Monday, March 31, 2014

Gotta Fly Now..

Gonna Fly now..(Rocky) 
anyway, MANY meetings today so no show for me...PLEASE let me know in comments if I should watch the DVR. I usually do but in FF mode unless it's really good.

Have a great day. BYE to March--which means it had better not snow anymore.
Ha know it will around here anyway! 


Anonymous said...

Last day of GH 50th anniversary and we had what? Starr, McBain, Jessica Rabbit (Ava), newbie Madeline, newbie cop and A DEAD QUARTERMAINE.
This from the team that said they were going to rebuild the Quartermaines. The team that said they would honour GH's history. Hogwash

delcodave said...

Monica has lost all 4 of her children. Jason, AJ, Dawn and Emily. Plus her mother and father in law. And husband. And lover, Rick. And never a mention of her parents, I assume they are gone. And her surrogate mother, Gail, never visits. Has any other person on soaps lost as many family members as Monica has?

Now, i am going to kidnap (pun intended) Karen's blog for a public service announcement. Years ago, I went to Great Adventure amusement park witha friend and he brought along a friend who was deaf. I panicked! I didnt know how I would communicate so I downloaded the sign language alphabet and memorized it. And the guys face lit up when I tried signing and talking to him throughout the day. At least once a week I go over it and practice it and it has come in handy as a bartender when sometimes a deaf person comes in and I get to talk to them. Why am I telling you this?

Because if more people learned the alphabet, most notably Liz and Nik, then Liz could have signed an SOS to Nik that Dr O was in the house. I was waiting and waiting for Liz to give a clue or something. Maybe take out a sharpie and write on Nik's arm while she was talking. Anything.

I enjoyed the preview for tomorrow. If they mention Jessie, I hope them mention Amy Vining too. I think I read online that Monica was the longest continuing cast member on daytime television, being created in 1976 and played by Leslie since 1977.

delcodave said...

why did Karen title today's blog "the theme from Rocky"?

Anonymous said...

DelcoDave - Monica also lost her grandchild, Jake. Paige's death was also a substantial loss for Monica.
Monica was raised in an orphanage. I dont think her birth family was ever explored? Could Madeline be her long lost sister?

delcodave said...

frisco -- i read rumors online that madeline has a sister in pc. it would make sense for it to be monica. their pasts havent crossed on screen yet. what would be classic is if they passed each other in the hall and monica says "Laura" and Madeline says "Iris" and they just keep walking....

kdmask said...

I titled it that because I had said to my dog 'gotta fly' right before I wrote the blog and went out of the house.
Then, The theme came up..GONNA FLY NOW.....Song from Rocky
(I played that album 4,000 times in my youth)
There you have it

Love4dogs said...

Delcodave...that would be SO great if they passed by as Iris and Laura! I so remember watching LIAMST back in the day with my mother.

Everyday Jane said...

I feel your frustration frisco,I have reached my breaking point with GH. Why couldn't AJ gone into a coma? What was the point of bringing back the character only to kill him a second time. He was the only one who knew the truth about Connie, and now she will probably get away with it like Sonny no doubt will get away with killing AJ, just like he got away with shooting Dante. Why was Kiki comforting Monica and not Tracy? There was no need to see Ava, Kiki, Silas, Madeline, West, NonLuke, Julian today. Liz should have been at the hospital instead of held captive by Dr. O, hell she didn't even try to give a clue to Nick. Won't it have been better if AJ lived and no one believed him?
Where is Duke,Felicia, Mac, Kevin, Lucy, Franco?, just to name a few. Maybe they with Casey the alien. That's it, there has been mass alien abduction, that explains NonLuke. The aliens are doing some kind of experimentation.
That explains all the missing characters, what is the reason of bus load after bus load of new characters? I came up with at least 50 current characters. 50! Plus more to come. Enough already!
If you are going to the trouble of bringing back the cast then use them. You get paid to for each new character you create, then trim some of the existing cast first, that doesn't mean kill them off and bring back from the dead later down the line.
Stop dropping story lines for weeks at a time. Characters have gone for so long, I have actually forgotten they existed. You can't get behind a character or couple if you never see them. I could go on and on, but I won't. Despite all of my complaints, it still is a better show than when Guza was in charge.

Anon said...

Will tune in tomorrow to see the Carlypalooza, the Q's, and Scotty and Lucy.
Seriously though, Gh continues to be a hot mess.

AntJoan said...

Um, WHY didn't Liz just leave with Nik when she opened the door? Just like Robin, when Mac came over, WHY DIDN'T SHE JUST LEAVE?? I KNOW this is a soap, but these things drive me crazy!! Also, why didn't Liz tell Nik that Dr. O was there, and to call the cops? WHY!?? Watching AJ die, OMG, why don't they just rip our hearts out, to watch Monica lose the last of her children for a SECOND time?

This is all so painful, yet, like others have said here, I've been watching for 40 years or so, I'm committed to this show, but the sadness is hard to take . . .

sonya said...

Starki and Tracy: Tracy wins the line of the day!

Tracy: You spent a better part of a year jumping from one brother's bed, to the other. You certainly do get around. And if you ask me, I think you got it from your mother.

