Thursday, March 13, 2014

So Much GOIN' on Today!!

Wow..what a show. I loved it. First, Spencer the Drama Cassadine was on LOL ..he thought someone SAT on Ben!! haahahaa...Lulu wants to help plan the engagement party. 

Faberge  Lobster--to replace the egg

Patrick is so bitter,detached from life. He was nasty to Anna. He's growing a beard. He wants to take Emma's Faberge EGG because Victor said it was ok to give it to her!! He loses it with Emma and throws her egg in Kelly's!  He yells at her. wow.  She cries and asks for a puppy. LOL

Lulu dreams she's really Ben's Mama.

Luke is being soooo different and fun.  He apologized to Monica. LIKE a lot. And weird. He sees Kiki and says "Well it's Squeaky, Freaky Kiki"!! ahahaa then he hugs her and grabs her butt! NOTE: His eyes don't appear to be BLUE--which they are..and BILL's are Hazel. Um...I certainly hope this is Bill and NOT Faison or some shit. It had better NOT be a mask. I will stop watching if it is.

Sabrina thinks Carlos may have shot AJ. Luke told her the break-in guy got 'hit over the head' and she put it together!!

Morgan and Ava. Hot cha cha. Anna and Dante come to see Ava. Dante's hair is outta control!!

Patrick is going to help AJ....Ava goes in to pull AJ's plug!


delcodave said...

I never truly understood the phrase "children should be seen and not heard" until I saw today's show.

dar said...

delcodave, I couldn't agree more. When will they send Spencer back to the attic or wherever he was until recently? Awful.

Kanella said...

Luke cerainly isn't acting like Faison. I don't recall Bill being a sleaze either. I am very interested to see how this Luke thing evolves.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Kanella. If it IS Bill, I'm definitely interested to see how his defying death gets explained.

Fluke's comment about "nurses being riper than ever" was creepy. Between this and his knowledge of Monica's flings at the hospital, he certainly is familiar with GH.

Great observation on the eyes! I didn't notice that.

It was a very strange scene when Fluke apologized to Monica. At first I thought they'd have him genuine in his praying (a dead giveaway it wasn't Spencer since he's an atheist), but they pulled it off perfectly. Strange how Fluke would have intel on Luke not believing in praying, but had no idea of his owning a nightclub.

They're at least doing a good job of keeping Fluke isolated away from every one that might immediately know something not right. (Lulu, Anna, even Sonny)

If it IS revealed to be someone in a mask, it wouldn't bother me if it was done well. If you just read about Obrecht wearing an Anna-mask to see Faison it might sound stupid -- but the writing and acting made it an amazing thing. It could happen again. I just hope it's done well.

Spencer: dammit I can't help but smile when that kid's on the scween-- er, screen. :)

Andrea said...

Fluke little too skeevy.

I thought Patrick played it great today.

Who on earth cast Spencer? You can't understand a word he says.

cooks7570 said...

If Lulu could'n t see that her father was sick the first time, then I do not see how she can think anything is wrong with him now.

AntJoan said...

I think that Spencer is really funny and cute, I enjoy his scenes immensely, I fear that I might be in the minority here.

I CAN'T STAND IT!!!! AJ had TWO attempts on his life, and there are no cops guarding his door. They never seem to have cops at the door on GH when they should, a GIANT failing that few ever seem to comment on.

I love Luke, but how strange it must be for the actress to have her ass grabbed by someone who could be her grandfather--creepy, if you ask me.

sonya said...

Dante home: What the?! I'm thinking is Lulu having a dream? Yup she is! :)

Wyndemere: Spencer wins the line of the day!

Spencer: What if somebody sat on him?

ROFL! Oh Spencer! Nobody sat on Ben! :) Spencer is just too cute. Aww Spencer heartbroken over Emma. Come on Spencer! Man up and call Emma!!! Britch overhears Lulu talking to Nik about Ben! BRITCH TELL THE DAMN TRUTH!

Ava's home: Wow I love how Caaaaaaaaaaarlos protects Ava! After Ava and Morgan implode, (which we know that is going to happen eventually) I would like Ava and Caaaaarlos to have a fling. :) Ava changing the subject on Morgan by trying to seduce Morgan hahaha. Didn't work but it was funny. :)

The hospital: Squeaky freaky Kiki! BAHHAHAHAHA! I love it!! Hysterical! I love how uncomfortable Luke is making Starki! And then he touches her butt ROFL! Luke what is wrong with you? He doesn't even recognize Sabrina! Especially that loaf in the oven hahahaha! Oh no! Ava snuck into AJ's room! I don't want him to die! Sabrina, like Caaaaaaaaarlos is really going to admit to you that he tried to kill AJ! And he is telling the truth! He didn't shoot him. :)

Kelly's: Patrick looks awful. He looks so depressed. :( So I will give him a pass on how he is treating Anna and Emma. I love how that lady from the background wanted to help. :) Awww Patrick. :( Robin is like probably an hour away from Port Chuckles! Maybe even a half an hour away.

