Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Surgery: More! More of Everything!!

Oh this show is giving me a headache!!  Last week I LOVED it..every single second. This week? It's brilliant in it's moments--and then, it just gets to be WAY too much. Too much going on and way too many characters. I can't get into anything long enough to care. I'm equating it  to a Seinfeld show right now (so if you haven't watched  Seinfeld, sorry-- but bear with me) 

I can't go back to coach,  Jerry!
Jerry gets First Class! Elaine gets coach. She sits there all crowded in..smelling the cookies in first class but can't quite get up there. Production, er..I mean Jerry and his blonde date order more--MORE OF EVERYTHING! The meanwhile, struggles to get out of her seat, past the crowd of people smooshed into coach--reaches the front, only to be tossed back by some snotty production guy.
Yep..I feel like Elaine. Sitting in, confused, surrounded by a ton of characters/stories I don't care about. I just want to get in to Production and eat what they are and maybe I'll "get it". Understand why it's always MORE of everything instead of finishing what we've got.

PS. The writers are the poor stewards trying to serve the food to the crabby passengers in coach, all the while being yelled at by the pilots of the plane.

Get out your Alka-Seltzer. I have a hangover.

AJ's going to die  and I can't figure out why. WHY WHY -- ?? I so thought the Qs were going to be on an upswing. Shot that right down. Ric's back and I can't help thinking he'll get lost in the shuffle too.  I love the addition of Ava and Julian--the Jeromes were ripe to bring in and get Sonny. NOW? We have to add another dimension to the mix: "Not Luke". @@ isn't there enough going on with villains or people to take down Sonny?  Gotta add weird-NotLuke in there? Sure..serve it up. *sigh*.  We have Victor (MIA), Dr. O...the Jerome sibs, Ric  and Donna Mills skulking around. (Rumor has it that she and Victor were involved.)
My Brain. She needs a break. 

Yes, I like a variety in my stories. Yes, a round-robin approach can be effective but I am finding I am losing interest in so much. Sabrina's baby? Don't care.  Nina...certainly don't care. Donna Mills was on for a hot damn minute. Can't we get momentum going?  Then, watch, she'll be on for 2months straight. Why did TJ's mother come back now? With all the other shit going think we have time for this? Look at Lucy, Kevin and Scotty. I mean, please. By the time Kevin gets a clue..we'll be asleep. How about the  Franco disappearance after MONTHS of on-air hogging and you've got the recipe for "I don't really give a F". Rafe is on..then he's off.  Molly and TJ's on going "sex or naw" story--here and there, thrown in whenever.  I also feel like Duke is a backyard character and Anna's just hanging around.

I missed 2 days this week and had to go back and watch on the DVR. No remorse not getting home in time to watch live, that's for sure.  

Well, Ava! Welcome to 1984! I had that dress in peach!! I do love her hair WAY better like this. She looked so old with the other style.

This may have played better months, months ago...but I am willing to give it a chance. I just hope she's not on for a week, then off--then on again when I've lost interest.

MOM? Well, I'm betting Nina had this kid when she was a teen and Gram raised him as her own. Ala Jack Nickolson.  Maxie's back soon. So Nathan will be at the Metro with her and everyone else that don't have a house on GH.

So... AJ makes Michael his health care proxy. Not unusual...but then this poor kid's SURGEON Doctor of a grandmother LEAVES???????????? WTF! Let's HIM make the decision after only saying "I'd go least invasive"?? Um. NO. She's AJ's mother. She decided to KEEP HIM ALIVE all those years ago. NO way in hell she wouldn't guide Michael more. And, I do get it --it's so when AJ dies, Michael feels terrible guilt and Sonny then feels double guilty. UGH Because of course this story has to be about Sonny TOO.  
Then, of course,  the party happened and the ramp-up to this story fizzled out for me. I'll have to get invested again when they decide to put it on. 

Anyway,  KUDOS to Chad Duell for his scenes. He done good. 

