Friday, March 28, 2014


OMG  !! Here's DR. O with Big Ben on Jason's speed boat going away from Spoon Island! Thank you to Cheryl on Twitter. She's amazing. This is from My Jason rides the cheese video on You Tube!! 

Sonny and Olivia's fight was stupid but so what happens in real life!! I so like them together. 

Sam and Nik...yea they are talking!  Cassadines in the house!

Monica is on, telling Sonny to back the hell off.
Michael is in the chapel all angst ridden. Kiki's trying to help him. 

HOW HOW HOW can Dante be questioning Britt? And Lulu waltzes in. Sure, good TV but don't be having a damn convo with Anna and Nate about him not telling about Nina because of conflict of interest!! 

DR. OH has Baby Ben with LIZ! Who's running GH? Geesh..LOL and Cam AND Aiden are in school? How old is Aiden?I guess preschool.  Anyway, she has a gun on Liz and Nik comes over to apologize. Monday I think someone gets shot.

AJ said Sonny shot him to Carly. Carly's like "Sonny Who"? No..but you know she's not going to tell. Carly doesn't believe him. "He did it because of Ava"...and then..he  flat lines. Monica and Michael run in.
Like who cares? Even if he DIES.. how can we even BE sure he's really dead? Death scenes have NO MEANING anymore on soaps, especially GH.  Plus, now they can wear masks too. GEESH

Obviously Todd, Sabrina and Patrick are all on vacation right now.


CareyN said...

Oh! She took the baby to Liz! I was wondering, because last time she took him she pawned him off on Robin. Ha.

delcodave said...

Couldnt they have had the Nathan West character be a lifeguard or a massuese at Lorena's spa or some character where he just stood around shirtless and didn't have to speak?

So, will the zany head writers of this show give Dr O. a promotion at GH since any time someone is a criminal on this show they are worshipped? First, she kidnaps people and becomes chief of staff. Now that she kidnapped Ben, will they make her President of the Board? Mayor? Governor? Criminals are the new heroes on GH.

On a positive note: no toddlers and no teens on screen. ZIt's nice to have adults on the show for a change.

And, you are right Miss Karen. If AJ dies, the funeral will be so very lackluster because, as you said, deaths dont mean anything on GH anymore.

cooks7570 said...

I loved that Tracey and Monica got to go off on Sonny. I know everyone will hate this but I hope A.J. fakes his death because I don't want to lose another Q.

Kanella said...

Karen, I can't wait for Sunday Surgery.

sonya said...

Police station: Boy Dante and Britch is letting the phone ring a long time! ANSWER IT BRITCH! Oh stupid Lulu! Had to barge in and make a mess of things! But she was redeemed when she started yelling at Britch. :) Very good yelling indeed. Stupid Britch still doesn't get it!!! Someone smack her!

Sonny's home: Woah! Sonny and Olivia are arguing!!! Sonny just loves the word son of a bitch! ROFL! Great scene actually. Oh good they made up. :) Now they can have make up sex. :) Oh not now? Well that's okay. It would have been an inappropriate time anyway. But since when would THAT stop them. I mean they eat dinner and make out at the office that Connie was murdered in. They haven't had sex in that office yet, but they will eventually. :)

The hospital: Poor Michael. :( Go away Starki and let me comfort him! Where is fake Luke? I want him to make Starki uncomfortable again. :) AJ awake and blabbing to Carly who shot him. Do you really think Carly will tell the cops? No of course not. She is going to protect Sonny. :) Detective West still thinks McSilas killed his wife. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I so love Ava and Sonny together. Love how they are huddled with their heads together. She is trying to manipulate him, and Sonny is still confused why AJ was choking her hahaha. Oh oh AJ is flatlining! :(

Wyndemere: Oh Nik! Not in love with Britch anymore. Horse pucky! Love the Sam and Nik scene. :)

Liz's home: My first thought was, that looks like Liz's home! Then they showed Liz! :) Dr O wins the line of the day!

Dr O: Oh please. You didn't do it for Lulu. You thought it would be a your way to get back with Nicholas

BAHAHAHA! How did she know that?! :) Oh there is Nik he wants to apologize. :)

sonya said...

"delcodave said...Couldnt they have had the Nathan West character be a lifeguard or a massuese at Lorena's spa or some character where he just stood around shirtless and didn't have to speak?"

Sounds good to me! :) Cus every word out of his mouth is, Silas you killed Nina. You did it. You you you! If he takes off his shirt, then I can handle the scene. :)

AbsoluteLunatic said...

My poor AJ :(
He's getting a funeral. With a priest. Michael in a suit.

When Michael finds out Sonny murdered AJ and that Carly knew but covered it, I want Michael to turn his back on both Sonny & Carly. They are the absolute worst.

Di said...

I hope AJ doesn't die before telling them that Ava killed Connie. How many years is it going to take for that news to come out? Or are they going to have poor AJ die with everyone thinking he did it. I HATE that.

Kanella said...

I am so with you on that, Di.

AntJoan said...

HOW can Dr. O kidnap this baby, isn't she supposed to be running the hospital? And AJ STILL has no police guard--I know, this is Port Charles, the alternate universe . . .

Andrea said...

After AJ "dies" they will never find out that Ava killed Connie, because no one cares anymore. Not Sonny or Olivia, certainly not the police.

Dr. O stole embryos and kidnapped a baby and I'm sure she is going to keep her job as Chief of Staff.

Nathan is nice too look at but he needs something else to do and say, because you killed Nina is getting old.

Carly picking Sonny over her own son is horrible. It is time for Sonny to pay for one of his crimes.

By the time we see Sabrina again she will be about to pop.

jasonroks said...

I'm so angry they are killing AJ. What a complete waste. And the killed Connie for "storyline purposes" too. Another waste. She'd have been great with Julian.

Hopefully Carly will figure out the deal with Ava and Connie. No one else is capable.

Hoping Liz gets a smack or something on Dr. O before she gets shot.

Will help Britt's cause to save Ben somehow.

About done with Sonny. It's run its course

cooks7570 said...

I liked Sonny and Olivia's fight until they had her apologize to Sonny which she should not have done. I loved that Tracey and Monica got to call Sonny out.