Friday, March 21, 2014

I did some spoilers today and Whew..but I got angry at the show again! LOL. There are WAY WAY too many things going on. It's driving me insane. Donna Mills was on a hot minute this week-- and then, what? Where's Lucy/Kevin/Scott? Why do we have to live with their "triangle" when it's so spread out?? 
And, btw, I LOVE Maxie. Loved her character, but frankly? Since she's been gone..I can live without her. And bringing back a newbie "Levi" ?? Who may or may not be related to "notLuke"?? WHATEVER!! TJ's mama's back? Whatever.  And for GODSAKE do something with LUCAS! 
I still can't believe AJ's leaving again, either by coma or death.  UGH.

I guess I should save this for Sunday Surgery. I'm feeling like I'm drowning in characters and stories here. I know this week was mostly about "the party" (even though it started Thursday). When characters/stories (like Franco, Lucy-- "Nina"....) can be left for days/weeks and then picked back up there's a problem. Sabrina and Carlos--she's just kinda hanging around. Not doing much at all. Things are just too loose and too sloppy right now.
Think about it: Franco was on every damn day for Nada. LOL

 GH can be amazing in it's individual pieces.  Last week? I loved it. BUT..half the stories were gone! (which is fine as there are way too many).
Today's show---kinda lost me at the 1/2 way mark. 

"Luke" and Nik were funny. "you got one hot mama there"! And then Luke calls Nik a pretentious prick Geesh..not doing a GOOD job if he's "pretending" to be Luke. Blow your cover or what!!??

Olivia keeps looking younger, and Dante older. LMAO 

GET THIS BEN THING OVER WITH! thank you! Patrick should have brought Emma to the party (how is she there 'alone' by the way?) and HE should have found Liz reading the letter not Ric. Patrick has been in this Britt deception since day one. 

Best part of today's show was Sonny and Spencer. So there.  LOL  Sonny saying Spence pushed a woman away. Gee, SONNY, giving advice to him about women.  heh

Tracy and Lulu were good.

Sam and Silas out in the stables. Like it's not 30 degrees out. She's explaining to him about how she slept with Ric. Silas doesn't even care. 

Liz runs to tell Lulu.

Julian meets with NotLuke in the stable. 

That's it for today! 



Michelle Latta said...

Omg! Who is it??? Have fan on so harder to hear. Accent?

Michelle Latta said...

Omg! Who is it??? Have fan on so harder to hear. Accent?

delcodave said...

how many days is this party going to go on? are they dragging this into May sweeps?

jasonroks said...

Wondering if they are writing the show for those of us who have to watch on DVR most of the time. (or web). Easy to FF through stuff and it's so spread out you don't miss much when characters are gone. You are so right- too many characters. Get rid off all who aren't core. Franco- bye bye. I'm ready for Tony Geary to retire.

Carrie said...

I don't mind the big cast they just need to manage them better. I feel like AMC and OLTL were like Port Charles they had a set of stories told them start to finish and then did something new. Maybe it's false memories so if they didn't do that they should.

sonya said...


Wyndemere: Hot potato hot potato. Liz reads it and is in shock! Love how she talks to Ric about it. And Ric has a good point. Tell Lulu first! Poor Lulu. :( Who's fault is it Lulu? IT'S BRITCH'S FAULT! Luke wins the line of the day!

Luke: Look prince prig. Pull the royal stick out of your ass!

ROFL! Oh Nik punch him before you kick him out! Alexis's "accident" with the waiter hahahaha. Sonny and Spencer scene awwww! Love it! Poor Spencer. :( He is crying! :( That baby Ben looks adorable in that suit!!! :) McSilas and Sam scene. Love the walk through memory lane. :) Wish there were flashbacks. Oh Brad is drowning in guilt. Good. Dr O oh oh! Oh wow, so Julian wasn't meeting up with Ric! I was thinking okay is it Luke? IT IS!!!!! Now we are getting somewhere! Who is this "Luke"

dar said...

I am growing tired of repeating to myself - it's better than Guza. It is that but it's not very good. I was hoping for so much more.

friscogh said...

If Luke is someone else a mask or plastic surgery can only conceal so much, does Tracy not noticed a difference during sex? Or did he have plastic surgery on / have a "mask" for that too?

Andrea said...


Luke - Don't think he is Bill Eckert way to sleezy. He might be Anthony Zacharra or Frank Smith ( of course both of them are dead, but that never stopped a GH writer)

I remember Sam doing a lot of seducing of Ric. She really can't put all the blame on him.

I agree way too many people and stories. It is fine when you like who is on your screen, but when you have 2 straight weeks of Franco or Sabrina or this Nina story why bother watching.

you should never go more than a week or so without seeing a character or story on you screen. When will we see Kevin Lucy and Scotty again?

get rid of Franco, kiki silas, Nathan, Sabrina Carlos TJ Mom and Sean to start.

