Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Ze Truth Shall Set You Free

I'll just change ze no attention to me...
Oh I hate writing blogs on weeks like this!! Why? Well, you'll see. GH had more highs and lows than Kimye had photo shoots. 
Anyway... I'm going to attempt to unravel my feelings after the Big Baby Ben reveal and the NotLuke discovery.

Just black coffee today because I'm going to need it. we go!

KA-CHING "pay off day" as they say in the biz. First we find out it's NotLuke financing the whole she-bang against Sonny. He has a 20 year revenge-plot going and  has different colored eyes. Other than that? Julian didn't spill his name, so..we are still left guessing.  I was excited about this story, now? Whatever-- the simple fact that Tracy still buys into this shenanigans is enough to turn me off.  He's so NOT acting like Luke, it's not even funny. If you're gonna impersonate someone, do it up right. I am going to say that Tony is CLEARLY loving this. Hey, I'm sure playing the same guy for eons begs a change. So, for that, I'm happy. Maybe we'll see his twinkle back.

Speaking of a long will it be before Lulu gets the opportunity to be crushed under Big Ben's weight on her hip? Good Lord..we lived through the whole "Maxie is carrying the Lante baby that Brit  not carrying Patrick's --  but really it's Dante's and Lulu's kid" for what? Is it a year now? AND STILL THE KID IS MISSING. Wasn't he already kidnapped and given to Robin on Cassadine Isle in Greece?  Why is there always MORE..can't just have the secret out, gotta make MORE... about: 
The part where EVERYONE at that party LET Dr. Obrect (history of taking the baby and multiple evil deeds including actually precipitating stealing the zygotes) WALK OUT OF THE ROOM WITH BEN? all deserve to lose that boy. 

Yes, drama to the max--Nikolas breaking a vein going off on Liz and Britt. Dante standing there like a frozen statue and Lulu shrieking. THEN--the part where what? Dante doesn't save his own kid even though he's a trained ninja officer? LOL. Okay. I still want to know how O got off the island. I guess the evil ones have get away boats stashed around.
Someone should have been taping this "party" for the Vine on their iphone, btw. 

Lucas and Brad..what is going on here? First of all, it should have been Felix because he has been in this story since forever. I guess Lucas needs a story and since Lulu is his cousin, he got more airtime.  Same thing with Patrick (MIA lately). He should have been there and then followed Liz. I know RIC is around--but lordy, that could totally help kick start what should have been the story all along. Patrick and Liz. By the way, note that Betty has been absent too. I haven't missed her ONE. SINGLE. BIT.  It's like she and the baby could disappear and...?? yah. crickets.

Detective Nate ... (insert eye roll). Well, he's going to help Sam and Silas in this next phase. Madeline told everyone that Nina is dead--and we'll see if that's really the case. Who thinks she's really gone??
Yeah, that's what I thought. 

Carly and Madeline were fun together although not sure what that was all about other than a little exposition for us about Mothers and Children. Interesting that Todd is totally off screen or what? Guess he's on vacation too. It's VERY had to watch a show that has people on so much you get sick of them, then they are totally OFF CANVAS FOR WEEKS. That's my main point today. So, embroider it on a pillow! 

And I'm going to dish on Carly for a minute. I so wish the writers would have given her some compassion for AJ. Just a bit--instead of saying what a douche he is while he's laying in a coma. Good Gravy...he never had a chance to be a Dad because of YOU.  I get the great drama that can come of AJ dying, especially for Michael and Sonny. (who will be eaten from the inside out). BUT, I do so miss the potential of AJ. When Monica is visited by her Q ghosts next  week, it will be a sad, sad day. 

Don't get me started on the Dante questioning Britt. Geesh, we just got a lecture from Anna (yeah, remember her?) about conflict of interest. There's Dante grilling Britt--and then Lulu flies in the room.

HIGHLIGHTS: (off the top of my head)

Nikolas tells Liz to "avoid panic rooms" on the way home.  Oh, BURN!! 

