Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Oh My Gosh..BEST invention EVER (besides indoor plumbing and eyeglasses). I LOVE YOU!! From my first dial-up days and going on the AOL "folders" to dish about GH to now being on Twitter, Tumblr, Vine..FB..and Blogger.
Ahhhhhh, Life is good. Humans, ya done good. Yes, some parts of the net are dark but for the most part? It's made my life so joyful.  Hubs and I were talking about some actor the other day, wondering where we saw them before and we hopped on IMDB. Research is so fast. So RIGHT THERE. So easy to forget life before Google.
Want to hear a song?
Want to see an old TV clip?

Find your long-lost College Roomie?
Order ANYTHING and everything in a click?
Skype with your friends/relatives anywhere in the world? (and space?)

I mean, seriously. Now we can all watch our soap real time. It's just so cool. On the old Soap Zone board we'd have to refresh all the time to "talk".  Now no need...just check the feed!! For Soap Fans it did relvolutionize the way we watch, and the way cast/writers/producers interact with us. Maybe not always for the best --but come on, it's just awesome.  I've met so many wonderful people in cyberspace -- I can't begin to count them.   That includes all of you reading this! 

Ok, off my cheer box for the wonder that is the web.  I do want to relate a story that happened in about 1993. Xerox had just put in the net earlier that year--or at least an "access" to the net. Wubby Hubby said "type in anything". I typed in "Whoppi Goldberg" and there  were NO matches. Then I typed in "Lizards" (my 1 year old was with us) and BAM! STUFF came up. Took and age to load but it was like looking into the future. WOW...then, later I discovered the AOL boards and all was lost. LOL 
What is your first memory of the net?
I'm sure some will say: PORN!  lol..  heh.  Yep. that industry was one of the first to get on the train! 

BTW, we are having a HUGE blizzard here. I'm trying to time lapse it for a Vine. Even RIT, The UofR and Xerox closed! WOW. 
Not happy. BUT..I will be here for GH!



dar said...

We are having another blizzard here in Buffalo too. The first time there have been 2 blizzards in one year since 1884! what a horrible winter. People here are so damn stubborn that SUNY at Buffalo and Buffalo State College insisted on opening this morning and, of course, are now closing at noon. I assume the local ABC affiliate will interrupt GH every ten minutes to tell us that it is snowing and the airport and Thruway are still closed exactly as they did during the last blizzard. So sick of this.

Carrie said...

I remember the computer labs in school. The web was a word document. Netscape I think?

This blizzard is awful. Yesterday was 50 and I was walking around town.

kdmask said...

I remember using first point and click and I almost cried from happiness DOS was horrible

Mrs. Goose said...

Karen,what was the original date? year??

LSV422 said...

Mrs. Goose, I think it was this date in 1989.

AntJoan said...

OMG, almost ALL TV shows were interrupted to cover the building explosions in East Harlem, so didn't see any news about blizzards in my beloved Buffalo, and Rochester--had no idea!! How much snow have you guys gotten?

I remember that, in my prior career (before I went back to school and became a psychotherapist), we all got computers on my job. I didn't know how to do anything with the computer, so I asked my assistant to help me. We logged on to the Internet, and I asked her to help me look up Sonny and Brenda!! Something came up, I was sooo excited, I couldnt believe that I could read about them while in my office!

Sharon Hemmerly said...

I remember teaching myself at work. They plunked one on my desk set it up, turned it on and showed me how to get to the menu. They then told me I was on my own. That was 1979. Good thing I wasn't afraid of technology because the rest is history. I was a web designer and graphic designer, etc., etc., I trained computer software for a GSA of the Fed Govt. Never had a class. Loved it. Retired now and still learning. Playing with learning Java now. CSS was a breeze. Yes, the internet is the greatest invention in the last 50 years.

RedSoxFaninVA said...

My first experience with the web was my freshman year in college (1994/95) but before that, in 1990 or 1991 my family had Prodigy. Prodigy was a dial-up service like AOL but I don't think it had a web browser.