Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Egg Salad

Monica got the painting from Leslie while playing BRIDGE  with AUDREY and Gail?? Damn it! We need to see that !! Don't just tell us!! 

Nina's hospital bed is empty...good lord, this is NEVER GOING TO END..and I don't care about it at alL!! 
Robin ends up in Scarsdale?  Right after Siam leave. Okay--- she sees 'Jason'...he's in a freezer.

Obrect thinks she knows that Anna/Robert killed Faison.  I want to know how Anna doesn't know Victor is head of the WSB.. I mean, seriously. She took a call saying Obrect got her job because of the WSB- wouldn't law enforcement people KNOW this sort of thing?! I guess that She and Robert aren't privvy. Obrect thinks she killed Faison. Anna toys with her saying "maybe I DID kill him"...Maybe he SUFFERED! Then O lets go that maybe she has something to do with Robin leaving. Anna shoves everything off her desk.

AJ and AVA..she doesn't manage to shoot him, the gun is empty.  AJ and she tussle and AJ has her by the throat when Sonny walks in. He has a flashback to AJ strangling Kate. Or Connie..or WHOMEVER she was.
Sonny ends up SHOOTING AJ! I honestly thought Ava did-- huh. Good twist if it's not a fantasy or something on Sonny's part.
AJ's got blood all over him

ROBIN IS FINALLY out of the house. I am strangely unmoved. Whatever..bye. See ya. The new story will Be Patrick trying not to fall for Betty when she has his baby. He'll probably deliver it in a cabin somewhere.


Andrea said...

I agree I do not care at all about Silas and his wife and who ever put her in the coma. It is unnecessary. Why give him this story with all these new characters that NO ONE cares about.
They couldn't have thought of anything else to do with Silas? How
about him being the brother to the guy that Sam killed and this whole thing with her is about revenge. Or a long lost Q heir and a foil for AJ and Tracy.
OR be an undercover WSB agent who is trying to take Obrecht and Victor down from the inside.... Anything but this story with all these new characters that no one knows or cares about.

Thank the Lord that Robin is off my screen. I'm betting that the Jason body is Faison in a "Jason" mask. It' s time for Patty to fall in love with Betty, I'm sure it will take forever and they will get together right before KM comes back for another sweeps period.

Did not expect Sonny to shoot AJ, Love when I am surprised.
Ooops he promised Michael that he would not hurt AJ...

Kanella said...

Please let Patrick fall for Liz.

dar said...

Please let Betty go off on maternity leave and never return

AbsoluteLunatic said...

Don't care about Nina, Silas, Sam or Jason. Bye bye Robin! Don't come back.

Sonny needs to die. A slow painful death.

CareyN said...

Thank you Kanella. Dream story line.... ...

Liz, rebounding from being rejected by Nikolas and upset about him marrying Britt, starts to succumb to Ric's advances. She's vulnerable and heartbroken. When Nik reminds her how horrible Ric is, she tells him it's not his place to run her love life. Nik asks an equally lonely and heartbroken Patrick to play the hero for Liz. He's trying to distract himself from missing Robin, and also trying not to fall for poor pregnant Sabrina as a rebound...again...assuming Robin will be home soon. As a friend, he keeps Liz from making the mistake of falling for Ric completely. In the meantime, they find themselves -surprisingly- falling for each other!

This would be an awesome and awkward love septagon with Liz, Nik, Britt, Patrick, Ric, Sabrina, Robin. Fun?!

Carrie said...

That sounds awesome Carey! Too good for this show though lol

Anon said...

Yes to the idea of Patrick and Liz. It should have been them in the first place - we never needed Sabrina involved at all.

jasonroks said...

love your idea on Liz/Patrick. Send them a script!

Saw the spoilers- what is up with Luke. This viewer is thinking it's time for Tony to retire. He's not looking so good. Not sure if that's part of the new character or real. If they turn him into someone else - later folks.

AntJoan said...

Oh, now I am very depressed. Robin leaves, can't stand it, then she ends up in--Scarsdale? I thought she was going to Cassadine Island, what's up with this? If she's in NYS, why can't she travel back and forth to be with her family?

Sonny shooting AJ, also depressing--I still love Sonny, and didn't see this coming. I guess he and Ava now will be as thick as thieves. . . .

Anna is SUCH a great actress--when she got "bested" by Dr. O, I also found it upsetting, even though she knocked it out of the park, acting-wise.

I also was surprised--and pleased--that Monica mentioned "Lester," Audrey and Gail. May we see them, please?

sonya said...

Robin and Patrick's home: Victor is hear. Birthday party is over. Oh man! The same damn conversation!!! UGH! Robin has to say goodbye to her daughter! AGAIN?!!?!! ENOUGH GOODBYES!

Victor: Let's not drag this along. Long goodbye's they just add to the pain. This is taking so long. It's becoming tiresome.

Thank you Victor!!!!! I couldn't of said it any better! Robin leaves, and there is a flashback of them!??!! WHY?! She is coming back for crying out loud!!! Patrick is sitting on the floor looking like a zombie!!! Come on Patrick, Robin is not dead! Snap out of it!

NY clinic: Oh oh Nina is nowhere in sight! Is she dead? Is she alive? I have no idea! And neither does McSilas! Robin is there?!!? Wait a second!! She didn't even leave the state?!!?!?! She is not out of the country!?!?! All those goodbyes and tears, and she goes to a NY clinic!?!?!! That is so dumb!!! What the hell?!!?! Robin couldn't even come back to see her family during the weekend? So Jason is there frozen while Sam is there too not knowing that Jason is there. UGH!

Anna's office: Dr O and Anna scene! AWESOME! Is Faison dead? Is he alive? She is tormenting Dr O! But Anna didn't win! Dr O won the last word! :)

Q home: Monica had bridge with Leslie, Audrey, and Gail!?!?!?!?!?! And we didn't get to see it?!!?!! That is so upsetting! Leslie giving Monica Heather Webber painting original, is so funny! ROFL! I wish we could have seen the scene!!!!! DAMN IT! Monica wins the line of the day!

Monica: Lester you rat!

ROFL! Too perfect. :) Gee when Michael was telling Monica that AJ was almost killed, Monica didn't seem all that upset.

Michael: Dad won't hurt AJ he promised.


Ava's place: GREAT SCENE BETWEEN AVA AND AJ! :) The gun doesn't have a lot of bullets?!!?!! Or did the gun jam? Hmmm. AJ is choking Ava!!!!! Self defense! :) Sonny shoots AJ! My jaw drops to the ground! Oh no is AJ dead?!!?! :'(

sonya said...

"AntJoan said...Oh, now I am very depressed. Robin leaves, can't stand it, then she ends up in--Scarsdale? I thought she was going to Cassadine Island, what's up with this? If she's in NYS, why can't she travel back and forth to be with her family?:

Oh it's so insulting! UGH!

Mario4rory said...

I loved Patrick with Sabrina but even i don't want them together now..i hope she falls for the sexy cop instead..leave Patrick alone with the memory of Robin to keep him warm at night..

nance24 said...

the ending yesterday with Robin actually supposedly in NY and looking at "Jason" was the cheesiest thing I've seen in a long time :(

LSV422 said...

Wonderful montage - can't believe how young they all looked. Dr. O and Anna scenes were fabulous. Loved Anna mimicking Dr. O. I hope Sonny doesn't get away with shooting AJ. The whole Scarsdale scenario is ridiculous, especially with Jason supposedly there.