Thursday, March 6, 2014

This Luke Person...

has an engagement ring for "Tracey"...NOT Spanky, btw...he's such a POD or such an impostor.  The engagement ring looks like Princess Diana's. 
Tracy finally says YES!!

Julian calls Alexis from Anna's office. Anna's office has a little lounge in it!! With Union Jack pillows!

Michael runs in and yells 'SAVE MY FATHER"!  He and Morgan hug.

 Liz told Ric about AJ. Ric holds her hand.

Sonny's acting like a guilty man! He's just about crying talking to Shaun begging for an alibi. That apt building should have security tape-- but you know GH. LOL  
"I made a promise to Michael I would not hurt AJ"!! he tears up.  Says Michael can never know. sniff.

Molly is mouthy to her Mama...big time.  Then TJ comes over after Alexis leaves.

END: AJ is wheeled into Surgery and can't tell Michael who shot him.


delcodave said...

and yet... through it all, no one could think to call Monica? This is the negative effect of block taping.

Kanella said...

Paging Dr. Quatermaine your kid just got shot...

Andrea said...

The fact that Monica is not there is ridiculous

Sonny is awful and it is beyond time for him to pay for his actions. Are we really supposed to feel sorry for a man who shot someone. hang him.

Where did Luke get that thing? Looks like a replica of Princess Di/Kates ring.

I wonder who Luke will be after he rips his mask off? Scotty, Bill, Stavros, Grant Putnum, Casey the Alien, But it sure isn't luke.

Kanella said...

I can't help but wonder if Luke ordered that ring from QVC.

AbsoluteLunatic said...

Sonny needs to die. I will not accept anything else. And Michael needs to change his name to Quartermaine and drop the Corinthos.

sonya said...

Alexis's home: Wow what an Alexis and Molly scene!!! Molly wins the line of the day!

Molly: What happened to trusting me?

ROFL! Really Molly?! Really!?!?! You lie to your mom and you have the gall to ask that question? Wow! Some nerve. Molly you are acting like your mom and you have been arguing about sex for months! Stop with the rude mouth and you are not acting very mature!!! Oh so Molly wants to live with her daddy now! Not very mature Molly! She is so cute tho. She thinks her daddy is gonna be Team Molly! ROFL! What do you think Molly? That your dad will say sure you can have sex. You can have sex on my bed! :)

Sonny's office: Oh oh Sonny is still whining about he broke his promise to wittle Michael. Morgan and Sonny scene! Sonny is pretending he doesn't know what is going on with AJ ROFL! Sonny so needs an alibi so badly!!! He don't want Wittle Michael to find out what he did!!!! Shaun can't give him an alibi ROFL! But he will find one ROFL! Maurice Bernard is so good!!! :)

The hospital: Oh Liz stop talking about AJ to Ric, and say yes to the date! :) Shut up Felix! Don't call it!!!! Keep going! Ric's face when Molly called ROFL! What's the matter Ric? You don't want your daughter living with you? :)

Q home: What the hell is going on with Luke?!!? Purposing to Tracy out of the blue like that? He doesn't even call her Spanky, and when she brings up Spanky, he is confused about it? Okay so they are engaged now. Is something going to happen at the wedding? Is he going to say Laura's name instead of Tracy? Is he going to be absent minded and forget the wedding, so we don't show up? Okay this story I'm interested in. Luke is acting so strange.