CareyN said...

AntJoan, I'm with you about Spencer. He's adorable. And he made me laugh out loud today. "Will you be my date to a party on my private island?" Oh haha. He's a doll. I needed a good laugh after Patrick and Emma made me cry my eyes out and FLuke made me vomit a little in my mouth.

Karen, you were right. A lot did happen today. Good episode all around.

soaplover said...

Please please someone stop Ava!!! I really don't want AJ to die. This latest setback could allow him to have a memory lapse when he awakens--he's had a stroke, for petes sake. I realize the PTB do not want Sonny or Ava to ever pay for their crimes, but many of us do and to lose AJ just so those two scumballs can get away with it again...SAD.

I remember I once referred to Luke's eyes as navy blue. That's how they look now. This is a real mystery! And I bet Tony is loving it. His whole face has changed. Bobbie could spot the difference in a nano-second.

Geez, imagine throwing a Fabrege egg against a wall! That would take artistic ignorance or a really bad temper.

If the Labines were writing this now, Emma would already have a puppy--they loved to bring on animals. But I doubt she gets one in today's soap world. Animal actors are expensive and a lot of trouble. Still, remember wonderful drooling Foster who Lucky loved and Luke called Skillet-head? And Foster's love for Annabel, the Q's lovely fluffy lady dog who gave him puppies. A great soap romance.

Is Sonny the only one who knows Ava returned to PC and turned around and left again? Couldn't Anna check with the airlines to be sure of Ava's alibi of being in NY. I guess Silas and Sam didn't know she had returned home and back again.

Who was watching Silas talking to Ava at the hospital elevators? Hmmm. Someone who works at GH? And maybe spies on him for Nina's family?

Avalonn said...

Ok....we know Ned is making a cameo. We know "Luke" has bitter knowledge of Monica. He's playing Tracy. He's sleezy (comment about Sabrina and ass grabbing Kiki). Who in GH history can he be? Aside from Bill Eckart. Bill makes no sense to me because I don't remember him acting like that. Faison also makes no sense.
Could it be someone else from Tracy's past with a bone to pick? What happened to Lord Ashton?

kdmask said...

Could be ned's dad..Mitch...?? Not sure
I've been wracking my brains too. I come up with Mitch Lawrence.LOL

We know THAT CANT' happen due to PP's lawsuit.

It's still a mystery and I LOVE that.

sonya said...
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sonya said...

"kdmask said... It's still a mystery and I LOVE that.:

Yes I love it too!! I hope it doesn't get ruined by spoilers.

Mrs. Goose said...

I love Spencer--he's like a pompous version of Nik. Very charismatic little actor.

AntJoan said...

C'mon, I said this before, Luke is, like, 6'4"!! If he's not his own identical cousin, who else could he be? (I do think that Faison is tall, but not that tall.)

LSV422 said...

Good show yesterday. I don't think Luke could be Bill E. - very mediocre and unpopular character. If they go with the mask it could be Jerry Jacks. I've noticed that the wardrobe dept. always has Britt ( and Robin) in jeans everyday, while others like Carly, LuLu and Ava get great outfits. Could it be because they are normal looking and not very skinny? I'm sure they don't put Britt in heels because she would tower over Nik. She really needs her wardrobe upgraded. I like Spencer too, but sometimes he is a bit over the top. And it is just unbelievable that AJ doesn't have a guard at the door.

Anonymous said...

I half expect today's (Friday's) episode to end with Fluke cornering Kiki in a storage closet or something and she scratches his face. He turns and there's a loose flap of latex skin hanging from his cheek with bare skin underneath.

"Oh you shouldn't have done that, darlin..."

Cue credits, LOL!

nance24 said...

I thought Spencer was cute the first time or two but I've had enough of him now lol

Avalonn said...

Wasn't Ned's Dad Larry Ashton? He came on the show as Lord Ashton. He was invved with Faison, Harlan Barrett and Dominique Taub's father. I forgot his name. He thought or pretended to be the heir to his family's fortune but, it was actually his half bro, Charlie Prince. For some reason I thought of him. And then the Ned cameo.

sonya said...

"Avalonn said...Wasn't Ned's Dad Larry Ashton? He came on the show as Lord Ashton."

Yup!! That is true. :)

Avalonn said...

I just watched some old clips and I swear it! "Luke" is acting like Ashton. It has to be him. I'll bet he's in cahoots with someone nasty!