Monday, March 24, 2014


Oh, Dr. O is all nasty on BRAD's ass!! She wants to cut out his tongue. Messy. WOW--and she has Helena's DAGGER LMAO and we find out that Dr. O Saved KAT BELL all those years ago with HER experimental drugs!
She pushes Brad off the parapet...but he lands in the hay!! Funny scene with he, Lucas and Dr. O

Luke in the stables. So, Julian says NotLuke has  been waiting "20 years" for this. NotLuke says  "I'm going to take the bastard down once and for all". This person also knows the Qs. 
They'd better say soon. I'm already losing interest. 

Spencer was hiding in there and heard it all!!  wow...

Lulu finally READ THE LETTER!! FINALLY. Geesh,now get out there and claim your nordic looking baby.  Of course, she runs in and demands to see Big Ben  right at the end of the show.

Tracy totally TOTALLY laid into SONNY!! "A charismatic THUG with Dimples"!!! ahahaha Awesome scene. She told him he was going DOWN.


sonya said...

Wyndemere party!

Luke and Julian: Luke wants to take down Sonny?!?!?! Yeah this is NOT Luke!!!! Where is my Luke?!?!!? Who is this imposter? The facial expressions on this imposter when he was looking to see if anybody followed Julian, and closed the door, and the rest of the show, it looked like Anthony Zaccara!!!!! Oh WOW! Spencer was hiding and heard the whole thing!!!!

Tracy and Sonny: Tracy isn't affected by Sonny's charm and dimples! Hahahahaha! Great scene. :) And Sonny wins the line of the day.

Sonny: You know what? Alexis, great lawyer, but she does not know how to be a spy.


Dr O and Brad: OH SHE PUSHED HIM OVER THE PARAPIT!!! WOW! Oh whew he fell on hey! Good I didn't want him to die. Wow Dr O saved Katherine Bell the first time with those pills! She worked with Helena!!! :) Awesome. :) Dr O gushed over Helena haha. Damn I want to see a scene with them. Give me flashbacks. :)

Lulu and Liz: Oh come on Liz just spit it out!!!

Liz: It says that she knew all along, that Ben was your son.


Alexis and Ric: Great scene, until Sonny shows up. Come on Sonny! Ric is not working with Julian to take you down!!! That is Fake Luke!! And they are arguing in front of Cameron. Glad he is distracted with that video game or whatever he is doing.

Nik, McSilas and Sam: Uh strange scene. Giggling like teenagers in front of Nik and being coy. UGH! Grow up you two!

Lulu: Let him go! Get your hands off my son!

YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :) Oh but Lulu, you forgot the letter to show them proof!

Kanella said...

Dr. O should have had that showdown with Liz rather than Brad. Liz is the biggest road block to Britt. Plus, Liz has the history to fully appreciate Kat and the parapet.

I am beyond interested to see how the Luke storyline pans out.

kdmask said...

Kan--Dr. O WILL have a showdown with Liz!!

RedSoxFaninVA said...

I loved Dr. O's shout-out to Helena today. Once Hells-Bells gets defrosted, we MUST see a scene between the two of them.

Kanella said...

I am looking forward to that pairing. Liz can hold her own.

CareyN said...

Could FLuke be Gino Selito? He was Tracy's ex and he got a mention today (along with Anthony Z.). Gino was definitely a sleeeeeeze!

Avalonn said...

I'm thinking those name drops were to throw us off. However, Gino would be good if it meant Johnny Z coming back since he is a Soleito. I watched old clips of him and I don't see it and if we are going to talk height, he was on par with Sonny.

Cosmoetica said...

All the references point 95% to Bill Eckert. He wants to redo the Cartel.

Here are rumors from another site:

- Bill is back, and his aim is to "rebuild" the Cartel, with himself in full control.

- Bill has hired Julian and Ric in the hopes that they can aid him in achieving his goals.

- Bill had been using Trevor to siphon Zacchara money into the Jerome organization. Trevor's demise forced Bill to enlist Ric as an ally.

- Bill is connected to Obrecht, Madeline, and Victor, as they are the ones who helped restore him after his "death".

- Luke is still being held at Miscavige, heavily drugged, courtesy of employees who are still very much loyal to Bill.

- The clinic in New York is revealed to be a sister facility to the one in Switzerland, and it will prove to hide all kinds of secrets. Who else will be returning from the grave in the coming months?

Stephanie said...

Ok yesterday was the first time i actually paid attention to Luke. I got the Anthony Zacarra vibe too!! Esp. when he was all I had to marry Tracy!! Weren't AZ and Tracy married before?? But then that would be confusing because his ghost haunted Johnny for a while when Cole and Hope died I thought

profile45 said...

I think it would be weird for Luke to be Anthony. First off, Anthony would not be complaining about having to marry Tracey - he would see that as a perk. And I think if he was Anthony we would see much more of his quirky mannerisms.

LSV422 said...

Thanks for the rumors Cosmo! I just don't have memories of Bill E. being a bad guy. Wasn't Sly his son? Couldn't wait for Lulu to STFU so Liz could tell her. Tracy and Sonny scene great!

Cosmoetica said...

Bill was not bad nor good. He was gray, but it's plausible that if Vic C saved him, he has a thing against the Mob- Sonny replaced Smith, and Luke, since he was killed, mistaken for Luke.

I just don't like another old character given the Rick Webber and Frisco treatment in service to pimping Sonny- again!

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