said...

friscogh said...

Dr. O's escape
- do the tunnels on Spoon Island continue underground/underwater and connect to the catacombs on the mainland?
- Or perhaps Natasha got Rocky to fly her (see Rocky and Bullwinkle characters).

March 28, 2014 at 6:34 AM


Yes, the catacombs do go under PC's lake. This was established during the 80s and said again when Faison and Dr. O were using them last year.

LSV422 said...

Carly is such a heartless bitch. AJ is confessing to the wrong person - we know she will protect Sonny. I just wish he would tell her that Ava killed Connie. I noticed that Silas' new pad is Seven Lars old one - so dark and dingy. Dante is a pathetic excuse for a cop and I don't find DZ to be an especially good actor. Whenever he has an emotional scene he starts sniffling - why I don't know. Still not impressed with Lulu. Sam's outfit was ridiculous and trashy. Haha Sonya - was wondering the same thing about Alexis and Julian.

sonya said...

"LindaV says Haha Sonya - was wondering the same thing about Alexis and Julian"

Hahaha. I hope they show them today! :)

LSV422 said...

Anyone know what the deal is with Franco? Read that RH and LW don't like their pairing. I hope he and Franco will be gone. His quirky clownish acting doesn't fit the character or fit in period, IMO.