Britt writes "The Letter"...soon to be Cam's  artwork for Emma. Not sure how I wanted this all to play out, but--it lost it's sizzle for me. Just hurry it up already. I want Ben back with Lante and Nikolas to still love Britt--and marry her. Because that's how I roll--giant Cassa-wedding and the bride to be a bit damaged and have a seed of evil in her. Plus, Dr  O running Wyndemere is delicious.

I still say Patrick should have brought Emma to the party. Liz and he would read the letter. He was in the Britt's baby mess from day one.  It would have made so much sense.  Ric? Not so much. 

The party: Those fake candles still bug me. LOL. They are the flameless kind that aren't real. Ugh. NOT in my Wyndemere!! Glad they had extras and food around. It was pretty bright in there and the faux piano playing was kinda funny. Everyone looked Fabulous. I do wish Cassadines had some fun kooky help hanging around. I miss Alfred.  
Lulu mooning over Ben? he will be her's-- and? What? It's too bad Olivia didn't see Ben ice-fishing. LOL that would have been fun. Tracy and Lulu's talk was awesome. Emme and Jane were brilliant. Ben himself is adorable too--such a fun kid. Did you think it was weird no nanny was watching him? Especially with the history of baby-snatching that's gone on? 

Sonny and Spencer were adorable. That kid is so New Jersey accented!..heh.  Anyway, I liked it. Spencer is going to turn out to be just a rotten Cassadine thru and wait.  
I wish Bobbie had been invited. She and Nikolas have a great history. Wyndemere  seemed empty with no other Cassadines around. I guess Sam and Alexis represented a bit! Speaking of Alexis, she and Sonny were good with the 'spy on Julian/Ric' stuff.  She adjusted her boobs and got right in there!! 

SCENE OF THE  WEEK: I liked Lulu and Tracy's talk about Lulu's abortion. Tracy was so calming and just plain great.  Lulu's guilt felt real. It's strange not to have Laura around yes, but these characters can still pull off a great Girl "Step Mama" scene.

PROP OF THE WEEK: That Origami trouble-maker. 
FACE OF THE WEEK: Based on FB and Twitter, I'm going with YOUR FACE when you saw Luke in that stable, meeting with Julian! 

RUNNER UP: Sonny letting us know he thinks Alexis was on the right track. You know, in case we missed that fact! LOL

GRANDEST SET RETURN!! The Parapet!! WOO HOO!!! I've been dying to see that set. Was it in cold storage? Did they recreate it? I think it's a bit different than I remember. It's also being used for it's original purpose: To threaten minions who do not keep their mouths shut! 

So, there you have it. Last week, I was in First Class--this week coach. With the newbies that are coming on, it's just going to be even more crowded.  Hope you are hangin' in there!! I also hope Luke turns out to be his "twin' Bill Eckert and not some mask. Please. PLEASE. NO MO' masks or plastic surgery!!


imspncycl said...

So, if Nathan IS Nina's.... Does that mean Silas is his father and doesn't know it? Or does that mean Nina lied to Silas.... Or had the baby when she was in a coma? How would Nathan think he knew Nina as his sister? This is a new who's the daddy?

Did Rick know Nathan's mommy?


skeebob said...

Top ten Seinfeld episode!

I agree with everything you wrote. I am so disappointed in this AJ story. So much wasted potential.

The scene that surprised me the most from the week wasn't the Luke & Julian reveal. It was the Sam/Silas sex scene on Monday! Wowza.

sonya said...

"Karen says I'm equating it to a Seinfeld show right now"

With Seinfeld, I thought you were going to talk about the show about nothing! ROFL! Instead you talked about the plane. :)

Kanella said...

Such a large, talented cast and yet the show feels as empty as the Q mansion.

LSV422 said...

I was trying to count how many cast members there are now and it is so huge. They really need to trim it. I would love to see them get rid of Sabrina, Kiki, Franco, Carlos and Nathan, to name just a few. Really enjoyed last week but still bummed about AJ. I wish they would leave him in a coma to come back when he can work for someone who appreciates the actor and the importance of the character. Surely they could have written something for him instead of the missing Nina storyline that no one cares about.