BAHAHAHA! Go Tracy! :)

AJ's room: WHAT!?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! :'( Poor Michael!!! Where is Victor?!?! He could put AJ in a cryogenic chamber!! Freeze AJ! Ah well.. Nobody really dies on soaps right? So see you in 7 yrs AJ. :)

Ava, Sonny, and Carly: Ava manipulating Sonny again, and Sonny whining again. Oh Carly tells them that AJ is dead and you can just read Ava's and Sonny's minds.

Ava's mind: YESSSSSSSSSSS! AJ IS DEAD! I'm home free!!! Now I should visit my daughter and see if she is okay, and then go grocery shopping, and get a manicure and a pedicure. Oh and I wonder if Sonny wants to have sex with me. Oh he is so hot. I love his dimples.

Sonny's mind: OH NO! I promised Michael I wouldn't hurt AJ! Son of a bitch!!!!! Son of a bitch!!! Michael is going to hate me!! What have I done?!!?!?! WHAT HAVE I DONE?!!?!?!

Sam, Nathan, and McSilas: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. They are talking about, zzzzzzzzzzzz. Oh sorry I'm awake. *drinks a lot of coffee to stay awake* They are talking about the same damn thing. Nothing new. Oh wait Sam wants to trick Ava into admitting she killed the pharmasist guy. Zzzzzzzzzz.

Art Gallery: OH FAKE LUKE WANTS TO SELL DRUGS AND HE IS TESTING THE PRODUCT!!!!!! Oh oh Julian fake Luke wants you to test the product too. :) Wait a second!!! Why are you at the art gallery? Why aren't you in bed with Alexis!?!?! No afterglow? No pillow talk? No cuddling?! WHAT THE HELL? Oh Fake Luke is hitting on Sam BAHAHAHHAAHAHA!

Liz's home: Awww poor Nik is trying to apologize but Liz is so distracted over Dr O hiding hahahaha. And Nik thinks Ric is the one who is here BAHAHAHA!

Fanny said...

Wow negative negative or well. Aj was not a big part of show since he came back anyway and the reason they kill him off is to save Sonny So nobody now he kill AJ and Monica is not under contract with the show she hardly on.Liz could not tell Nick anything because of Ben the baby life in jeopardy and Dr, O as a gun but he kind know something wrong with Liz in the way she acting.Luke reveal yourself already call him by his name plz somebody.Carly or loud go away protecting Sonny why you still in love him or because Micheal.Sam you not a Detective Donna Mills character is phony she is lieing Nina is alive.

Cosmoetica said...

In the last 3 years a dozen or more folks have come back from dead. AJ will, too, when needed, if GH survives. Rumor is that both Anna and Sonny are leaving the show at end of '14, for 6 month vacations. Sonny finally goes to jail for killing AJ.

Anonymous said...

Fanny - If you think AJ Quartermaine is not a big part of GH you must not have been watching the show for very long. AJ IS a HUGE part of this show, as are all the Quartermaines. The current writers just wrote him as if he wasn't. Based on comments from the writer this seemed to be more personal, vindictiveness from Cartini than anything else.
Also, Sam is not a detective but she is a PI...and a better "detective" than Dante, Nathan, Lucky, Mac, etc.

Love4dogs said...

Count me in as one who doesn't like the AJ death story. He could have been sent off to a 'care treatment center'like Michael was, until needed again.

The whole dynamic of Sonny and AJ both being Michael's fathers, is now lost for good, among other aspects of the AJ character. A true loss.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else find Monica's reaction in the hospital room strange? I would've thought a mother watching her child die after having so many other people in her life die and being a doctor that she would be hysterical and trying like mad to keep him alive. Instead it was like here's a minute of CPR and sorry Michael, he's gone. I showed more emotion when my cat died in front of me.

Andrea said...

Killing AJ AGAIN? horrible horible mistake..And all so the story can all be about Sonny. Sonny is getting his story- a mob war with drug running mobsters - so Sonny can be the "good guy"
Why did they have to kill of AJ - and so rushed too, did the writers never hear of a coma?

I love the Q's and they have been cut off at the knees once again. AJ deserved better, TPTB should be ashamed.

GH is turning mob on us agin. I really hated those GH years. I do not know if I can live with this show centering around Sonny a second time.

Liz hand signal, mouth the word help, SOMETHING!!!!!!

LSV422 said...

I can't believe Liz stood there like idiot. Really sad about the way AJ's death was handled - he shouldn't have been killed off. Why don't TPTB kill off one of the OLTL characters since we don't need them anymore and never did actually? I hate Sonny and hope he gets what he deserves instead of getting away with it.

Cosmoetica said...

Also, Sam is not a detective but she is a PI...and a better "detective" than Dante, Nathan, Lucky, Mac, etc.


PI's ARE detectives- private detectives, not public ones like cops.

Tawna said...

Delcodave - It was established in Monica's early years on the show that she grew up in an orphanage; that is where Gail met her.

AbsoluteLunatic said...

And GH is off the DVR. RIP Alan James Quartermaine Jr.