Monday, March 3, 2014

May I See My Wife Now?

DO NOT ADMIT! Sorry Silas!! He and Sam slammed the Why do I have a feeling there will be no person in that room?

UGH, that stick thing in Sonny's office needs to be MY BADGER!! LOL

AJ, who cares!? You got found Not Guilty..just drop it. We DID.,.
He and Ava were pretty hawt tho!  HE tells her you went to throw it.."but you MISSED THE LAKE"!! ahahaa
He figures it all out..then Ava pulls a gun on him. 
She's gonna shoot tomorrow!

Robin got CAKE? 
For leaving EMMA?!!
I think NOT.
Cake...  COME ON! And PRESENTS??????!!!! She deserves nothing
Robin gave Emma a telescope necklace. 
Victor comes in and says: TIME TO GO! 

Obrect gets a WSB Book from Victor. ON Faison!!  He wants her to go with him. He LOVES her..he asks for a kiss goodbye. Then he gives her the notebook about Faison. She goes to see Anna and accuses her of killing him.

Even Sonny's sick of Michael.


Dustin said...

I'm too lazy to go look but I wonder if that isn't the same set as the hospital in Switzerland?

Also - am I the only one who thinks Silas' wife is played by Donna Mills?!

Carrie said...

I like Siam.

TPTB REALLY want to make people like Robin. Not working.

AJ story is SO dumb. Who cares at this point?

Ronn Dean said...

I have a feeling that Silas's wife might look exactly like Ava. Since Ava has murdered a few people and tried to kill off others, she won't be redeemed. Ava can go to prison and we get Nina, her identical twin. Donna Mills could be her Mother. Today's show was boring.

LSV422 said...

I liked today's show. I thought Kim and Jason were exceptional as always and I liked the AJ and Ava scenes. When Anna is on it is always a good day.

AntJoan said...

I think that SK is GREAT, and hope that he stays on the show for a long time. He has sooo much history, and gives poor Monica at least one living relative, plus he's Michael's father----PLEASE pretty please give him a LONG contract!

Donna Mills I think is 73, she can't be Silas's wife.

delcodave said...

I thought I read somewhere that Michelle Stafford from Y&R was being cast as Nina and Donna Mills is playing her mom.

So, the pre-noms for the emmys came out today. I wonder what 4 shows are going to make the list for best drama? Oh, wait...

Anxious for some of these drawn out storylines to get over with and move on.

soaplover said...

Carrie, I CARE about AJ! I want him to be OK, to win a few, to be redeemed and to not disapoint Michael. The actor does a good job and it is one story I'm very interested in. Thanks, AntJoan, for your support in this.

Say he doesn't die!!!!

I am also interested in Silas and his story. I do not believe Nina is in a coma. I think her family has set Silas up and I bet Nathan is part of that family whether he knows about Nina or not.

Andrea said...

A Party? really? Come on Patrick and Robin needed to have knock down drag out fight and split up, so Patrick can move on with his life. I'm mean Betty is not my favorite, but right now she is higher then Robin on my list. Robin deserves nothing, Patrick should shun her. She is leaving her daughter and husband to go help some man she used to date. So stupid. No cake for her!!!

AJ - you go to the police before you confront someone. I too care about AJ, but this storyline is really old. This should have happened in November, not March. I'm over the who killed Connie thing. Ava will never pay for any of the murders/ attempted murders and AJ will never get redeemed. I want more AJ, just not him drunk and stumbling around. Sober him up and give him a story line with ELQ and a love interest.

Michael is just annoying, send him off with Kiki somewhere.

There is no way Nina is still in that room. She is hidden way in Donna Mills attic or something.

AbsoluteLunatic said...

Line of the day: "You missed the lake!" And you can see that MW is trying not to laugh!

I care about AJ and I want his name cleared. He didn't kill Connie. He's been thrown under the bus enough time already.

Carrie said...

I meant this storyline! I love the Qs I want AJ to have a quality story and not this pathetic Connie stuff. I also want Skye to come back so they can get in to trouble like the good old days

sonya said...

Robin and Patrick's home: Oh come on!!! Robin is still here?! How many damn goodbye's is she going to have?!?! Wait what? A cake? presents? It's like it's Robin's birthday and they are having a birthday party! UGH! Give me a damn break! The only thing I liked at the party, was the laugh button.

Ava and AJ: Okay Ava and AJ win the line of the day!

AJ: You missed...The Lake!

Ava: Do I look like a woman who regularly throws things?


ROFL! Their lines went well together. :) Oh oh she has got a gun!!!! She is pointing the gun at you AJ! Now what?! After that, there was a commercial about soap magazine. The lady announcer, said AJ is shot. Uh very premature!!!! He isn't shot yet!!!

Anna's office: Oh come on! Anna and Duke are having the same damn conversation!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

The hospital: That woman who talked to Dr O about her husband's cancer, I was waiting for Dr O to be rude to her! And she didn't disappoint hahaha. Victor and Dr O scene. Oh that kiss was hot! :) Come on Dr O! Forget Faison!!!

Sonny's office: Sonny and Michael's hug was so sweet! Sonny isn't going to hurt AJ awww. :)

Scarsdale NY clicnic: Fight scene! I was thinking McSilas and Sam great team! And then she says it. :) Then I was thinking she isn't going to go into Nina's room with McSilas is she? Whew she isn't. :)

Karen! Even Sonny is sick of Michael! ROFL! Good one. :)

Avalonn said...

Best part of today's show for
me was Sean Kanan's A.J. ,under used, underrated. So many possibilities for AJ. He must be redeemed! I want to see strong determined AJ, not broken zero backbone AJ.

LSV422 said...

Add me to the AJ bandwagon - love the character and actor. SK is doing a great job and needs to stay.

CareyN said...

Team AJ here also.

I also love Michael. I do. I think he's one of the best characters on daytime ever. He's calm, collected, rational--all despite his circumstances and upbringing. He seems like one of the few soap characters who learned from their mistakes and changed for the better, and who also has gained perspective from the horrible things he's been through. He just seems very real. It helps that Chad is a stellar actor to boot.

nance24 said...

LOL on the pre-noms delcodave