Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Promotion

Yep, I am promoting myself CHIEF OF WRITING STAFF FOR TODAY! As you know by my blog entries this week, the show was a total bore to me. So, I'm switching it up a bit this Sunday. Don't worry, you'll get your highlights done, but with a bit of creativity thrown in.

Hope you have a beverage of choice today-- I'm going with a Tequila Sunrise. I haven't had one of those in ages. Yum....

Let's start with the week in a Nut  Shell:

Ric's back...seemingly the backer of "Barrett Enterprises." But, you never know with GH..he could just be the lawyer guy. He remembered he had a daughter too. Poor Molly and TJ. Never got to have that safe-sex they talked about for so long. *sigh* TJ's all of a sudden being threatened by Julian again.  And..we care...because???

Nice block-taping at "Ryan's " in "NYC"...Silas, Sam and eventually Ava. All to have the pharmacist die in a similar way to Nina--you know, the chick I could care less about in the coma. Oh, Officer West showed up. YAWN.  I'm going to say it:  find another guy. This one? No charm. Yes, he's hot but that's it. I have given him ample time. He's wooden and just not that good.

Carlos tried to kill AJ--- failed. AJ had pitt stains and was sounding like a mad man-- Carlos got hit in the head and went to  see Betty. Just like he did before when he got shot.  I did like he and Ava scheming. You know they've hit the sheets in the past.
PS. Carlos, next time you pull something like this, get a bigger mask, or shave your MOOSE-Tash. I think you are the only resident in PC with one!

Where DID you get your clothes?
What else? Ummm, Luke walked around like NotLuke... which may turn into something interesting.  Note the haircut, clothes and I didn't see an earring? Hmmmmm
 Brit and Nik will have a lavish engagement party which you KNOW will be interesting.  Big Ben news will probably come out then. Or someone gets thrown off the parapet. Either way, fun. Probably Faison will show up lol.

Ok, on to what I'm doing this Sunday. I am going to write Robin's exit HOW I WOULD want it.
I'm going on the premise that Robin is going to save Jason (stupid but I'm going with it) and she's being strong-armed by Victor. 

Scene (at Scorpio House) : Robin tells Patrick she's leaving and why.  They banter a bit, Paddy cries..then Mac walks in. Unknown to Robin, she was put forward by GH to win the National Science Award of which she'll receive at the hospital during a big reception for her. Mac tells her that she's wanted at GH (this is JUST after she's told Patrick) for some emergency. 
They go to the hospital and walk into a giant group of people, the media and Dr. Obrect looking all pissy. "You vill be receiving the honor from ze government, but don't sink it means much to me"!! She tells Robin on the side. To the media and guests however, she's all smiles and can't wait to introduce their "star" Staff member.
Robin is overwhelmed by the attention and some dignitary scientific guy gives her a giant medal for 'service to mankind'  for her radiation research. 
They then announce a special guest..and wheel out Sean Donnelly, who is cured. They hug..all happy. Anna's proud. Luke gives a little speech as well. Robin is overcome with guilt and grief knowing she's leaving. Emma hasn't been told yet and gives  her mama some flowers. The whole town is there-- Sam with Danny, Liz.. and hell, I'm even throwing in Audrey who says how proud Steve Hardy would be of her accomplishments. Spencer gives her a faberge egg. LOL.
Patrick keeps looking at her. Victor Cassadine walks up to the microphone and says he has exciting news. Dr. Scorpio has been commissioned by (insert some high-falootin name here) to do important undercover research and has accepted the assignment!
Everyone claps thinking it is here, in Port Charles..and Robin has to go up in front of the entire town and say yes, she's accepting the job..but it's in (insert some weird country) and she's leaving  the next day.
Patrick is crying. Emma's crying..Anna's open-mouthed. Mayhem erupts. Cameras go off..Victor's smiling and then Robin has to answer questions from a million people.  Anna's stunned to learn Victor is head of the WSB...and can't even wrap her head around it.

And that's as far as I've gotten. Point is, Robin doesn't do a "tour of GH" to say goodbye to people here and there. Everyone is in the same room. I know this isn't the way soaps shoot anymore, with block ass'd taping all over the place. But this way she's GONE...telling everyone she's leaving.  Chaos ensues. If I had my druthers, someone (maybe Faison)  come out and shoot her in front of everyone but I guess I can't do that given how popular the character is.  So, I shall save her death for much later. 

Ok, that's my two cents.  I don't like the Robin Exit. Not one bit. And judging by the "Sabrina Encounter" outside the elevator and the spoilers, she and Patrick will be falling into domestic bliss soon enough. 
Personally, I need some things going on that I really am interested in. There is still way way WAY too much story--then break--then story. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Not Robin saying good-bye..but this one with Patrick 'defending' his wife to Carly. JT played this perfectly. He was sticking up for Robin, and pissy to Carly--and at the same time, being detached from the situation. He was like a man automatically responding while still being furious with his wife. I loved it. Great history between Carly/Robin was used too. 

PROP OF THE WEEK: I had to choose these fliers because it means we are getting another Nurses BALL!  Sonny's grandpa mug almost made it but this made me smile more.

 FACE OF THE WEEK: Delia adjusting her boobs. Heh. :) Such determination on that face.

So ...that's it. Hope you enjoyed the blog :) I was up one night thinking of ways Robin could leave and see EVERYONE she knows at once. By the way-- They DO give out a National Science Award. Obama gave out the last one. Couldn't get him on the show, but maybe Michelle? 

