Monday, March 10, 2014

Manic Monday

UGH or WHAT with this time change.  Good Lord--I felt "off" all day and now I'm so tired. I'll try to keep awake during GH.

I saw the Donna Mills commercial. She's in her 70's? She looks spectacular! 

Carly SO has Sonny's number! LOL...Sonny sees Monica and is all guilty.  He and Carly fight. we go. 

Anna's trying to get Duke to help her.  Duke says Sonny was with him and gives him the alibi.  Sonny's all nice as pie to Duke. 

Lucy doesn't want to "BE" with Kevin. Tracy barges in about Luke and helps herself to the Chinese Food.  Tracy goes straight to SCOTTY... for some nookie.  Tracy throws some shade to Kevin about 

Franco and Scotty--or TODD and Scotty. Fun as usual
Scott: "I'm the DA"

Franco: "you'll always be D-A-D-D-Y" to me"!! hardy har har

Luke: :"You're Kinki, aren't ya"?? At least Tracy knows something's up! Kiki chugs her mimosa.
OMG Luke was kinda PERVY there! ahaha Did you see Kiki's eyeballs? 
She runs out of the room!

Tracy comes back home and Luke tries to buy her more jewelry to make things better. 

AJ's Finger twitches.


Anonymous said...

The whole Luke thing (fake Luke? Fluke?) was just weird. Drugged out weirdness or dementia aside, there's no way this is Spencer. Add to that the strange glee he had at telling Kiki about Michael at the hospital ("don't get your panties in a bunch").

Another odd thing was the whole 'watch' scene. The way he said "I can't wait for someone to ask me the time" could be just a comment on the expensive nature of the watch -- or maybe it's a clue. There's two major 'watch' connections in GH's past that I can think of. If I remember correctly there was the Prometheus Disc story where it was hidden in a watchface -- and that story had the fake Grant Putnam in it. Tying in with my earlier theory, though I doubt Fluke would be Grant Andrews -- the fake DVX Grant Putnam. I thought he'd made amends with his bad deeds when he left the show after the Aztec treasure story (did he reconcile with Celia and leave together?) He did have a mad-on against the Quartermaines after he was revealed not to be the real Grant and they shunned him. Between the two, I'd be more convinced with it being Putnam though.

The other watch connection, oddly enough, was with Faison, and the Roman Gold the DVX leaders wore: a Roman coin each of the four leaders' wore in their watches. But I doubt Fluke would be Faison.

cooks7570 said...

Ron has a interview in TVGuide magazine. I liked today's show.

CareyN said...

Luke: If you listen to his speech pattern and the way he's almost slurring his words, it's very similar to Faison's accent/style. Just please, TPTB, do NOT be using another mask. Whatever it is, consider me interested. And isn't it nice to see Tony Geary get something different to do for a while? He really is quite talented!

sonya said...

Q home: Oh damn! Starki and Luke scene!!! I love it! I can't believe he was all flirty and put his hand on her leg!!!! And the look on her face!!! ROFL! Very entertaining and hysterical! :) I want more!!! Like I said I will call them Larki. :) He tells her AJ is shot, and as soon as she leaves, he laughs! ROFL! And wow Luke going to buy himself a watch, but why hide it when Tracy comes in? And why pretend that he is going to buy something for her?!!?!

Kevin's office: WOW!!! Lucy wants nothing to do with her husband! She is all faking it with him! What she REALLY wants is Scotty! And boy she ran out of the room as soon as Tracy arrived!!! :)

Scotty's room: Scotty and BobTodd.. Awww BobTodd is worried about his daddy. :) Great scene. :) Oh and there is Lucy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She wants him! The way she was sitting on the bed! WOW! She wanted Scotty to jump her! :) Yeah Lucy! Scotty is right! He deserves all!!!! Not just a side piece! And there is Kevin. :)

The hospital: Carly and Sonny scene! :) She asks the AJ question, and he dodges hahahha! Wow Sonny lies to Michael!!! :0. AJ is awake!!!! Will he have amnesia? Oh and here comes Starki running to see Michael! Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Sonny's office: Anna knows that Duke is lying!!! And here comes the same argument as always. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

Karen, yeah the time change sucks! I woke up around 10 this morning! I felt off too.

AntJoan said...

Luke is, like 6'4", there is no way he is wearing a "mask," and playing someone who is, like, 5'9"!

Andrea said...

Donna Mills looks great, too bad she will be in that Silas story, which I will FF thru.

That Luke Star scene was funny. Her reactions were priceless.

At least They are not portraying Tracy as stupid, she knows something is up. Luke has never been that nasty to anyone, even Scotty.

Too bad Sonny will never pay for shooting AJ, he needs to be in jail for a while.

sonya said...

Karen were you thinking of the bangles when you put the title manic Monday? :)