Wednesday, March 12, 2014

NED's BACK! (cameo)

For a tiny bit...this is what Wally Kurth Tweeted: 

Just seen on Twitter: @wallykurth: well, I had nice day in PC yesterday. Yes, Ned will be arriving in town soon. Stay tuned. Thanks for waiting! #GH

I am wondering if it will be for AJ's funeral?? Hmmmmm, just an idea!  I hope not, but that's why he's usually around.

Richard Simmons tweeted THIS this morning! Genie was there for one of his classes !! See all the stuff I can gather if I'm home ON MY BUTT for awhile? LOL. 

So...let's see. Sonny's getting a ton  of use out of his office, isn't he? Ava's all jumpy. AJ's back to being silent.

Dr. O and Britta!
"Don't believe it's all schnitzel and Beer" says Dr O to Britta
poor Britt wanted some Mama wub and Dr. O was shutting her down. Then, she thaws and it was so glorious. WOW.. Loved it. Very heartfelt scene. 
ahaha..When Nikolas comes over she goes "you're not only gaining a wife, you are gaining a mutter in law"!! ahahaa POOR NIK

Julian brings Alexis gardenias. Cute Scene.  Then, she talks to Sam. Sam is all casual in her football tshirt. She's stunned to hear about Molly almost having zex with TJ.

Nikolas and Liz. He wants her to come to the Engagement Party. That's so harsh, Nik. Come on. Geesh!! Ric asks Liz to the party. He and Ric hate each other. Remember the last time Ric was at Wyndemere? He got a blood transfusion from a HOSE. (sonny's blood) ahahaa. He got stabbed with a sword. 
Ric goes to get coffee and Shaun tells him he works for Sonny. Ric is like @@

Ava and Carlos...she looks like she wants him. Well, she wants everyone I guess lol. Julian will try to get the goods out of Carlos.

When Silas and Ava were talking, the "Jiggy Cam" was know someone was stalking them LMAO  Donna Mills? Fluke? ComaNina? 
Ava totally sounded genuine to Silas about not framing him. Maura W is fantastic.



dar said...

Karen, I hope you're okay. Rochester made the national news for the blizzard. They said lots of people lost power!

Gary Johnson said...

Sending best wishes to all of you up North. Luckily DC is missing this one.

sonya said...

The hospital: Dr O and Britch scene! WOW! Great scene. Dr O is showing her vulnerable side. :) Oh oh focus is turning to Faison. No no Dr O! Forget Faison. He is just not that into you! Focus your energy on Victor! :)

Michael: I'm going to focus on finding the bastard who did this to you, and we're going to make him pay. He is not going to get away with it. (turns to Sonny) Dad I love you so much.

Oh boy! I can't wait until Michael finds out what Sonny did! That is going to be explosive!!!! Someone is watching McSilas and daughter. Nina's mama? StarKI doesn't think her mother is a killer hahahhaha!

Ava's home: Ava and Caaaaaarlos scene. They are standing way too close. She might just eat him up. Ava wins the line of the day!

Ava: Does he roll over when you dangle a biscuit?


Kelly's: Liz, Nik, and Ric scene! LOVE IT! Yeah Liz go to Nik and Britch's wedding party with Ric. :) Sticking it to Nik, sure, but I'm sure you will have fun with Ric. :)

Alexis's home: Alexis and Julian scene. Love it!!! Alexis and Sam scene. A bit of a summary with them, but I love the look on her face when she found out Ric is in town, and when Alexis told her that Molly tried to have sex with TJ! :)

Where is Patrick?!!?! Is he still on the floor of his home in a zombie like state?

Previews: Luke sees Starki and says Freaky Kiki!!! HAHAHAHA! I can't wait! Oh there is Patrick. With Anna!

Karen! Damn blizzard!! Well, March IS mystery weather month. :) Stay warm and safe!!

LSV422 said...

Please don't even joke about AJ's funeral - don't want him going anywhere! Another one I don't want to see going anywhere is Julian - WD is sooo sexy!! Can't wait to see Nedly. Really nice scenes with Dr. O and Britt.

sonya said...

Yeah LindaV I don't want AJ to die!! :(