Thursday, March 6, 2014


Um, figured it out..those are a PILE OF COFFEE bags under that sign. Burlap coffee bags. It's NOT my Badger!! :stompingfoot: Some of you are attached to Couples, I am attached to props. LMAO.

Anyway, I am at an Apraxia Workshop promises to be just SO GLAMOROUS!! SO SO exciting! 
I won't be back for GH...have at it.  Let me know what's what.  

Have a great Friday. It's supposed to be 40 here (it was MINUS NINE this morning). I won't know what to do when it's that warm!!! wow. 


wherewolfmom said...

I want my badger back!

Avalonn said...

How about The badger holding a coffee cup. That could be the Corinthos Coffee logo.

Tammy Wynette said...

At least props don't start fan wars. :)

Anonymous said...

Did Sonny think that by showcasing coffee bags people would think he really is a legitimate business man?

sonya said...

Alexis's home: Ric and Alexis scene YAY! Love their scene. Love how he is giving her a hard time about Julian. I love how he just tells Alexis that Molly wants to live him as he was leaving hahaha! Alexis wins the line of the day! She called Molly and left her a message.

Alexis: Molly? This is Alexis Davis. Your mother. The woman who, who gave birth to you. Remember? I fed and I clothed you, and I raised you you're entire life. Would you please call me back? We need to talk.


Q home: HOLY COW LUKE!!!! What is wrong with you?!!?! You bring up the Outback, (Isn't that place gone by now?) you don't remember you had a jazz club, and you are so rude to Monica!!!! More than rude!!!! Karen, and everyone who hasn't watched today yet, You have got to watch what he said to her! Not only was Tracy's jaw on the floor, but mine was as well! I am OFFICIALLY in on this storyline. I can't wait to find out what is wrong with him!

Sonny's office: Oh look! Sonny is all happy now that he heard Julian is in jail for the shooting of AJ! Wow! And now Duke is giving him an alibi!!!!! I wonder if the writers are going to give AJ amnesia!

The hospital: Liz was so sweet to AJ. Wow Sonny! I can't believe you are at the hospital! Carly asking Sonny if he shot AJ ROFL! Liz and Carly are getting along. Well will wonders ever cease!

Anna's office: Anna and Morgan scene. Even if Morgan knew that Sonny shot AJ, he isn't going to tell you Anna!!

Julian's jail cell: Julian has got some hot looking visitors.. :) Caaaaaaaaaaarlos, and Ric. :)

Where is Patrick? Is he still on the floor in his house looking like a Zombie?

Previews for Monday: Luke hitting on Starki!!! ROFLMAOPMP! I think I will call them Larki! :)

cooks7570 said...

I just can't believe that Sonny can't see that Ava is playing him.

kdmask said...

So, could Luke have selective amnesia...and have forgotten what happened in the past..say.20 years? 15??
I haven't seen it yet. But when I do, I'll write it up! LOL

kdmask said...

So, could Luke have selective amnesia...and have forgotten what happened in the past..say.20 years? 15??
I haven't seen it yet. But when I do, I'll write it up! LOL

sonya said...

Karen he could but I don't know! YES YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT! :) Like RIGHT NOW ROFL!

Anonymous said...

My theory is Luke is really a dupe as part of Victor's plan. And who is he really? I'll go out on a limb and say that the long-rumored return is finally coming to pass and it's... GRANT PUTNAM!

My out-on-a-limb idea?

Victor already got Robert out of the Port Charles picture (not established onscreen of course, but it's something a lot of people think he's behind). The only other person in P.C. Victor might be worried about having around? Luke, of course. He locates him at Miscavage, but comes up with a great plan. He ends up switching him (at some point after Scotty arrives -- or between Anna finding him and his release from GH) with someone else who's in the asylum there: Grant Putnam! He lets him use the latex mask technology (something Obrecht established as being WSB-tech when she confronted Anna on Monday, something I thought was curiously specific) to impersonate Luke. Why? He wants to restore the Cassadines to glory. Perhaps he wants "Luke" to marry Tracy, then arrange for her death to inherit $$$.

A couple things to support this. In today's show he knew about the Outback but not Luke's club. That would fit since the last time Putnam was in P.C., Mac ran the Outback -- but the Spencers hadn't returned yet. Also his animosity to Monica; he hated how the Quartermaines (and others) never realized he'd been replaced by his DVX-duplicate. And he worked briefly at GH so he would've been up on Monica's history with Rick and others.

Like I said, just a far-fetched theory.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I meant the latex mask-WSB credit was during the Victor/Obrecht scene last week.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I meant the latex mask-WSB credit was during the Victor/Obrecht scene last week.

Carrie said...

I love that Michael calls Monica grandma it increased his likability. I liked Carey today too hopefully she sees Sonny is full of it.

I hate Shawn I hope he dies soon. Ditto for Carlos.

I love Lacy but since this isn't luke its not the same. It's still interesting though.

soaplover said... latex masks! Or Grant Putnum.

But there is definitely something wrong with Luke. He never hated Monica at all, never really knew her well.
And if it would be selective memory, then he would only remember being in love with Laura and he wouldn't be proposing to Tracy.

Somebody's played with his mind--put a lot of stuff there but not real Luke's stuff.

I want AJ to wake up and say 'A.J. Ava Jerome!' That's all he has to say for now. He's already had amnesia so that would be lame story. However, he could be with the wrong person when he wakes up...

I want to get back to NY, too.

Anonymous said...

It would be great if they would do an alzhemiers/dementia storyline with Luke but if this is that they need to slow the pace and should not have had it connected/triggered by MissCabbage.
Michael needs to disown Sonny and claim his place as a Q. Sonny needs to (finally) pay for his crimes. I dont know if NY has capital punishment but a capital punishment storyline would be riveting.
I also want Sonny to seduce, or be seduced by, Ava so Morgan will see Sonny for the slime ball he is and turn on him as well.
I also want Anna to dump Duke and Duke hook up with Monica. Anna is too strong to be pining over a man...or hook her up with Dante!

dar said...

Ny does not have capital punishment except for killing police officers, That was why Scott suddenly pretended flashlight Logan was a cop - so he could go for the death penalty.