Thursday, March 20, 2014

Party! Party! Party!

OMG Becky Herbst looks FLAWLESS and she's had WHAT? three babies in real life. :sobbing: Goodness.

WOW all the ladies looked fab!! Britt? WOWzaaaa!! Wasn't Baby Ben adorable!!? In the crib? FINALLY both Olivia and Sonny think he looks like Lulu! GEESH. 

Hell, Dante, that poor launch has to break thru the ice to get to the docks!!

Emma and the EGG..she has to tell Spencer it got ruined.

YOU BROKE THE EGG!!?? "Do you know how much that was WORTH"??!! "My ancestors saved it from the Bolsheviks"!

Luke is so not Luke..he doesn't know Britt.  Could he be Harlan Barrett? Harlan dated Tracy-- hmmm. I still say Bill Eckert. Anyway, he is all over Britt and acting so weird. If he's TRYING to act like Luke, it's a fail. 

Julian and Silas didn't wear ties? weird.  No one is happy to see JULIAN!

I didn't see yesterday-- so Alexis is going to work with Sonny to expose Julian? Interesting. But I know she is going to fall for him! 

LIZ finds the letter!! 
I need some photos on here, I 'll get party pics up when available. 


Anonymous said...

So are we to beleive that Emma went to the party by herself?! Unsupervised in the presence of her mothers kidnapper Dr. O?! Patrick would never allow this, nor would Anna. If neither of them wanted to take her what about Duke, Mac, Felicia, Felix, or even Sabrina. Or Liz. Or Epiphany. Or some previously unknown babysitter?
I wonder if Olivia is going to ask Molly and TJ how their night at the hotel went, haha.

Andrea said...

So I guess Carly wasn't invited to this?

Luke: I don't remember Bill Eckert acting like so sleezy but Ron likes to rewrite everyone so who knows who Luke will be.

Liz found the letter. Maybe her thunder wont be stolen this time. She looked beautiful.

Is Tony going to show up to this thing and sweep Dr. o off her feet?

Tomorrow is hyped as being a good day, cross your fingers.

I might be in the minority here, but I cannot stand Spencer, I don't think it is cute the way he talks or that he acts like a snob. Emma needs to run far far away, Spoiled obnoxious brats never grow up into nice men. Nik needs to fire his nanny and raise his own son.
Team Cameron!

dar said...

Andrea, I don't know if we're in the minority but I can't stand Spencer either. I dislike him as much as his mother who was my 2nd least favorite character of all time. I wish they would send him back to the attic or wherever he was until recently.

Carrie said...

I think the kiddie soap is being overplayed but I can't hate on the little actors. They're young. I always forget Spencer is Courtney that send SO long ago. I never liked either character but I liked NiCo for some reason.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Perhaps this letter will help make Brit redeemable. Surprised it's coming out now.

I hope Luke story moves quicker. Its getting more annoying than intriguing

sonya said...


Liz's home: Hot potato hot potato.. The hot potato is in Ric's hands! Oh yes Cam you can go to the party! :)

Alexis's home: Alexis, Sam, and Molly all look great! When Alexis sees Julian, she has this coy smile hehehe.

Wyndemere: Luke doesn't even remember Britch!!!! Little Ben is adorable!!! Yes Olivia and Sonny, Ben looks like Lulu!!! Oh Dr O!!! :) Damn too bad Victor isn't there. Cam, Spencer, and Emma!!! Oh Spencer don't yell at her it's not her fault! Cam awwww. He gave her the hot potato. Awww but it's ruined by Spencer.

Britch: You guys make a cute couple.

Me: Yes Liric does!!!! :)

Hot potato hot potato hot potato hot potato! Oh LIZ HAS IT AND IS READING IT!!!!! Oh Luke wins the line of the day!!!!

Luke: Not to mention what a hot piece of ass.

ROFL! Go ahead Nik! Punch him! :)

sonya said...

"friscogh said...I wonder if Olivia is going to ask Molly and TJ how their night at the hotel went, haha."

ROFL! That would be embarrassing. Even if they did have sex that day, what would they say? Oh it was amazing and awesome. And the condom didn't break. :)

Anonymous said...

Good writing and even a decent writer you are...great blog!

kdmask said...

Some are wondering about Harlan Barrett. I have to look him up

AntJoan said...

I really enjoyed the episode. Everyone looked wonderful, and it really looked like a party, not just a few people milling around.

I LOVE Spencer and the other child actors, they are soooo cute, and really funny!!

LSV422 said...

Liz did look beautiful and she and Ric - ahhhhh! Britt made Nik look really short and Olivia made Sonny look really short. Ben really looks so much like Lulu. Didn't like Britt's dress all that much - looked cheap. I like the kids but I don't like the way Spencer is being written. And I was not of fan of his mother either. Can't wait until the s**t hits the fan today!

Mrs. Goose said...

I loved Spencer in his smoking jacket. So funny. I don't understand why Luke might be Bill Eckert. I don't remember Bill acting anything like the way Luke is acting now. I think the clue is--who liked the ladies and didn't hide it?---ANTHONY ZACHARA