Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Scarsdale!!! If you're older like me, you remember this. It was all over the news back then. Scarsdale. Scarsdale. Scarsdale. Now, that's where Robin is. Which is pretty close to PC compared to say, Cassadine Island or somewhere in the Baltic Sea. boring. You know it's Donna Mills watching them.   Or a Squirrel? Maybe a PI? 

Michael wants to know where AJ Is. Tracy wants to know where Luke is.  Luke comes in. Lies about seeing Sonny. HE says he got a "haircut and a shave" 
He's so not Luke, imo. 

Ava tells Sonny to leave, they clean off the prints. Sonny's all upset. "Why did he make me shoot him"??

Julian finds AJ.. with the gun next to him.  He touches  it. Anna and West burst in and see Julian with a gun.  Anna thinks Julian shot him. Ava used Julian's gun!! 
Um, all Anna has to do is check for gunshot residue on Julian's hands.

Liz and Ric..any Liz/Ric fans out there?  He's still got that velvet blazer on..

AJ is rushed in-- Liz has to tell Michael. 

READ THIS in the LA Times about a soap opera murder,that came from General Hospital PEN PALS!!Spookay! 


Andrea said...

Never a big LiRic fan, but Ric was always the most likeable with Liz, the only times he is not arrogant.

oh its Julian's gun but they will skip the gun powder residue test because that is too easy.
Please Please please do not kill AJ!!!!!!!!

I just do not care about the Silas story, at all, boring and pointless.

sonya said...

Wow so much whining today!

Anna's office: Anna wins the line of the day!

Anna: Why are you in Wisconsin?

BAHAHHAAHA! Well Anna, Robert is in Wisconsin, because he is undercover as Colin and is in a mystery! :) OH here is Detective West whining about McSilas. Geez what is it with you and McSilas?!!?! UGH!

Delia's restaurant: Nina Nina Nina. Blah blah blah. Zzzzzzzzzzz. OH Someone is watching McSilas and Sam outside. Is it Nina's mother? Or Nina herself?

Julian and ??????: Who is that?!?!! Ric? :)

Julian's home: Sonny is whining about shooting AJ! Oh I promised my son I wouldn't hurt him UGH! If it bothers you so much, CALL 911!!! Ava wants him to finish him off! ROFL! Can she be a badass mobster queen? :) They leave!!!!! Oh there is Julian coming home!! Oh Julian! Why would you pick up the gun!?!! DUMB DUMB!

The pier: Sonny and Ava! ROFL! They are so great in their scenes! Come on Sonny don't believe a word she says! Oh Ava is going back to NYC! :) What is Sonny gonna do?

Q home: Poor Mikey is worried about AJ! Oh there is Luke. Oh he never went to see Sonny! Well duh! :) Luke, what is wrong with you?!!?! And why are you dressed like a grandpa?!?!

The hospital: Liz and Ric!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) My heart is full of love!!!! :) Oh he asks her out on a date!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :) Oh oh AJ is there now! Liz is upset and calls Michael! The look on Ric's face! ROFL! Confused Ric? :)

AbsoluteLunatic said...

Liz and Ric sparkle!

Sonny. Ugh. I have no word.

I hope AJ survives.

sonya said...

"AbsoluteLunatic said...Liz and Ric sparkle!"

They sure do!!! :)

CareyN said...

OMG! What if Luke is Julian's backer??? We never saw who Julian was talking to up that staircase on the dreaded docks. And when Julian left he said, "I know you want to go see your ex." Well, next thing we see is Luke back at Tracy's! Maybe the Ric return is a red herring?????

soaplover said...

I was glued today--so worried about AJ and speculating about Silas. The two stories I care about most.

Why would ANYone listen and believe anything that came out of Ave's mouth??? Why has no one thought 'oh, A J, that could stand for Ava Jerome that was written in blood by Connie' ? Sonny is going to get good and bitten by this black-widow spider lady. I don't like Sonny and don't much care if Michael ever speaks to him again--Sonny still won't believe AJ is innocent after it is absolutely proven to him!

I figured it was Ric at the top of the stairs Julian was talking to and he meant Liz when he said 'your ex'. I think they concealed him because some may not yet guess Julian is being backed by Ric.

I think Nina's family is and has been up to something--and fooling with Nathan's mind as well. I think we'll see Nina's mom soon.

Interesting that Robin is led to the same hospital where Nina was supposed to be. Intriguing. And I certainly don't want them re-casting Jason. The only reason the character worked was because Steve Burton was so popular--but Jason is a hit man, for Pete's sake! I don't like to be expected to cheer for killers and evil-doers. And they certainly don't need more characters and actors on this show.

Anonymous said...

I tuned back in yesterday for the first time in a long time to see if it was just as cartoony as before. I was glad to see Liz, Ric, AJ, Monica, etc. Of course the cartoon characters Ava(Jessica Rabbit) and Dr. O(Natasha from Rocky and Bullwinkle) are still around, dumbing down storylines.
I vote for the financier at the top of the stairs to be Sabrina, on her way to see her ex either Patrick or Carlos. Sabrina is really Lily's daughter. She blames Sonny for Lily dying. She inherited her grandfathers fortune and is now financing Julian to have Sonny taken down.
Or perhaps it is Skye, and that is why her ex Luke is acting odd.
Or Scotty, and he was heading to see Lucy.
Or Liz, seeking revenge for Jason and AJ, and was off to see her ex Nicholas who is financing her.
Or Coleman with a secret stash of cash from Connie, blaming Sonny for her death.
Or Johnny investing the Z money to take down Sonny and get his ex Olivia back from him.
Hell, perhaps it is Epiphany still blaming Sonny for her son's death and she has secretly been making a fortune selling gospel music albums under a fake name.
Please, anything but the predictable it being Ric. Both Liz and Alexis need a love interest that is not a bad guy.

sonya said...

"friscogh said...Hell, perhaps it is Epiphany still blaming Sonny for her son's death and she has secretly been making a fortune selling gospel music albums under a fake name."

ROFL! What would be her fake name? :)

nance24 said...

friscogh I love all of those ideas :)