Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Here's an interview with Headwriter RC about GH:   TV Guide ....I have no comment :)

Got in late to the show because it's BEAUTIFUL OUT!! Just awesome so I did a bunch of errands as we are due for 15-18" and Maybe EVEN 2 feet tonight. It's 50 now
This winter has been nasty!! 

I came in with Alexis mentioning Faith Roscoe!! And then Molly said "You SUCK!" ahahaa. Then she snuck out!

Olivia looked resplendent today in her LOBSTER RED DRESS!

Lucas is turning into a BORE. Felix walks in on Lucas kissing Brad.

Sean Kanan did such a good job in the hospital bed--it was SO REAL! wow!!  Best I've ever seen on a soap!!  He was awake long enough to say Julian didn't shoot him-- but not who did. Then he basically had a stroke.

PS: RUMOR: (sort of came to me from a waterboy in Canada): Is Maxie's new "Friend" Sly Eckart?


CareyN said...

Ummm, Ron.... two HUGE things you forgot to mention in that article. Sonny also shot Dante at point-blank range and got off scott free...and now the two are besties! And also Ava tried to shoot and kill Franco but hit Olivia instead and no one is even out there trying to figure out who did it!

I'm all for "bad guys vs good guys" especially on soaps where the lines are very blurry, but Sonny and Ava are becoming such cartoonish characters...and repetitive.

Anonymous said...

Wow. If New Guy turned out to be Sly... well, that'd be a slam dunk to me as far as Fluke's identity.

And for all the teases and mentions about Julia Barrett, that would be another clincher if she showed up, since she and Bill were together.

CareyN said...

Don't forget about Julian's secret meeting at the docks/up the stairs. We all suspect it was Ric, but I'm convinced it was "Fluke" (love that name, BTW). And maybe he is Bill Eckert. I'd be cool with that. The new guy is Aussie, so I was sort of hoping he was a recast Ethan. I'd rather have Ethan or Sly than ANOTHER newbie.

PM61 said...

Not for nothin', but Chad Duell really needs another way to emote in a dramatic scene other than that "Oops I crapped my pants again" look on his face.

skeebob said...

A waterboy in Canada? Karen has sources everywhere!

sonya said...

Felix and Carly: Carly wins the line of the day!

Carly: Are you serious right now? Lucas lives in Seattle. Why would I assume you are guys are a match made in heaven? Because he's gay?

ROFL! Carly has a great point! :) Come on Felix quit whining and talk to Brad! What is with Carly's hair? The side of it looks all static cling. :)

AJ's room: Wow! AJ is choking on the tube in his mouth! So realistic!! It's about time someone does! AJ says it's not Julian who shot him! YES! Oh oh AJ got an aneurysm in the brain! Does that mean he is going to have amnesia?

Jail: Ric and Anna scene. Anna you act like you know him. Julian is free now YAY! :)

Alexis's home:

Molly: Suck it!

Really Molly?!!?! Really!?!?! You think THAT is mature? Ric and Alexis scene. Love it! Oh now Molly sneaks out of the house! And she thinks she is mature.

Sonny's office: What is with Olivia's dress? Is she going to the prom? And it must be summer in Port Chuckles! Please get rid of that flower on the side of the dress! Olivia knows Sonny shot AJ you can read it all over her face!

Kelly's: Shaun and TJ. What Shaun?!!?! Molly is too young to live with TJ? Oh so she isn't too young to have to have sex but is too young to live with TJ. Shaun sit down and hush. Brad and Lucas scene. Lucas is whining about his bio dad. Oh that kiss is HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! They have got to be a couple! Felix had to walk in and see the kiss!! Wow Felix was so rude to Lucas! He didn't recognize him with his clothes on? Damn Felix! But then Felix leaves and you can see him start to cry. Awww. :(

Andrea said...

Donna Mills looks awesome.

Molly and Lexis scenes were great,

AJ and Monica well done.

Ric and Anna never new each other?

If maxie is bringing back Sly, then I guess Luke is really Bill...

I thought Lucas/Brad/Felix would be more interesting.

The Ron interview
Ron is getting closer and closer to how Guza ruined the show. lots of violence, the mob, and letting the villains get away with everything because you think they are fun to write for. We spent over a decade worshiping St. Jasus - a hit man Now Robin is abandoning her husband and daughter because saving Jason is the right thing to do??? It is an insult to anyone who has ever been a scrubs fan. And it actually does leave Patrick in limbo, with his wife off with his understanding...

The problem with not punishing the bad guys is that everyone else needs to be worse than they are, completely incompetent or totally self serving and out for revenge. I guess we are going back to the days when the PCPD could solve a crime. Apparently no one even cares anymore who shot Olivia.

Ava is a sociopath in less than a year she has attempted to kill 2 people, really did kill one, and it looks like she did something to McSilas's wife. No wonder GH keeps bringing on new characters Ava is on track to kill half the cast in the next couple of years.

Ron said everyone can be redeemed, but at what cost? He has spent the better part of a year trying at great length to redeem Franco. He has completely rewritten the history of the character and show. We were mistaken about some of the stuff he did and he had a tumor so he wasn't responsible for it anyway. He saved Carly's life. And has completely turned into Todd Manning, with another name.

The whole thing is turning into a cartoon. I know you say you like the wacky Karen, but GH is starting to off the deep end. I like fun dialogue and a not so serious story once in a while, but if Luke rips off his face, I may just throw something at my TV.

Anon said...

Hmmm...Ric and Anna WERE in PC at the same time at various points after 2006ish, so they may know who each other are BUT I'll be danged if they ever had a scene together.

Carrie said...

That interview was awful.

SK KILLED it! That was so real! They better not kill him off

LSV422 said...

SK was great - CD's expressions are not. Not liking Sonny at all. I will never forget when Alexis was in GH with cancer, he went into her room and threatened her in that same coldblooded manner. Molly has gotten very pretty. So happy Ric is back.

Kanella said...

I was college when Bill Eckert was on GH. Maybe, I was nursing too many hangovers, but I don't recall Bill being a nasty person that was interested in money. Luke is not exhibiting Bill-like characteristics. Now, Sly coming back to the scene would be interesting. Liz sure needs a love interest.