LSV422 said...

I was trying to count how many cast members there are now and it is so huge. They really need to trim it. I would love to see them get rid of Sabrina, Kiki, Franco, Carlos and Nathan, to name just a few. Really enjoyed last week but still bummed about AJ. I wish they would leave him in a coma to come back when he can work for someone who appreciates the actor and the importance of the character. Surely they could have written something for him instead of the missing Nina storyline that no one cares about.

cooks7570 said...

I didn't mind this week, but the writing can still get better for me.

Avalonn said...

There seems to be no happy medium. Guza days was what, three sets with the same three characters and that was it. Now, the cast is no doubt way too bloated. Too much time elapsing between characters and storylines to the point we lose interest. Sabrina and Carlos need to go. Sean is a sad Jason Morgan substitute who never grew as a character that most viewers care about. Inserting TJ's Mom may no doubt be too little too late! Lucas might as well be gone! If he was brought back to be a doc at GH instead of the token gay guy from the past to sex it up with the token gay characters of today. Rafe is inserted occasionally on the Molly and TJ merry go round of teenage sex angst. comment.

Cosmoetica said...

Nathan said Silas knew him as Jimmy Reeves, as a child, so it's likely not Silas's kid.

All signs point to Bill Eckert. I just hope they don't bend him over like they did Frisco and Rick Webber. Why bring a character back only to sht on him?

Anon said...

I'll be honest: I've pretty much stopped watching outside of a scene or two here and there that you guys mention as standout (like the Dr. O/Anna faceoff).
There's still promise with GH. It's better than when Guza was running it. BUT...BIG BUT HERE...It is a flat out mess these days.
Y'all have pointed this out: WAY too many characters and storylines. I can't keep up with either and frankly don't care as much about them as I did leading up to the 50th anniversary.
Also, it's killing me about AJ...There was SUCH potential for bringing this character back with one of the "Big 2" that has portrayed him. How they treated the character after his initial storyline with Nik/Liz/ELQ takeover was simply criminal and very frustrating. And don't get me started with how they wrote Robin's farewell - I understand they had limitations but good Lord!

Really just put out with this show now other than a few strokes of genius lately: Bringing back an original Cassadine with TP as Victor Cassadine - GOOD MOVE. Bringing on Dr. O as the HOS of GH - GOOD MOVE. Pairing Nik and Britt - GOOD MOVE.
The farewell of Robert Scorpio - WELL DONE.
Other than those things, I can't thing of much else going for it other than Scotty/Lucy scenes, but then again I am a long-time fan of those characters and am just happy to see them again.

kdmask said...

No I don't think Nathan is Silas'

kdmask said...

I tried to list all the characters on canvas now in the blog and it sounded too petty. LOL... it was HUGE--huge!! HUGE!! And remember, Bobbie, Mac, Felicia are in there too-- and Lucy Kevin and Scotty-who are just inserted when there's nothing else going on. Morgan's been off for days, LW has vacation as does RH-- so noticeable when they are 'off". NLG Is back from her month off stint. I still think having monica let Micheal do it all by himself and LEAVING the hospital was a major fail.

Andrea said...

Killing off AJ is just the wrong thing to do. I do not know why we continue to get writers that love love love the mob, and hate the Q's. keep him in a coma and send him off, So we don't have to have AJ come back from the dead AGAIN in a few years. Poor AJ got shot and it is all about Sonny's angst.

and I agree there are way too many people/ stories on here. I know we would have to lose some beloved characters, but it would be a better show.

Kiki, Franco, Silas, Nathan ( and Crew) Sabrina, Carlos, Sean, TJ mom, Rafe, Tony, they all need to go. They could all just disappear and no one would miss them. I would also lump Heather in with them, because she is getting repetitive and tiring.

The rule of thumb should be every character on the show should be on my screen at least once a week. Not on everyday for 3 weeks then off for a month.

have less characters and have them work more.

AbsoluteLunatic said...

I'm all talked out about AJ. I feel like I got beat up by Guza and RC. No energy left. They totally screwed up.