Monday, March 17, 2014

Nathan is Brother

But..Donna could have still raised him when he was Nina's---I bet that comes out. The family didn't want anyone to know he was her's. I bet that's it. Silas didn't even know about him. I hope she redecorates Maxie's apartment.

Sex..Molly and TJ want it. Alexis just gave her the greenlight. She's like GO! Have sex, I'll wait here--and then cook you dinner ahahhaah Brilliant.

Silas..wah wahhh wah..then tries to have sex with Sam. HOLY CRAP..that was a Hot HOT Sex scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the desk and Sam turned right over!
Geezzzzze. Helloooooooooooo!! 

Sonny and AJ..Sonny was trying to will him to die. Then he says "Look what you did to my son"
UMmmmm, no Sonny, YOU DID IT. Geeze.

Liz and Patrick was SUPPOSED to be Patrick and Epiphany but SE was sick so they changed it to Liz. Michael chose surgery.
 Jordan and TJ..Shaun's like "you made bad choices" and she's MAD he's working for Sonny.


dar said...

Yes, take Thomas home with you, please. and let Shaun follow.

Kanella said...

Holy sex scene. I don't think I've seen that before on daytime.

Anon said...

This show is coming unhinged. They nailed it for awhile but when the OLTL 3 hit the city limits, all the writing started to come apart. There have been moments of good stuff, don't get me wrong, but overall this show is back on the downward spiral. Disappointing.


delcodave said...

i missed part of today's show. Did they say what Jordan's backstory is? Was she a hooker? Because that's the feeling I am getting.

CareyN said...

delcodave, they didn't give any details, but yeah, she was probably a stripper or hooker or drug dealer or on drugs or something.

And yes, da-yam that was a hot sex scene. Weird timing considering both Patrick AND Alexis had me tearing up all episode.

Can someone (probably Epiphany) just look Patrick up and down - you know, really check him out - and finally say, "Robin left that?!?" Because if he were my'd be sexy desk-time all the time. :)

Carrie said...

I want Scrubs 2.0 with Liz.

Sonny bums me out bc I like MB but Sonny is awful. I hate watching this knowing SK is leaving. AJ can't defend himself is painful. I'm so pissed.

Please please please let TJ and Sean go with this chick.

NLG killed it. Lots of Moms can relate to that teenage girl hate. I wish Kristina was there for this stuff.

West is totally Silas'. I hate that they're introducing a new family.

Siam is kinda boring but also hot. A tough spot but they need a good story to be a super couple.

sonya said...

Alexis's home: Alexis wins the line of the day!

Go ahead to Molly's room and feel free to have sex. I'll be right here. Why are you wasting time? You have my permission. So you and TJ may go to your room and have your sex. I'll cook dinner when you're through. I suppose you know when you're done. Ball park? Not to long I suspect.

ROFL! There is nothing more to say! I'm dead. :)

The hospital: Oh come on Patrick! Snap out of it! You act like Robin is dead again! I love how Liz was there for him. Really Karen? The actress who played Piffy was sick? That would have been a great scene too.


Wow! He REALLY is desperate for AJ to die so that Michael will never know he was the one who shot him! Great scene though. :)And you just know Sonny is thinking die die die while he is hugging Michael. :) McSilas and Sam scene, YOWZA!

Kelly's: TJ's mama!!! I love her hair. :) Uh was she on drugs after her husband died? Hmmmm. She seems like trouble.

Maxie's home: AH HA! She is Nathan's mama! :) Oh James Reeves is his real name huh? Interesting. This scene was strange. It looked like she is brainwashing her son about McSilas. Did she tried to kill her daughter? Did she kill the pharmasist? Nina is way older than Nathan, and she watched him take his first steps and see him come home from school? Is Nina Nathan's bio mother?!!?! So many questions! :)

Mrs. Goose said...

I thought Shaun said to Jordan, "our son" Anyone else hear that?

sonya said...

"Mrs. Goose said...I thought Shaun said to Jordan, "our son" Anyone else hear that?"

No I didn't hear that, but I bet he does turn out to be his son. :)