Saturday, March 29, 2014

Daytime Confidential Reports: Triple Carly!

That's right..the rumors were true...both Tamara Braun AND Sarah Joy Brown will be making cameo appearances on GH this Tuesday for the 51st anniversary show.

READ ALL ABOUT IT: Daytime Confidential 

SO, who's your favorite Carly??? 


sonya said...

My favorite Carly? The original of course! Flaring nostrils and all! :)

Lori said...

SJB is my favorite Carly, although LW "is" Carly now. She made it her own and now I can't imagine another Carly. Sorry, but I couldn't stand TB as Carly. She was way too weak to be playing such a strong character.

Anon said...

The original Carly was the best, SJB made the character and was fun to watch, even with her quirks. TB was ok...and LW is ok as well.

Nobody is mentioning the 3rd Carly though who was on between TB and LW and who I swear was a dude in drag. She had HUGE hands and could have easily KILLED Sonny if she had wanted to. She lasted like all of 3 months LOL


Anon said...

Jennifer Bransford was Carly #3!
Holy crap, she was scarey


Carrie said...


Cosmoetica said...

Bransford was a solid actress, and prettier than LW, but she was just too nice to pull off bitchy Carly.

LW is too one note and evokes no empathy. She's not a good enough actress to make crap material watchable. She's meh.

TB was a solid actress, and looked the most like SB, although Bransford did, too vs. LW's harsh and pointy features. But, too often she was trying to imitate SB, and could not pull it off.

SB's the best, by a mile- a truly great actress (she made Claudia sympathetic, too). Her Carly you could empathize w and understand. LW cannot do that w a 40something Carly.

SB in a runaway.

BTW- it's a rumor that SB is staying, and Claudia returns w Johnny- hated that they made her his mom= she's 3 years older than BB.

soaplover said...

That's easy--this last Carly. She is the least obnoxious and has brought a bit of humanity to Carly. I once hated Carly, especially the first one with all the jarring mannerisms. Could NOT stand her. I didn't care for TB either, but hated her a bit less. I really liked the 3rd Carly, Jennifer B. Again, she brought some humanity to Carly.

But Carly has always been a despicable character--except this current one who seems better motivated for her bad moves, and can be likable, and I feel for her sometimes, which I can't say I ever did for the others. I can't imagine going back now to those repellent Carlys who spent all their time thinking up evil, getting even, blaming others, and hurting everyone around them. I can't imagine this current Carly being Sonny's romantic dupe and partner in crime as the others were. Carly has changed--and for the better.

sonya said...
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sonya said...
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sonya said...
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sonya said...

"Anon said Nobody is mentioning the 3rd Carly" She lasted like all of 3 months LOL"

She was the WORST recast of Carly! She was all wrong for the part.

Kanella said...

SJB, hands down. LW is watchable but a little too one note.

Carrie said...

I started watching GH bc i was flipping stations and liked SB.

She was recast pretty soon after that and I liked TB.

I felt bad for JB because she seemed nice but want Carly at all.

LW fits the mold for me and I like that she is typically with Jax.

Each actress who has played Carly has made her different and surprisingly it's never bothered me

ilona saari said...

Favorite has to be Sarah Brown - tough, misguided, vulnerable - but I've grown to love Laura Wright and loved her w/ Jax.

Both SB and LW were/are dynamite w/ AJ, too - it's a pairing that should have stuck w/ SB or been written for LA - Carly and AJ would have be a fantastic "this generation's" Monica and Alan. Carly was a great Q

LSV422 said...

SJB was the best - such an outstanding actress. Couldn't stomach TB, and JB looked like a female impersonator to me. LW is not the worst but she has a limited range. I wonder if they are just being brought back via flashbacks or if they are really there. Not much mention yet for another Nurses Ball.

nance24 said...

my favorite is LW, never liked SB as Carly or Claudia. TB was just ok for me

Andrea said...

Hated Carly when SB played her, Never liked Carly when SB played her. I didn't like SB with Sonny at all, She was much better with AJ or Jason.

Started to like Carly when TB played her, and would have really liked to see a story between Carly and Alcazar, they had such great chemistry. But that was ruined by the - blink and you miss Carly.

LW made Carly fun.