Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Nik Throws LIZ OUT!!

He was some CRABBY! "Get out of my house"!!
Ok, then...see ya!

Then he says "Don't pass any panic rooms on the way home"!!

Dr. O: Britta" You Guilt Ridden Panty Waste' 

Sam lays into Nathan about John's break-in.


And...didn't care about Sonny NOTLuke.  at all.

GEESH! GREAT stuff...I really loved Lulu and Dante's cries of joy at the end--and Britt's anguish. WOW

Your German word of the day: Schubladenbrief - the letter you write but never intend to send


Kanella said...

Today was an absolutely great.

I teared up at Dante's rage. He knocked it out of the park. Can't wait to see what happens next.

love2chat402000 said...

Loved that Britch went down! She deserves jail time! Imagine stealing your patient's embryo, implanting it in yourself and passing the baby off as your own!Nik is an asshat! What, you wouls rather your sister continue to suffer!Ridiculous! Nik that is your sister that Brit put through hell! Glad it came out in a nasty way!Liz was right to reveal it!

love2chat402000 said...

Headline should be, "Bam, Britch went down!"

kdmask said...

ok, sue me but I felt for Britt!

kdmask said...

ok, sue me but I felt for Britt!

erikabl3 said...

I felt bad for Britt. She does love the baby and she certainly made an awful choise. Hopw she and Nik work things out and have a gorgeous Cassadine wedding, along w/a bundle of joy of their own. They should also build a bat-house on Spoon Island. ;)

Andrea said...

Man is Liz going to get an apology.

I do not feel sorry for Britt at all. She did this with full knowledge and could have told the truth at any time.

Dante was awesome today!

I do not care who broke into Silas's apartment.

friscogh said...

I think Lucky broke into Sila's apartment, looking for his pill under the sink.

Kanella said...

I don't get the feeling bad for Britt thing. She may not be a proper villain, but she did something so beyond cruel and unthinkable. Her road to redemption could have started if she spilled the beans at the party.

cooks7570 said...

Britt should pay for what she did to Mister and Misses boring Dante and Lulu when Sonny pays for his crimes.

sonya said...

Wyndemere Party a bust!

Wyndemere: Yes you have proof Lulu, but you don't have it with you DOH! Wow these are great scenes! The acting is fantastic! Dante is breaking my heart. He is making me get emotional. Wow! Nik is lashing out at Liz! He must feel so hurt and betrayed by Britch so he is taking it out on Liz!

Nik: The hypocracy is, frankly it's mind blowing. Saint Elizabeth up on her pedistal. looking down at us immoral beasts. How are you any better than the rest of us?

Okay I gotta say, that is a really good line. :) Nik? You have got to stop having parties at Wyndemere. It just leads to disaster!!! Oh oh Dr O and baby Ben is GONE! Meanwhile Sonny and fake Luke scene! What? Luke wants Sonny to kill Ric?!!?! COME ON SONNY! Notice something is wrong! Luke would never tell you to kill Ric!!! Britch is afraid that Lulu is going to take Ben away from her?!!?! BRITCH BEN IS NOT YOURS! Fantastic acting from the actress though. :)

Alexis's home: Julian is so close to Alexis!!!

Julian: Go to hell.

HOT DAMN! Even that scene is HOT! :) Oh they are gonna have sex! HOT HOT HOT! Well Nancy Grahn did say on her facebook page, that the dress is velcro! :) ROFL!

Liz's home: Aww cheer up Liz! At least you have Ric! :)

McSilas's home: Sam has a gun ROFL! I was wondering how did McSilas not see a gun while they were having sex. McSilas was wondering too hahahaha. Sam says he was distracted hahahhaa. Oh no. It's Hottie West. Oh man they are having the same conversation. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

sonya said...

"friscogh said...I think Lucky broke into Sila's apartment, looking for his pill under the sink.:

ROFL! Good one. :) And he stayed under the sink for hours. :)

LSV422 said...

I don't feel bad for Britch but if it wasn't for her surrogacy they may never have had Ben. She did deserve to be busted. Tyler and Dom were outstanding. Julexis - mmmmmm.

Carrie said...

Dante was great! I liked Britt screaming from the other room.

Julian and Alexis were hot! I'm jealous of NLG today

Liz looks great. Love Ric. But man theyre dumb for leaving Ben

KL Hamilton said...

Tyler's acting today was superb! One of the best performances on the show since when he was mourning Emily! Gotta give him props! Also some excellent writing for his lines!

I thought Alexis/Julian scenes were crap. I love NLG but don't care a thing about the Julian story. Hoping rumors are true and he is gone by August

I cant believe I'm saying this, but I'm actually enjoying having Ric on. I hope they are able to redeem him. Rick Hearst is a solid actor and if written properly, can be a golden assett.

Can we please kill off Brad, Lucas, Elizabeth, and all the Jeromes? Useless characters. Free up more room for some Cassadines and give some screen time to the underused vets!

CareyN said...

ITA with everyone about Tyler and DZ's work today. Over here alternately yelling at/crying at my screen.

I was REALLY hoping for an Olivia vs. Dr. Obrecht granny showdown. Despite how evil Obrecht is, I'd still put my money on Olivia.

soaplover said...

I do feel for Britt--I've come to like her and saw why she didn't tell the truth--she would lose the baby she loved. And Nik. But mostly the baby she had nurtured and come to care for so deeply. To have him torn from her (even to fix Lulu and Dante and do justice, etc), is terribly cruel. Gradually she has risen above her mother's evil demands and become a better person.

I also care about Silas and Sam and the broken into apartment. I am so fond of Michael Easton that I am bound to care about his character.