AntJoan said...

OMG, LOVED Sonny and Spencer! And, don't you think they look alike?

Did anyone notice Ric and Julian beaming at the kids during one scene, it looked like the actors were feeling that way as well as the characters they play.

Is poor Brad going off the parapet? SOMEONE has to go off of it when there is a party on Cassadine Island, right?

And, can SOMEONE please tell me if Liz tells Lulu on Monday, I can't stand it anymore! And Karen, you wrote that Lulu and Dante won't be happy, I am really upset about that, after waiting soooo long for the baby reveal!

Tracey and Lulu had nice scenes, Tracey is a great stepmom.

cooks7570 said...

I just can't get into this Dante and Lulu and I don't care that they are getting a baby. I would have liked to have other scenes on then just this party. I think some of the men looked crappy with no ties on.

CareyN said...

ERG!!!! I never "run home" to watch GH. Usually I have it on the background while I'm getting ready for bed. But I booked it out of the office tonight and watched it ASAP. Was waiting for the big baby reveal, which, ERG....never came. Now I have to wait all weekend. I will say, however, the love triangle with the kids is by far my favorite thing of this party. It's actually very realistic as far as any budding relationship goes...just on a cuter/smaller scale. I love how the adults, even TJ and Molly, talk to them and treat them like real people with real feelings (and then laugh and roll their eyes). And yes, AntJoan, it does look like the actors really enjoy working with the little kids.

I'm enjoying this party. It's nice to see a lot of people in one place, even extras, and real food and drinks around. The dialogue has been funny, which is nice knowing there's some serious drama coming next week. It's 1000x better than the old two-people-in-a-scene-alone-for-days-on-end days. Blech.

PS to Carrie--I like your new picture! :)

Carrie said...

Carey Thank you! Hubby got a camera last week to get better pictures got my blog. He's doing a great job so far

Andrea let's keep Silas but sadly I'm with you on the rest ( even though I love RH)

Unknown said...
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Cosmoetica said...

MB really needs more scenes as a background character, like w Spencer- he is good in small moments, but when Sonny's the center, MB hams it up WAY too much.

The fake Luke is likely Bill Eckert- many online boards have spoiled this.

Recall the mention of Julia Barrett and Barrett Ent? Bill ran that co. and was wealthy. He cd have bought her out.

Bill was killed by the Mob. mistaken for Luke, so does not like Luke. He hates Tracy cuz she tried to kill Jenny Eckert. He also doesn't call Tracy Spanky. Bill was kiled by Frank Smith, and Sonny took Smith's place- revenge motives.

Notice new Luke's hairdo? It's styled just like Bill's, not Luke.

Also, Bill knew Faison, which ties him to Dr O and Vic C. Vic C. hated Luke, so he and Bill cd be conspiring.

I think Luke needed a shakeup, and Bill shd have never been killed- a FAR better character than Luke. But they are likely gonna Frisco and Rick Webber Bill.

Also, Bill had a sharper wit than Luke, who was goofier. Bill had a deeper voice than Luke, and Luke's rip into Nik did not sound Luke-like.

Other possibilities are Grant Putnam, Larry Ashton, and Paul Hornsby, but Bill fits the most bills. No pun.

AntJoan said...

Cosmo: Thanks so much for all the history and comments, you really fleshed everything out. I had no idea that Bill Eckert ever ran Barrett Ent., I didn't watch much back then, so it all makes sense: Ric was thrown in is a red herring, but Bill must be Julian's backer.

And CareyN, Yes, LOVED TJ and Molly with the kids also.

Cosmoetica said...

My bet is that Ric is the lawyer for Eckert, and that he and Julian were hired by Bill.

My guess is that Bill is somehow tied to Vic Cassadine, who's the real Big Daddy. He wants to finish what Mikkos failed to do 33 years ago- destroy PC.

It might NOT be Eckert, but he's the leading candidate. I don' think this is rubber mask time.

Cosmoetica said...

Also, given all the raised from dead SLs and Vic C's obsession w Resurrection (must be an ABC thing), he has to be involved.

Also, some speculate that Vic C is Madeline's ex- which wd tie him to the Silas story.

Natbfly said...

Anyone know why Ric said to Cameron "go tell your cousin Molly"? I can't recall how /if they are actually cousins??

CareyN said...

Natbfly--I was trying to make the connection too, and just came up with the fact that Liz referred to Ric as "Unlcle Ric" to Cameron, therefore Ric just went with that. I'm "aunt Carey" to many little ones I have zero relation too.

Natbfly said...

Carey, That makes sense! Especially after yesterday when they said Ben and Danny are "sort of cousins" LOL