This week should be better for me watching the show...I'll leave you with this:

It was for Maurice's Birthday yesterday. I sent it to him on twitter and he said: 

I miss him so much
ERGO, someone else misses him too! LOL.


Carrie said...

Your version is infinitely better!

GH was dull this week. Problem is i don't care about half the cast. TJ, Shawn, Carlos, Ava, newbie cop, Sabrina, Kicringe, now that Ric is back Julian and as much as I hate it Tranco. I don't mind the characters of Michael and Morgan but I'm not buying their stories.

Dang that's more than half the cast. ..

PM61 said...

Definitely like your premise for Robin's departure much more that the krep I saw this week. I don't know if KMc's sudden decision to leave again left the writers out on a limb, or if they simply don't care that Robin Scorpio is written as the worst mother. I'm sorry....Victor's claims that Jason exists are dubious at best. You're going to choose a rumor over your own daughter? GTFO

FrankStrovel said...

I'm thinking Dr. Silas Clay is as guilty as sin. Maybe he did kill Nina....maybe he did kill Nakamura! Maybe he's a killer just like his brother and we're about to find out!

Is Detective West really on to something and not just in Port Chuck to be eye candy?

Only scenario that would make me care about this storyline.

LSV422 said...

Kim's stay was only for 6 months and as she said, it wasn't her decision, but TPTB. I hate the storyline but loved the Robin/Anna scene because with the Scorpios/Drake it is always about the closeness of the actors, too, which resonates in all their scenes. I thought it was a great week mainly because Ric is back! I liked the Julian/Alexis scenes. Had to ffwd. Carly/Franco - find them together pretty repulsive. Happy to see AJ and didn't need to see Kiki, Nathan, Sabrina or Carlos.

Anon said...

I've made my peace with Robin leaving by realizing that the people who cared about her frequently left PC. Robert Scorpio was frequently in and out of town for extended periods when she was a child (back down to Australia to be with Holly) and he AND Anna both were out of her life by the time for a long while when she turned a teen.
Yes, she had Mac around but what happened to her 3 godfathers that were also supposed to watch her? Buzz - left town. Sean D - left town. Frisco - left town. Felicia, her aunt by marriage and family friend, I know stuck around a little long but eventually, she also...left town.
Robin is a woman who was used to people coming and going in her life when she was young. Rather than internalizing this lesson and breaking the cycle with her own family, she too is leaving town. Let's face it - this is what she mainly knows.

Well, that and (as I have said before)...a love for the bad boy figure, just like her mom.

BTW, I still root for Robin and for KM. Seriously, she has grown up on the show and has paid her dues with it. I'll welcome the character back anytime, warts and all.


nance24 said...

I don't think officer West is that hot so he is a total fail for me. We haven't had a parapet throw in a long time, I could get behind that

AntJoan said...

OK, I think officer McHotstuff is fine--and I don't mean, like, "Ooooh, he's so fine," I mean that he is fine as an actor. So far he has not been called upon to show much range, he is shown being a cop, and you are supposed to handle yourself professionally when you are working. C'mon all, give him a chance. I am still (and always will be) in love w/Sonny, he is closer to my age, I'm not interested in young hunks, but I think that the guy could turn out to be a decent actor.

kdmask said...

AntJoan, I really have given Nathan a chance-- :) I just don't feel a thing for him. HE has no charm, imo

AbsoluteLunatic said...

Right now, I only care about Ric and AJ. I miss Diane.

natasha_jax said...

Didn't we find out that Nina is Detective West's aunt? As for offing Nakamura, doesn't Silas have an alibi? He was "in the monkey business" with Sam at their hotel the entire time, right?

soaplover said...

I really didn't find the show dull at all. In fact my brother (another long time viewer) and I agreed it was pretty good. Of course there are stories and characters I don't care about--that's the nature of Soaps--but enough I do care about to hold my interest.

I'm most interested in Silas and Sam's venture and AJ's future. Now Nik is taken, I want Liz to turn to AJ help him. I've enjoyed Delia and I still think there is something fishy about Nina--she is either dead or not in a coma but being stashed somewhere by her family, and they have kept Silas believing the coma thing so he can't inherit.

I'm getting used to Det West. I'm often put off by actors that pretty, but he seems to be carrying his own OK. As long as he can act...

Karen, your scenerio for Robin is lots better than the way they went, and Victor should be making pressure so she HAS to leave. Otherwise it is just stupid.

I'm not excited about Ric's return because he was a ruined character by the time he left before and he seems to be back in that same, if not worse, mode.

I think it is just a crying shame the OLTL actors had to give up their original characters because the new ones are just not of the same degree of entertainment and likability. I did enjoy the way Scott and Franco inter-acted--very funny stuff. 2 of a kind. But it is a bit absurd.

I don't think I will ever warm to Sabrina as she is now. I liked her in the glasses and bumbling around and I keep wondering how Carlos was so smitten with that Sabrina that he got obsessive.
Just don't buy it.

I enjoy Julian with Alexis--just wish he wasn't a dangerous criminal. The actor's likable but the character?? And I'm a bit tired of Ava getting away with her crimes. Like Sonny, she needs to pay.

Sonny remains my least favorite character (just SO weary of him). I hate the baby stories, and I could care about Luke if he was on more than five minutes a day. All in all, though, I'm enjoying GH.

Mrs. Goose said...

I think Nathan West is Kiki's brother. Nina gave birth to him while in a coma and Silas is his dad.