I don't care as much about Luke story because he is so dispicable now that I can hardly remember why I have loved the character all these years. And I don't want him to be a fake anybody--I'd rather a mind-bending story where someone else's personality and attitudes have been implanted in Luke's mind, along with reminders of his own past.

I'm glad the baby story is finally over--I never enjoy these baby stories.

And what if Ric really is redeemed and no one believes it. We were supposed to think he was in cahoots with Julian, but is he? He hasn't done anything really rotten since he returned. I'd like it if he was a changed man--he is too handsome and too smart to be just another bad guy. There are too many of those around.

And poor Alexis--falling for another one, but man, that is a hot couple. I do so love the mature lovers--they know what it is all about.

AntJoan said...

It seemed that, when Ric and Julian met in Julian's jail cell, they already knew each other, I think that they are up to something!

And, who is NotLuke? This is an interesting mystery, but I fear we will be disappointed, a la "Lost." "Lost" fans were PROMISED that "it all will be explained" at the show's end, but it never was. OK, not exactly the same, but I still feel a let-down coming on.

As for Britch, I DO NOT feel sorry for her, she stole the embryo, and, as a doctor and human being, is responsible for this behavior. GH has a history of bringing on villains who commit horrendous crimes, then trying to make them more "human" when they are good actors and audience faves. I believe this sends the wrong message about right and wrong behaviors.

Pat..... Sun..... said...

Although, of course, Britt has to pay for what she's done, I think that losing Ben is payment enough. I felt terrible watching her suffer, and hope that Nik will eventually let his love for her overcome his hatred of what she did to his family. Watching a woman lose a child that she loves broke my heart. Hoping to see some good scenes between Brad and Lucas, or Felix, as Brad tries to explain away his part in all of this...

Wonder if Sonny really did figure out that something was up with Luke? He seemed surprised when Luck suggested killing Ric.... Hate Sonny, don't understand all the women on the show falling all over him like they do, but he's usually smart and doesn't get fooled by things like this. So maybe he will be the one to sense that something is wrong.

Andrea said...

I do not get the feel bad for Brit stuff.

She stole 2 embyos from Dante and Lulu to trick Patrick and force him into marriage.Then lied to lulu and Dante that their embryos were accidentally destroyed... Lied about he pregnancy until she got caught and had to admit that Patrick was not the father...then lied that Brad was the father...Then got caught in that lie and had to tell the truth that Dante was the father...but lied about how the baby was conceived....then lied to everyone when she thought her written confession was incinerated, until she had to admit it.. oh and by the way is engaged to the woman's who she stole the baby from's brother.

I don't care that she loved the baby and looks good with Nik. And no one likes the new Lulu. She stole a baby and lied about it for a year. I have NO sympathy for her AT ALL.

Carrie said...

@AntJoan "Lost" fans were PROMISED that "it all will be explained" at the show's end, but it never was. OK, not exactly the same, but I still feel a let-down coming on.

Not to get off topic but that's A&E style. They do what they like and have NO interest in making it make sense or providing explanations. And for whatever reason they always lie about it and pretend that it's not the case. It drives me INSANE with Once Upon A Time.

Robert said...

I loooooooved how Nik tore into Liz! He told her everything I've ever wanted to call her out on. Granted, it was misplaced anger but whatevs....I'll take it!

Towars the end when they were all sobbing they had me sobbing. KT brought it down when she was wailing for Ben. I can't wait for Nik/Britt confrontation! Superb acting!

carrie a cunningham said...

I love Britt..She reminds me of other favorite flawed daytime vixens. Tina Lord..Remember passing Max baby off as hers and Cords..but she was redeemed later.. Then there is Erica Kane..Erica did so many despicable things..but somehow I wanted to root for her.
The vixen's like Britt do not bore me.. Britt will never pretend to be righteous.
Liz has done some horrid things over the years.. I still like her.. But loved having Nik rip her to shreds..

friscogh said...

So Ben goes missing and everyone thinks it is Dr. O who has him kidnapped. I think Spencer actually kidnaps him. Spencer overheard the conversation between Luke and Julian in the stables. Whatever he heard makes Spencer think things will not be safe for Ben so he takes him and hides him. Remember the scene where he thought Ben was missing or someone sat on him? Foreshadowing of how over protective he is of Ben.
I would understand Spencer's snobby attitude if he was raised by Helena or Uncle Victor but we have been told that most of his life (off screen) he was with Laura and /or Lesley in Europe...makes no sense for him to be acting like such a spoiled little rich brat.
Wouldn't it be funny if the first victim of a mask, Duke, was actually wearing a mask now pretending to be Luke? Same height and build. Trying to get at Sonny to have Sonny think it is the Jeromes and have Sonny take out Julian. Have we Luke/Duke together lately? I doubt it is but would be way more fun than the predictability of it being Bill.

LSV422 said...

I realize Lulu was in shock over the Ben revelation, but she was acting like a total lunatic. This didn't need to be broadcast at the party. I was glad Liz revealed the truth and as much as I like her, I hated that "gotcha" attitude. She didn't care that she broke Nik's heart, too.

Stephanie said...

I loved Britt today!! I have come to like her too, and felt bad for her losing "her son". I thought she did an incredible job with her wailing/screaming/crying/shock.

love2chat402000 said...

Don't worry Nik will be running to Liz very soon. He loves Liz!
Britt will show you who she really is when she shows very little remorse for betraying her patient's trust and stealing her patient's embryo. She should lose her license to practice medicine and GO TO JAIL! End of story.
Twitter blew up with these great scenes between Tyler and Rebecca Herbst. Lulu/Dante touched so may when they reacted to the baby reveal. These two couples are gold! Rebecca tweeted about who made the dress she was wearing as many people want that dress now :) .