"Madeline Scale" (ref to Abby on Knots Landing) and she moves 
Sam down to a 3 after talking to her LOL 

Liz, sitting like this. I don't know why but I loved how adorable she looked!  I'm glad Becky's getting some story to sink her teeth into.

Julexis sex. HOT. 

Anguish and Joy... great stuff and I felt for Britt! 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: OMG..why did it take this long to have this conversation?? BE still MY HEART!! It was perfection. The dialog, the acting--the dimples comment. I so wish Tracy would have grabbed his face and almost kissed him.  MORE please

FACES OF THE WEEK: LOVED this scene..they took a moment to just GUSH that they had a baby together!! Very cute and very true to life. It's the only time Lulu smiled in a week and a half. 

PROP OF THE WEEK: Now, who thought of this gem?? Party in the front. Or back. Or whatever. LOL. 

So, there you have it.  It was a good week, it was a weirdly let-down-ish week. Brilliant scenes--Brilliant acting.  I'm still pissed about AJ. Glad Tracy and Monica gave it to Sonny. 
I just wish that the cast was tighter. I want to know that I'll be watching a flowing story and that it won't disappear in day.  Ok, enough bitching. I'll just be happy that the baby thing (might) finally be over and maybe we'll find out about Luke before my next birthday. I know TC (Sabrina) is due in a month or two in real life. It will be SO interesting to see how they play the baby out on the show. May Sweeps? 
We shall see.

Tamara Braun and Sarah Brown will be on GH with Laura Wright for a Carly EX-travaganza. Tuesday April 1st  will be a banner day, so WATCH! Monica will be visited by the Q's. Well,  some of the dead ones.  Sonny and Carly go down Memory Lane--probably with the other Carly's. Heh
Lucy, Scott and Flea and Mac will be on doing history stuff too.

You enjoying the show? Is it holding your interest? LET me know! Hey, we got a ton of snow here, brutal icing too. Wah. Feel sorry for me. 


  1. Is there any truth to the rumor that Jason will be recast? Could the actor who played AJ come back as Jason?

    I think that would be fun.

  2. Carlyfest will be fun.

    Latest rumor is that NotLuke could be Paul Hornsby, w a recast Dillon set to return. Ned returns too and finds that NotLuke is NotEckert.

  3. Karen, you got snow there? How much? Usually I keep up with upstate weather as a former Buffalonian, yet somehow knowledge of your latest blizzard passed me by. We had a forecast of maybe some snow in Brooklyn, then got just a dusting, followed by a windstorm. Now we are in the midst of 4 days of rain . . .

    Looking at the glass half full, I totally appreciate all the vets who returned, and especially that some of them stayed on. It was beyond my wildest dreams not too long ago to imagine that a Kevin/Lucy/Scotty triangle would be featured on the show (even if the airtime isn't as much as we'd like). Having Flea, Mac, Anna, Duke, et al. on GH--HEAVEN!!

    Glass half empty: Robin leaving (and somehow can't call or Skype her family while she is in the same state?). AJ dying :(, :(, sob, sob, sob. Baby Ben being withheld from poor Lulu all this time, and everyone letting Dr. O take him away AGAIN. . . .

  4. Good week and kept my interest. The acting was great. So sad that all the Qs are dead huh?

    imspncycl- no way the guy who plays AJ is coming back - ever. Had a throw down with the writers.

    The NotLuke stuff is more hard to imagine than Dr. O walking off the island. It makes Tracy look so ridiculous and she'd never fall for this. I'm now convinced it's a mask. If they show Luke still in the nut house what are we supposed to think? Plastic surgery?

    Why isn't Olivia having visions anymore? She could have been very useful for the Baby Ben reveal and now for NotLuke.

    Glad Alexis got her some man.

    Not looking forward to more Michael angst and Kiki. Gag me.

    Bring on Carly fest and the memories!!